Best One Pot Recipes

When things get hectic in your life, you only want things to be a little bit simpler in the kitchen. Spend less time in the kitchen. Because of this, we decided to compile this list of simple meals that can be made in one pot. You’ll find everything you need here, from a dinner that can be prepared in a flash on a weekday to a feast that will wow guests at a dinner party.

Weeknight dinners can be made quickly and easily with these straightforward one-pot meals! Everything cooks in one pot or pan for maximum flavor and minimal cleaning. These simple supper recipes avoid deciding which sides to prepare in addition to the main course because each one combines grains, vegetables, and protein in one dish.

So grab your tried-and-true Dutch oven or cast iron pan, have a look at this list, and get ready to prepare some very delectable meals for dinner tonight.

The Top Best One Pot Recipes

Mediterranean Braised Chicken

Let’s begin with one of our favorites and work down the list!

This lovely chicken cooked in Mediterranean flavors is like taking your classic coq au vin to the next level. Despite its complexity, the recipe is remarkably straightforward. Then, sear the chicken in a pan, whip up a quick sauce, and braise the rest of the ingredients in the oven—a wonderful supper for company.

Before braising happily in red wine, fresh herbs, and a few apricots, chicken is first coated with a few Mediterranean spices, briefly seared, and then prepared as described above. It’s like your standard Coq au Vin with a fruity twist! With the excellent sauce made from wine and fresh herbs, there is only a slight taste of sweetness in every bite, which isn’t too overpowering.

In addition to being attractive, it’s a straightforward one-pot dish that can be served to visitors or used as a great sophisticated company meal on weekdays.

Dublin Coddle

Would you like to warm up with this substantial, thick, and delicious Irish stew on one of those frigid winter nights? This Dublin coddle is cozy!

Ireland’s capital is Dublin, and coddling means slow, soft cooking. This potato and sausage stew is traditional comfort food at its finest! Bangers are sausages; rashers, which are bacon, are used in their preparation, and potatoes and onions are placed on the top (or turnips for a keto option). At a low temperature, it is slow cooked for hours with chicken broth (we also have a slow cooker and Instant Pot directions below). The magic in your dish is the end product! The finished product, prepared from relatively simple and inexpensive ingredients, will astound you.

Lasagna Soup

The popular Italian-American dish lasagna has flavors similar to those of your favorite homemade lasagna or lasagna roll-ups, but this soup requires far less effort! No guessing or bother is involved in making a classic lasagna; this hearty soup can be prepared entirely in one pot in about 40 minutes. Who doesn’t enjoy a quick fix now and then?

Nothing compares to curling up with a bowl of lasagna soup on a chilly day like living in a frigid climate. Each spoonful contains cheesy delight, pasta, sausage, and a luscious tomato broth. It’s a must-have in our home, and I can’t wait for it to become one in yours as well.

One-Pot Lemon Shrimp Pasta

Of course, the beauty of one-pot pasta is that the pasta and sauce are cooked in the same pot. However, this particular version has another significant advantage: It’s a whole dinner all by itself. In this quick, lemony pasta recipe, protein-rich shrimp, white beans, and greens combine with other healthy ingredients.

In addition to providing nutrition, the beans’ little breakdown while cooking gives the pasta a lovely creaminess without needing actual cream. Midway through the cooking process, the shrimp are added to guarantee that they are properly plumped and juicy when the noodles are al dente. Before adding the other ingredients, sauté a few thinly sliced garlic bulbs in the saucepan if you believe that no pasta dish is complete without them.

One-Pot Pesto Tortellini with Broccoli

Everyone can combine pasta, pesto, and a vegetable. But there’s so much more to this dish than that. Here, clever culinary techniques transform a few quick-fix ingredients into an amazing one-pot dish that truly wows. It’s a lesson on making the most of what you already have, which is something we can all use right now.

The initial trick is blanching. Broccoli (or asparagus, if you’re going for a more summery mood) gets the ideal tender-crisp texture, intensifies its vivid green color, and gets seasoned from the inside out by being quickly blanched in salted boiling water. While the pasta cooks, chill the blanched vegetables in cool water to stop the cooking process.

Before draining the pasta, save 1/2 cup of the cooking water in the same saucepan of salted boiling water. The pasta water creates a creamy, starchy sauce that adheres to the tortellini when combined with the pesto (in the now-empty saucepan). Taste it after adding the broccoli; if extra salt, pesto, or cooking liquid is required, add it. Then sprinkle on the Parmesan and start eating. You may leave the dishes until the morning since you soiled one pot.

