Best Mojito Recipes

Mojito is a traditional highball cocktail that was first created in Cuba. It should be no surprise that rum, lime, mint, and sugar are all ingredients native to Cuba and used in this cocktail. To complete the preparation of the thirst-quenching libation, a touch of club soda is added to the mixture. Because you must first muddle fresh mint, lime, and sugar together to release the flavors, making this mixed drink requires more effort than many other mixed drinks.

However, it is well worth it to have a rum drink that is bubbly, slightly sweet, and refreshing because it is one of the most popular rum drinks even to this day. Here is our favorite Mojito recipe in a vintage manner. It is distilled down to its core, adheres to the traditional definition, and has just the right amount of sweetness. Then, experiment with various Mojito recipe alterations in every shade and flavor! Each delightful fruit—strawberry, coconut, pineapple, and watermelon—is different.

Here are lots of delightful variants of the best traditional mojito recipe! White rum, mint, and lime are a timeless combo.

Best Recipes for Mojito

Classic Mojito

When you’ve got a winning streak going, there’s no need to stop it. This recipe for the classic mojito, which originates from London, Brazil, is a wonderful illustration of the point.
It’s a party in a glass, with the traditional flavor that mojito enthusiasts keep going back for, and it’s prepared with a mint-infused simple syrup produced with fresh mint. The ingredients include rum, fresh lime juice, a bit more muddled mint, and club soda.

Mint Limeade

This Mint Limeade Mojito recipe from Karen Kelly is the perfect alcoholic beverage to mix up in a matter of minutes when unexpected company arrives or when you reach the bottom of the pitcher of another cocktail that was more complicated to make. It is super easy to make and comes together in minutes.
Simply combine some Honest Mint Limeade (or a combination of your favorite pre-made mint tea and limeade – maybe even give the frozen variety a try!) with some rum, and then pour the mixture over some ice.

Grilled Pineapple

We’ll use any chance we can get to put some fruit on the grill, and these grilled pineapple mojitos are exactly the thing to serve for a summery get-together with friends. This tropical dessert has a sweet and smoky flavor thanks to the grilled pineapple that has been caramelized and a dash of honey that is added to the mix.

Blood Orange

Alexa Peduzzi of Fooduzzi shares the recipe for blood orange mojitos, which features a vibrant splash of color courtesy of freshly squeezed blood orange juice. Even though she discovered that blood oranges do not provide the same punch of taste as navel or Valencia varieties, the lime and mint characteristics of a traditional mojito continue to take center stage in this libation. In addition, honey or maple syrup is used to sweeten it, adding a little variety to the flavor.

Honeydew Mojito

With honeydew melon cubes mixed in, this mojito embodies the best of what the summer season has to offer. The fact that this melon is often overlooked in favor of its more well-known relatives, the cantaloupe and the watermelon, does not make it any less of an excellent choice. When it is fully ripe, it has a flavor that is delicate, flowery, and sweet, and the succulent sweetness of its flesh makes it an excellent candidate for a refreshing alcoholic cocktail.
If you want a sweet drink that highlights seasonal fruit that has more of a yellow color, you may also make this cocktail very successfully with canary melon or yellow watermelon. Both of these melons have a yellowish tint.

Blackberry Vodka

Mojitos are often made with rum, but Karen Kelly of Seasonal Cravings has created a blackberry vodka mojito that is a deep reddish-purple color and uses vodka in place of the more traditional rum. The traditional flavors are still there in the mixture (unless you’d prefer to use lemon instead of lime, as depicted above), and a sugary coating surrounds the edge of the glass.

Flavored Mojitos

1. Bergamot Mojito

Try something new and exciting by ordering one of our energizing bergamot mojitos. This refined take on the beverage that tops everyone’s list of favorites is just what you need to pull off an impressive show at your next dinner party. The fragrant zest and juice of the citrus fruit are blended with a sugar syrup to produce a citrusy concoction that is silky smooth and ideal for sipping slowly. Your drink will remain very cold and full of the body if you prepare a granita ahead of time.

