Best Keto Soup Recipes

Are you looking for simple keto soup recipes to make this fall? Then you’re where you need to be. These keto soup recipes are the best if you want a bowl of delicious food that will warm your heart and make you feel full. These keto soups are warm and comforting, and they don’t have any carbs at all.

Best Keto Soup Recipes

Listed below are some of our best recipes.

Keto Chicken Soup

Because of the carbohydrate content of the noodles, chicken noodle soup is not an option for people following the keto diet. We are big admirers of this variation because it uses cauliflower rice as a substitute. Ginger gives the broth its seductive kick; don’t be stingy with the amount you add.

Best-Ever Cioppino

This seafood stew with a tomato foundation is traditionally filled with fresh seafood available at the market. Feel free to mix and match your preferred seafood with whatever is available. If you want to stay within the parameters of the keto diet, you’ll have to forgo the bread, but trust us: you won’t miss it. The seafood and the flavorful broth provide a satisfying amount of food.

Classic Tomato Soup

There is nothing more comforting than a bowl of hot tomato soup. We like to use canned tomatoes instead of fresh ones. The skins are also taken off. That means you’ll have less work to do!

Chicken Avocado Soup

Chicken Avocado Soup is so good! A soup that is easy to make tastes great and has lots of flavorful chicken and those addicting avocados. It can be made with raw chicken breasts, chicken that has already been cooked, or chicken from a rotisserie. But great avocados are the key here; only use ripe avocados (not hard and not mushy).

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Is there anything better than Broccoli Cheddar soup? It’s hearty, cheesy, and just right. You get all the comforting qualities of the best comfort foods and the sharp, cheesy taste of cheddar, but you also get a good amount of vegetables. This soup is an American classic that reminds people of warmth and comfort. It’s great on a cold night, but people want it all year.

Chicken Spinach Artichoke Soup

Enjoy a good serving of spinach and artichoke dip? If that’s the case, you’ll go NUTS for this soup. If you want to make it a little more filling, you can add some dried spaghetti after reintroducing the shredded chicken into the soup. After that, let the soup simmer for an additional eight minutes, and then toss the spinach.

Best Paleo Chili

On a windy winter day, dinner of a hearty bowl of chili is the ideal choice for dinner. One of our fabs, in particular, is this particular one. It has a bit of heat, a lot of flavors, and a lot of substance. The more we have, the more we want!

Vegetable Cabbage Soup

This is the most versatile soup in the world. It takes very little time to prepare, is savory, and benefits your body tremendously. Delicious leftovers could include pulled pork, shredded chicken, or beef that has been cooked. Just throw it in during the final few minutes of the cooking process so it can get nice and toasty. You can use ANY cabbage variety in this recipe, including green, red, savoy, napa, or bok choy cabbage. Please choose one of these options, or perhaps combine a few of them.

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

This coconut soup is called Tom Kha Ghai, and we always want it. This soup has a unique and delicious taste because of its creamy coconut, ginger, and lime. Lemongrass is also a traditional ingredient in this soup; if you can find it, we recommend adding it. Lemongrass will make it taste a little bit like fruit. Thai soup is usually served with spicy chili oil, but the creamy coconut milk makes it less spicy, so you can add as much or as little as you want.

Cream of Asparagus Soup

This creamy soup is a surprise hit. It’s refreshing, has a bit of richness, and tastes like pure asparagus. We add a little butter and garlic to it to soften the grassy taste, let it simmer in broth until it’s soft, and then blend it with a lot of creams until it’s smooth. The result is a beautiful, soothing green soup that is hearty enough to be a light meal or a satisfying appetizer. It can be eaten right off the stove or chilled (if you have any leftovers). Cheers to both spring and soup!

Zoodle Ramen

During the colder months, ramen has quickly become one of our favorite restaurant meals, but making it at home can be scary. We use cremini mushrooms, ginger, soy sauce, and bone broth to make a flavorful broth. This is important for giving ramen its salty, umami flavor. Traditional ramen noodles can be swapped out for zucchini noodles, and soft-boiled eggs add protein.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

What food is most like falling leaves and a cool breeze in the fall? Some might say it’s pumpkin pie or warm apple cider, but we think nothing goes better with sweater weather than a bowl of delicious butternut squash soup. When the weather changes, one of our favorite tastes to cook is the sweet, squashy, and slightly earthy taste of butternut squash. What better way to get our butternut fix than with a hearty soup? The good news is that it couldn’t be easier for you to do.