One-Pot Eggplant Caponata Pasta

The eggplant caponata, a traditional Sicilian meal in the center of a salad, relish, dip, and condiment, served as the inspiration for this silky, flavor-packed, and easy-to-make one-pot pasta dish. The combination of soft eggplant, sweet tomatoes, saline capers and olives, golden raisins, and a hint of zesty vinegar will stimulate all of your senses: It is deliciously sweet and sour, savory and spicy, and it is the very best way to appreciate eggplant when it is in season.

One-Pot Orzo Pasta with Feta, Olives & Artichokes

This straightforward orzo dish is loaded with fresh and zesty ingredients, but it still manages to fulfill the desire for “comfort” food that many people have in January. I enjoy this main course’s cheesy and filling; it has only one pot to prepare (which means less clean-up!) and is always welcome in our home. Make yourself a glass of wine and start to work in the kitchen.

The gloomy winter weather has been getting us down, but the dish’s fresh flavors of feta, artichokes, and olives are lifting our spirits and satisfying our taste buds quite nicely. Even though we had some guests around for supper, everyone agreed that this dish was a genuine delight on a chilly winter night. We even invited a few friends over for dinner.

Egg Roll in a Bowl

Egg Roll in a Bowl is a meal that retains all of the flavors of the traditional dish while adhering to the guidelines of the Keto, Whole30, and Paleo diets. To make a delicious deconstructed egg roll, lean ground turkey that has been seasoned, shredded cabbage and carrots, and flavors from Asia are all combined in one pot. This simple dish can be prepared quickly, turned inside out, and is ready in less than half an hour, making it ideal for hectic weeks.

One Pot Chicken Stew

This hearty chicken stew can be made in just one pot and practically cooks itself! It is prepared entirely in a single pot using soft chicken pieces and flavorful vegetables. Consume it throughout the winter alongside some crusty bread for the ultimate dinner.

This chicken stew is a local favorite, especially among our readers. The flavor is rustic, substantial, and wonderful and consistently receives five-star ratings from customers.

It’s a delightful supper that can be created in just one pot, with simple ingredients like chicken cooked until it’s tender and vegetables boiled in the tastiest broth. A piece of crusty garlic bread is all required to turn this dish into the ideal dinner for relaxing at home.

This hearty chicken stew can be made in just one pot and practically cooks itself! It is prepared entirely in a single pot using soft chicken pieces and flavorful vegetables. Consume it throughout the winter alongside some crusty bread for the ultimate dinner.

Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese

The standard macaroni and cheese have been completely revolutionized with this dish! The addition of sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and chicken that has been carefully grilled takes your go-to dish for creamy, cheesy comfort food to a whole new level. So yum!

This one-pot Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese are prepared with properly cooked pasta, a silky smooth sauce, and as much cheese as you like! I thought of cooking the pasta, taking it out, and starting the sauce. However, I’m also aware of how much my readers enjoy quick meals that can be quickly put together in a single pot or on a sheet pan.

You can use any cheese you think will go well with this, but I used Parmesan, mozzarella, and a bit of cheddar for my Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese.

This ONE POT Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese have SO MUCH FLAVOR thanks to the garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan, mozzarella, spinach, creamy sauce, and pan-seared chicken on top! Little preparation is required, and only a few simple components must be used. After this, it won’t be easy to return to conventional Mac and Cheese.

What is the Meaning of One Pot Meal?

Comfort food preparation is made easier with one-pot dishes. They are dishes that are simple to prepare and clean up after. It is simpler to ensure that different food categories are included when everything is prepared in one dish. They may be stewed, sautéed, baked, or steamed. Doing fewer dishes and spending less time cooking is just fantastic.

Can Chicken be Roasted in an Instant Pot?

A chicken can be cooked quickly and easily in an Instant Pot for dinner. Although you can use the “saute” feature to brown the chicken and achieve golden brown skin, you will finally add at least 1/2 to 1 cup of liquid to the pot and pressure cook the chicken. Although it won’t be a genuine roasted chicken, it will still be moist and tender. After pressing the chicken for 5 to 10 minutes, broil it in the oven for crisp skin.

Are these One Pot Recipes Healthy for the Heart?

To maintain a good diet for your heart, you should eat foods like these because they are low in saturated fat and sodium. To make a nutritionally good dinner, we combine a generous helping of veggies with a selection of lean meats such as chicken, eggs, and beans. Recipes like Skillet Lemon Chicken with Potatoes and Kale and Loaded Black Bean Nacho Soup are nutritious, can help you accomplish your nutrition goals, and provide you with a satisfying meal.


Everything cooks in one pot or cast iron pan for maximum flavor and minimal cleaning. You should probably learn some mouthwatering one-pot meals if you are a bachelor, a student, or a person who dislikes the hours-long process of cooking and wants a solution for washing dishes all day long. If this describes you, you should probably learn some dishes that can be made in just one pot. In addition, the dependable electric pressure cooker from Geek will give you great support, persuasion, and joy while cooking.