Best Cooking Oil for Deep Frying Turkey

The cooking oil used for frying turkey has two main properties: its smoke point and nutrition content. Both these factors affect the final flavor and aroma of fried food. The higher the smoke point, the better the taste. And a higher smoke point means that your fried turkey will be more tender and juicy. Moreover, this type of oil will keep your turkey from turning brown or turning gray. So, make sure to choose the best oil for deep frying turkey that has a high smoke point and an even lower temperature to avoid burning.

Oil kind and temperature need to be taken into account. Some oils have a lower temperature than others, and some are too expensive for a turkey. While some oils may have a low smoke point, others have high smoke points and are unsuitable for frying meats or poultry. So, make sure you choose the right oil for frying turkey to eat for Thanksgiving dinner.

Is Peanut Oil the Best Cooking Oil for Frying Turkey?

You can also use vegetable or canola oil. Generally, these two oils have a high smoke point and are great for frying turkey. However, if you don’t have peanut oil, you can use other oil, soybean or cottonseed. Just be sure not to burn the oil and ensure that you clean it well with cheesecloth and then pour it back into the original container.

Peanut oil is the best option for deep frying turkey. Its high smoke point makes it the ideal choice for frying a turkey. You can use this oil as many times as you like. It is also available in bulk and has a neutral flavour. It is best to use vegetable oil for deep frying turkey. It is suggested that you avoid using unrefined cooking oil. It is not harmful to your health, but it will ruin the taste and texture of the meat.

If you want to cook a turkey, consider using peanut oil. This is the best choice for turkey because it has a high smoke point, so it is not too hot to fry a large bird at once. This oil is the best choice for frying a whole or half of a turkey.One tablespoon of peanut oil will cook six to eight turkeys. You can also mix vegetable oil and peanut oil for cooking.

While peanut oil has a low smoke point, it is suitable for frying turkey, and its smoke point is 400 degrees, which is high enough for frying a whole bird. But if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can also try canola oil or corn oil. They are both great options for deep frying turkey, and they have high smoke points, ideal for deep-frying a large turkey.

La Tourangelle, Roasted Peanut Oil

Unrefined, expeller-pressed, and produced in the United States, La Tourangelle Roasted Peanut Oil adheres to 150-year-old artisanal traditional processes. Before being meticulously filtered and expeller-pressed, the peanuts are finely ground and roasted in cast-iron kettles. The result is a magnificent fragrant amber oil with a deep yet nuanced peanut flavor that will enhance all of your dishes.

It’s just as suitable for dipping with toast as it is for cooking over medium heat. Roasted peanut oil is one of our favorites for cooking Thai foods, noodles, shrimp, and fried chicken because of its fragrant fragrance.

La Tourangelle is one of the few oil mills in France that still roasts and presses nut kernels into delectable oils. We are a family-owned business that has mastered the art of oil production through passion, integrity, and pride. We aspire to be the best artisan oil maker globally, committed to producing high-quality, sustainable, natural products. We extract the seeds’ essence and hidden natural treasures with artisan care to make remarkable goods that delight in the kitchen and nourish the body.

La Tourangelle, Roasted Peanut Oil


How Much Oil should you Use to Deep Fry a Turkey?

The art of cooking a turkey has been simplified to oven baking (no pun intended). If you’ve ever attended a Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve almost certainly eaten a cooked turkey. Even though it’s tasty, baking a turkey takes a long time. The entire feast, which had taken hours to prepare and bake, was gobbled up by my in-laws in a matter of minutes. Is there any other option?

There is, thankfully! Instead of baking their turkey, many people prefer to deep-fry it. It’s much easier to cook a turkey this way because it’s speedier and more efficient. If you plan to deep-fry a turkey, you might be wondering how much oil to use. Fortunately, we know the answer!

How do you Calculate the Optimal Oil Amount?

Take the turkey and place it in your empty fryer as if you were going to fry it. This is an easy way to figure out how much oil you’ll need. Then fill it with water until it covers the turkey entirely, but not more than an inch or two beyond the turkey. Next, take the turkey from the fryer so that it is completely filled with water.


What should the Oil’s Temperature be?

Peanut oil needs to be watched over constantly even though it has a high flash point. Fry the turkey in oil that has been heated to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. At certain temperatures, oil begins to burn, so keep it below 375 degrees. This can be a fire hazard and a safety hazard.

Peanut oil has a high smoke point of 445 degrees, making it ideal for deep frying. Vegetable oil is a suitable replacement because it has a similar melting point of 428 degrees. Frying with anything other than these two oils can be harmful, so make sure you’re using one of them.

It would be preferable to wait until the oil is hot before placing the turkey in it. Place your turkey in the deep fryer carefully when the oil has reached 325 degrees.

How to Deep-Fry a Turkey Safely?

If crucial safety precautions are not taken, deep-frying can be a risky method of cooking. If you do it carelessly, you could burn yourself, burn others, or even put your house on fire.

Turn off the burner/fire when putting your turkey in and out of the fryer to avoid accidentally starting a fire. After all, you’re working with a heated substance. Also, make sure you have some thick, fire-resistant gloves on hand. You want to protect your hands from splashing and accidental touching when handling a turkey and lifting it in and out of boiling oil.


If you are cooking a whole turkey, use a good-quality oil. You can buy some at your local grocery store or online. But if you are cooking for a big group, make sure you buy high-quality olive oil. This is the best cooking oil for deep frying turkey, an essential ingredient for a delicious Thanksgiving meal! You need to use a high-quality olive or peanut oil for the most delicious turkey.

Olive oil is also an excellent choice for deep-frying turkey. It is very recyclable and has a high smoke point. But it has a high price tag. Therefore, it is a good choice only for small amounts of fried turkey. If you are going to cook a whole turkey, you should use low-sodium peanut oil. It is milder and has a higher smoke point than the other two options.