2. Strawberry Mojito

Crush some vibrantly colored strawberries and muddle them into our straightforward strawberry mojito. What is our trade secret for making cocktails that are the talk of the town? A little bit of ground black pepper. It brings out the natural sweetness of the berries while adding subtle spiciness. This refreshing beverage is a summertime classic, and it is the ideal choice for casual get-togethers with friends or outdoor cookouts throughout the warm weather.

3. Blueberry Mojito

Utilize our recipe for blueberry mojitos, which only takes five minutes to prepare, to make the most of the seasonal abundance. This mouthwatering party cocktail may be made with a relatively small number of components, including a punnet of blueberries, a bottle of rum, and a handful of other simple ingredients. The use of lemon wedges, rather than the more common limes, helps to counteract the sweetness of the fruit while also giving each drink a little bit of an extra kick.

4. Ginger & lemongrass Mojito

With this ginger and lemongrass mojito recipe, you can give the classic recipe a touch reminiscent of Vietnam. Perilla leaves impart a subtle, minty, grassy flavor, with undertones of anise or licorice. This straightforward dish is transformed into something remarkable with just a dash of fragrant ginger and lemongrass cordial. It will serve as a reviving companion to your meal if you have it with an Asian dish.

What are the Main Ingredients for Mojito?

The following are the main ingredients for making Mojito.

  • Rum–  You should always use white rum. Steer clear of spiced rums because they have a tendency to mask the natural zest of ingredients like mint and lime.
  • Mint- It is the type of mint that is most frequently used to make mojitos, and it is also the type of mint that is most likely to be sold in grocery stores under the more general category of “mint.” Use mojito mint, also known as Mentha x villosa, a variety of mint unique to Cuba and has a flavor that is more subdued than spearmint if you want to make an authentic Cuban mojito.
  • Lime– For the finest flavor, use recently squeezed limes. When purchasing limes, it is important to search for fruits with smooth skin, as this suggests that the fruit is packed with liquid.
  • Sugar– In mojitos, people frequently use simple syrup rather than sugar because it dissolves more completely into the drink than sugar does. Granulated sugar is a traditional ingredient in traditional mojito preparations. Not only does this ensure that the drink is not too sweet, but the addition of the occasional sugar particle that has not been dissolved creates a texture characteristic of a traditional mojito. In place of granulated sugar, you can use superfine sugar, also known as caster sugar, which will dissolve more quickly in cold liquid because of its finer particle size.
  • Club Soda- Finish the cocktail with some club soda to make it more refreshing and ensure that all components are well-balanced.

Which Type of Liquor Works Best in Mojitos?

So, the answer is Rum. A good mojito is nothing without a good rum, a distilled liquor manufactured from sugarcane or, more particularly, molasses. A mojito is a cocktail that combines mint, lime juice, and sugar. In most instances, the drink is made with white rum, which is a type of rum that has matured for at least a year but is still rather light and mild. Darker rums are aged longer and have richer flavors.

How Much Sugar is in Mojito?

White rum, simple syrup, club soda, fresh lime juice, and mint leaves are the components that make up this refreshing drink. About 26 grams of sugar are contained in a single Mojito that is 8 ounces in size.

Are Rum or Vodka Mojitos Better?

While the vodka is more subdued and difficult to pick out of the mix, the gin mixes more smoothly, and the tequila gives the drink a spicy kick at the end of each sip. It goes particularly well with rum, but if you don’t have any on hand, you may experiment with gin or tequila instead. As a different option, you may give the tequila mojito a shot.


The mojito is a traditional highball cocktail that was first created in Cuba. Traditional ingredients include rum, lime, mint, and sugar are all native to Cuba. Classic Mojito, The traditional flavors of a traditional mojito, continue to take center stage in this libation, but with honeydew melon cubes and canary melon or watermelon mixed in.

Use lemon wedges, rather than the more common limes, to counteract the sweetness of the fruit while giving each drink a little bit of an extra kick. Use a variety of mint unique to Cuba that is more subdued than spearmint. Granulated sugar is a traditional ingredient in traditional mojitos. Darker rums are better, as they are aged longer and have richer flavors.