Mushroom Soup

This meal has a naturally vegetarian composition, but it is meaty, rich, and packed with a robust umami flavor. It is delicious and garnished with fresh herbs when served as a side dish or the main dish. A thick roux is made by first sautéing button mushrooms with onion and garlic, then combining those ingredients with flour and butter.

In the same pot, vegetable stock (or water!) is poured in, and then milk and cream are added to get the ideal level of creaminess. When you include the time needed to prepare the soup, the soup can be ready in about thirty minutes. As part of your weekly meal planning, why not give this nutritious, tasty, simple, and speedy dinner recipe a shot?

What is Ketogenic Soup?

Ketogenic Soup is a liquid food that is very low in carbs and high in fat. Eating as part of a ketogenic diet makes the body burn fat for energy, which could help people lose weight. Healthline says that cutting carbs way back puts the body into a metabolic state called “ketosis,” which makes it very good at burning fat for energy. But remember that keto isn’t safe for everyone and that restricting your diet is never a safe way to live.

5-Day Keto Soup Diet

There are many ways to lose weight, and some suggest eating healthy foods instead of giving up certain food groups. But other eating plans for weight loss that promise quick results, like the 5-day keto soup diet, are rigorous. This ketogenic soup claims to help you reach your goal weight quickly for a trip or wedding, break through a weight loss plateau, or get you back on track after taking some time off or overindulging over the weekend.

In this eating plan, you should get between 1200 and 1400 calories daily and less than 20 grams of carbs daily. Men and people who naturally need more calories, like those who work out a lot, may need more calories to feel full on this diet. To do this without hurting the results, eat more high-fat foods with almost no carbs, like extra bacon, egg salad, tuna, or unsweetened coffee without cream. Even if you eat more calories, you must keep your daily carbohydrate intake below 20 grams. Increasing the amount of soup is not a good idea because it will increase the bulk of the carbs, which may stop you from getting into ketosis.

Is Campbell’s Tomato Soup Keto?

Campbell’s Tomato Soup is unsuitable for people on the keto diet because it is a processed food high in carbs and made with unhealthy ingredients.

A Lot of Carbs!

Campbell’s Tomato Soup is very high in net carbs, so it’s not a good choice for keto (15g of net carbs per 100ml serving). To stay in ketosis, you should limit your net carb intake to 20g to 30g daily. Using this keto macros calculator, you can figure out how much net carbs you should eat daily. You could look for other canned soups low in net carbs as an alternative.

It Contains High Fructose Corn Syrup!

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a sweetener with a high glycemic index that can raise your blood sugar and keep you from getting into ketosis.

Are Carrots Keto-Friendly?

Carrots can be consumed while following a ketogenic diet; however, due to the high quantity of carbohydrates they contain, it may be challenging to consume them frequently or in large amounts.

Celery, broccoli, and cauliflower are three vegetables that are less starchy alternatives that can be eaten raw or cooked. Carrots are a vital source of vitamin A, essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and eyes. Carrots provide a substantially higher amount of vitamin A per cup than either celery or broccoli.

When following the ketogenic diet, you must only eat a modest serving of carrots and consume a wide variety of vegetables to satisfy your nutritional requirements.

Can you Eat Cream Soup on Keto Diet?

Both cream and broth are viable options. Using bone broth or heavy cream to “stretch” the soup a little further and reduce the amount of carbohydrates it contains is another popular method among keto dieters. Anything that may be done to boost the amount of fat and protein while simultaneously reducing the amount of carbohydrates is fair game.

Soups made with broth are a safe bet because they contain the electrolytes you need to maintain proper hydration while following a ketogenic diet. There are many delicious options available, such as a kind of French onion soup that does not contain bread but rather a large quantity of onions that have been topped with a modest amount of cheese.


Include these keto soups from our Best Keto Soup Recipes in your keto diet. These soups are easy to make and can please a large crowd. You can find a wonderful recipe for your needs in our collection. The following are some of our top choices. These recipes can be created with fewer ingredients, little time, and less work.