Apple Nutrition Facts


Apples are one of the most popular fruits on the planet. They are native to Central Asia and grow on the apple tree (Malus Domestica). Apples contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. They’re also quite filling, especially considering their low in calories. Apples have been shown in studies to provide a variety of health benefits. Apples are typically eaten raw, but they can also be used in various recipes, juices, and beverages.

How to Peel An Apple?

How To Peel An Apple

Peeling an apple does not require the skills of a rocket scientist, but understanding how to do it quickly is essential. Especially if you need a couple of pounds peeled for a dessert, and a vegetable peeler or paring knife is all you’ll need. Pay attention since this is going to be quick and straightforward.

How To Peel An Apple?
All you need to prepare for the three methods below are:
Peel Apples With A Knife
It is the most fundamental and widely used approach. You’ll need a sharp paring knife to get the most outstanding results.

Best Cooking Apples For Pie

Cooking Apples For Pie

Whether you’re making your first pie or your twentieth, a tasty apple is a must-have. Look no further than the Golden Delicious if you’re looking for the best variety to use. This popular cultivar is the most reliable and readily available. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s study found the Golden Delicious the best cooking apple cultivar. However, if you want a sweeter apple pie filling, try the more tart, Jonathan.