Best Campfire Grill Grate for Cooking Over Fire

Looking for a market-quality campfire grill grate? Spend some of your valuable time doing your due diligence before making a purchase. Additionally, if you’re unsure where to begin your study, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You’ve found the perfect place because we’ve saved you from having to go through many reviews and buying guides to locate the best campfire grill grate. To know best campfire grill grate for cooking over fire, read further.

Campfire Grate

The grate you use should be sturdy if you intend to cook over a campfire. Some prefer cast iron because it is tough, nonstick, cleans up easily, and retains heat. Cast iron is a fantastic option for vehicle camping, but it is not appropriate for backpacking because it is so hefty. Alternate types of material are available if you prefer a grate less in weight.

What is a Campfire Grate?

A metal frame with bars you can set over a campfire is called a campfire grate as you don’t have to worry about holding food on a stick or falling into the flames; cooking over a fire is easier.

Many campgrounds lack the fire pits with grate attachments that some do. You can cook over a fire anywhere you go if you bring one.

Here are Some Best Campfire Grill Grate for Cooking Over Fire

1. Texsport Heavy-Duty Swivel

Texsport Heavy-Duty Swivel



  • Solid Metal Construction welded of high-quality steel to go over an open campfire.
  • Large 24″ x 16″ Grilling Surface with 28″ Vertical support Stake. Overall dimensions 24″ L x 16″ W x 17″H
  • Height adjustable to 17 Inch for optimal heat
  • Rotates 360 degrees to protect from heat and flames
  • an ideal portable grill for cooking over a fire

For cooking over a fire, a sturdy swing-style grill is required, and the heavy-duty swivel design of the Texsport makes it the ideal option. Its big 24-inch grilling surface is made of sturdy steel, and thanks to its 360-degree swivel mechanism, the user may customize the heat and cooking surface to their preferences. You can alter the height and angle of the grate on the swing-style grill to prevent overcooking.

An adaptable outdoor cooking gadget with a stake and adjustable height is the Texsport Heavy-Duty Swingivel. Its cooking surface, which measures 24 by 16, provides lots of room for your cuisine. Because it is made of heavy-gauge steel, it won’t distort in extreme heat. This barbecue has a removable stake and doesn’t need charcoal-like conventional grills.

2. Stromberg Carlson GR-1522 Stake and Grille



  • Extra-long cool-touch handle
  • Superior finish for rust resistance- Nickel-chrome finish is safe for all foods- stake is painted steel.
  • Just lift the handle to swivel away from the fire smoke to turn your meat in comfort.
  • Grasp handle and easily adjust cooking temp by moving closer or further from flames.
  • Heavy Duty and well-made grills are built the way stuff should be here in the USA.

This type is a well-made campfire barbecue in the stake and swivel form. Due to its superior control over height and location compared to most other types, this feature is our favorite type.

This one’s stabilizing fins at the stake’s base are something we particularly enjoy. The fins further enhance the impression that this is a robust stake campfire grill. The stake won’t fall, and the food will fall off in the middle of the fire if you successfully drive it into hard soil along the entire length of the underground area.

But once more, you’ll need a mallet to drive the stake into the tougher ground. But to protect the top of the stake from injury, we also advise inserting a piece of wood between the stake and the mallet.

3. The Perfect CampfireGrill 18-Inch Round Grill Grate



  • Solid steel camping grill
  • Designed for any sized meal
  • The grill grate has a raised edge, so food doesn’t end up in the fire
  • Includes travel tote bag
  • Measures 18-Inch in diameter

The “Campfire Grill produces a variety of camping grills.” They improved their product, making it a high-end, beautifully built portable barbecue.

An 18-inch round grate makes up this specific grill from their line of campfire grills. Visualize a huge pizza. So much food can fit on the grill surface, and it would probably be simple to feed a modest family. The distinctive raised edge loops around the rim are its distinguishing characteristic. In a sense, it functions as a wall to keep food from falling off the grill.

The Campfire Grill manufacturer stocks this kit with a carry bag, hot pad, glove, and tools for assembling and disassembling the grill. But building one is not that difficult. First, drive the stake directly into the earth close to your fire’s location; this shouldn’t be a problem if the ground is soft.

But remember that you might need a mallet to drive the stake into the ground if the terrain is more difficult. Next, alter the grill’s height to the desired size. Because there is a lot of opportunity for height modification, we appreciate this stake design.

The stake also features a 360-degree swivel, allowing you to move it away from the fire once your meal is cooked so that it has time to cool. It gets hot, so if you want to alter the height mid-fire, you might require a fireplace glove.

4. Steven Raichlen “Best of Barbecue” Tuscan BBQ Grill – Best backyard fire pit grill



  • Use over fire pit or campfire, with wood or charcoal
  • Sturdy cast iron construction withstands direct heat
  • Large 14” x 14” cooking surface
  • Screw on legs to use over the fire, easily removable for flat storage
  • Legs measure 3. 9” with a height of cooking surface 4. 5.”
  • Safe for use on conventional chrome or enamel grates to produce great grill marks
  • This product can expose you to chemicals, including carbon monoxide, known to the state of California to cause congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm.

This grill’s size is not as large as it initially appears. Although it appears big in the web pictures, it is only 14 inches by 14 inches. It is a grill for a small family because of its size. The major advantage of this grill is its biggest disadvantage: it is thick. It’s a thick grill, so it’s quite durable. It’s certainly possible to leave it outside as a permanent feature over your backyard fire pit (perhaps under a fire pit cover).

