Best Cooking Apples For Pie

Whether you’re making your first pie or your twentieth, a tasty apple is a must-have. Look no further than the Golden Delicious if you’re looking for the best variety to use. This popular cultivar is the most reliable and readily available. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s study found the Golden Delicious the best cooking apple cultivar. However, if you want a sweeter apple pie filling, try the more tart, Jonathan. These varieties retain their shape well and are perfect for blending with sweeter apples to create a custom blend.

Best Cooking Apples For Pie

If you’re not sure which apple is best for a pie, you can try the classic “green apple.” This apple has firm white flesh with a mellow tartness. It is widely available in grocery stores and makes a great addition to a fruit salad or raw snack. This variety is also commonly sold at farmers’ markets. Northern Spy is considered one of the best apples for pie, but this variety grows only in cold climates.

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Is It Possible To Make Apple Pie With Cooked Apples?

Cooking apples like Granny Smiths and Bramley apples can be used in soothing apple pies, strudels, and cakes, as well as savory recipes and sauces.

Ribston Pippin and Bramley’s Seedling are two of the best cooking apples for pie. The Ribston Pippin is a dense and tart apple that retains its shape after baking. However, they’re not as famous for pie in the UK as Bramley’s Seedling. The Cox’s Orange Pippin hybrid the Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples. Its crisp texture and sweet taste make it a perfect pie fruit.

What Kind Of Apples Are Used For Pie?

6 Apples to Use For Pie

There are numerous apple kinds available, some of which are excellent for apple pie and others less. One of the most significant considerations when selecting apples for apple pie is their ability to withstand baking. You don’t want a mushy apple in the oven! The flavor is also crucial.

  1. Braeburn
  2. Golden Delicious
  3. Granny Smith
  4. Gravenstein
  5. Pink Lady
  6. Jonagold

Many other types of apples are ideal for pie. MacIntosh apples are delicious but won’t hold their shape well in a pie. The other type of apple to use is a Granny Smith. It doesn’t hold its shape in the pie, but it will hold it after baking. A combination of McIntosh, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith apples can also be used in a Zesty Apple Pie recipe.


While there are many apples for pie, there are several main criteria for choosing them. First and foremost, pick the sturdy types and can withstand baking.

This will help the apple pie stay firm and have a good consistency. Second, consider their flavor. When selecting an apple for pie, it should be sweet and not tart. Lastly, choose a type that is not too tart. In a perfect apple pie, you should try to balance the flavors.

Golden Delicious

When cooked, this delicious store apple takes on even more flavor and softens without turning mushy. This is the perfect pie apple for some, but it’s also great when combined with tarter apples like Winesap.

For a tart, tangy apple pie, choose the Mutsu/Crispin apple. The Muscovy/Crispin varieties are an excellent choice for cooking apples for a pie. If you are looking for a sweeter apple pie, Mutsu/Crispin is the best. These Japanese apples have a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, perfect for an apple pie filling.

Granny Smith

These readily accessible sour apples keep their shape and add a nice acidity to the filling. Blend them with other apples because they’re so solid. Ree’s favorite apple pie ingredient is green-skinned apples. Their trademark tart flavor is fantastic on its own, but if you want a sweeter pie, Granny Smith apples combine well with some of the sweeter apples on our list.

When choosing an apple for a pie, you can choose from several varieties. The best apples for a pie are those that stand up to baking. If you’re making an apple pie, you can use any variety that has a sweet, tart flavor. The main ingredient of your pie will be the Granny Smith apple. They are the most common and versatile cooking apple. You can also mix and match them.


This is a delicious sweet-tart pie apple popular on the West Coast. The best cooking apples for pie can be difficult to find, and you’ll have to find a variety that fits your needs. There are many varieties of apples, and the best cooking apple for pie is the one that will give you the most flavor and texture.

A good choice of apple should include both sweet and tart types, and the tastiest pie will be made with a sweet and tart combination. If you’re making a pie with a high-calorie dessert, choose a different type of apple.


Jonagold apples are a cousin of Golden Delicious apples, and their skin has some of the same lovely golden hues. They’re a good balance of sweet and tart, so they’re perfect for a pie on their own. In all sorts of baking, the firm-fleshed apple is a superb choice.

During apple season, they’re primarily found at farmer’s markets. These apples are perfect in the mix for pie since they have a nice sweet-tart balance of flavors.

Pink Lady

The Pink Lady is a crisp, tangy-sweet fruit that can be eaten raw or baked. They’re also delicious in applesauce or purred soups. According to the Pinky Lady, flavonoids can help manage blood pressure and protect against heart disease.  When used in something like this apple gingerbread cake with cream, it will retain its distinct shape.


The Braeburn and the Granny Smith are the best cooking apples for pie. These two varieties have crisp white flesh and a tart flavor. If you’re making a pie in the UK, you can choose either of these two varieties for your pie. The most commonly used apple varieties in the US are the Gala and the Bramley’s Seedling. They are both widely available and can be found year-round in many supermarkets.