However, the thickness also increases the weight and makes it less convenient to carry. It weighs 11 pounds, which isn’t bad but isn’t quite as light as other items on this list. The legs’ 4-inch height is another drawback in this situation. Even though this is not as high as we’d want, it signifies that the fire must burn down to charcoals before cooking. This is important practice regardless, but we’re eager and, like most people, love to get cooking straight soon. We like campfire grill grates with a swivel stake since they have a wide range of height adjustments.

5. Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill



  • A sturdy cooking accessory makes it easier to grill your outdoor feasts
  • 16-by-12-inch (W x D) grilling surface
  • Made of heavy-duty welded steel
  • Designed for cooking over an open fire
  • Legs fold up for easy storage

An excellent camping barbecue made of stainless steel is the Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill. It is portable enough to be carried around and thrown in the trunk of your automobile. However, it was a little annoying that it didn’t come with a carry case and handles like the grills we examined in this article, the “Perfect Campfire Grill” or the “swing.” Therefore, we offer them a slight advantage over this one. The grill’s distance from the campfire is another item that slightly irritated us.

6. RedSwing Folding Campfire Grill – Best Portable Grill Grate



  • Heavy Duty: 201 stainless steel legs angle out for stability and help take the weight
  • Portable: Folds up for easy transport and compact storage. The outdoor Stainless Steel folding campfire grill with a carrying bag is essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks and more.
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel: The over-the-fire camping grill is made of a 304 stainless steel grate. This helps the grill resist oxidation and corrosion, and stainless steel makes it lighter and more durable than iron.
  • Two Sizes: The medium heavy duty grill itself measures 13.6″x9″x6.5″ and 13.6″x9″x1″ when folded. The large grill measures 17″x12.6″x5.7″ and 17″x12.6″x1″ when folded
  • Versatile Cooking Options: Use the camping grill for cooking over an open fire with existing outdoor cookware to make delicious outdoor feasts, hot coffee, stacks of pancakes, fried eggs and crispy bacon. You can also heat a meal or grill food in a pan and boil water over the campfire on this freestanding backpack camping grate.

The fact that this grill is portable is its main selling point. When you go camping again, you may place the included fantastic carry bag in the back of your car. Therefore, this is the greatest camping grill for those who camp in more distant backcountry areas. The emphasis throughout the entire design is portability. It is substantially lighter than its rivals, thanks to stainless steel rather than iron.

On the other hand, compared to iron grills made to be placed and remained in place above a fire pit for a long time, it is also significantly thinner and less robust. Two sizes are available: medium (13.6″ x 9″ x 6.5″) and large (17″ x 12.6″ x 5.7″). When folded, those heights are reduced to 1″. Sadly, both sizes are small compared to some of our larger competitors; nevertheless, this is by design for portability.

This one’s smooth, rounded corners make it less likely for you to catch on the edges or cut yourself, which is another feature we loved. So even though many people could view it as a minor design element, it increases the value overall.

7. Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger



  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping lights, lanterns accessories
  • Another quality Coleman product

Although less common than stake-and-swivel and flatbed grills, tripod grills have their uses. The fact that you can modify the grill’s height easily is their main advantage. The top pull rope enables manual adjustment to the ideal location for your fire.

The plate itself is a fantastic 17 inches in diameter. Despite this, there is no lip around the edge to stop sausages from rolling off. Since tripod grills tend to tilt and swing, this missing feature can be annoying. When trying to turn your meats, this swinging may also occur. Therefore, positioning pots is preferable to cooking directly over them. Place the jars, then wait for the water to boil and the food to cook before checking on them.

The three legs make it difficult to work with the grate, which is another issue for us. So even though it has a great appearance, it is not the most useful kind of grate. However, the legs have good mobility. The base is customizable for any fire pit since you can make it as broad or as small as you like. Additionally, the legs fold into a compact size when packed using tension bands.

What Material is Used to Make Campfire Grill Grates?

Grates for campfire grills are made of cast iron or stainless steel.

These grill grates are mostly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel has several important benefits. Cast iron is often heavier, making it ideal for pack-in, camping, and backpacking. Additionally, it rusts less frequently than many other metals. Compared to cast iron, stainless steel is typically thinner and less robust.

Cast iron is used most frequently for fireplace grates, and Grates for campfires function similarly. It has the benefit of being thick, strong, and extremely durable. Although this material makes your fireplace grill last longer, it is more difficult to move about. A cast iron fireplace grill grate is best used as a long-term fixture in your backyard fire pit rather than being transported in and out of campgrounds.

Does Cooking Over a Fire Pit Work?

With family and friends, we enjoy roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, but now that there are fire pits that can also be used as grills, woks, griddles, and other appliances, open-fire cooking is simpler than ever. We discovered choices that can accommodate hot dogs on a stick, campfire lasagna, and even chicken skewers.


The CampfireGrill swivel grill, in our opinion, is the best campfire grill grate. It’s a nicely constructed portable barbecue that is best suited for car campers. Try the Wolf Grizzly Compact Backpack Grill instead if you backpack, though.

If you’re looking for a campfire grill, we suggest swivel-stake or flatbed grills. And before cooking on it, we advise testing it out by putting it over the fire once to burn off any extra paint or chemicals. You might also want to add some heat-resistant gloves or campfire cooking supplies to your camping gear.