The Best Scalloped Potato Recipes

The best-scalloped potato recipes are close to the traditional version but are more unique and delicious. They start with a standard base of potatoes, butter, and onions, and you can add cheese and sprinkle it with chives or cilantro to add more flavor. You can also add sausage or garlic or use a combination of all three. Try layering scalloped potatoes with a cheese sauce for a more decadent version. Once you have chosen your favorite scalloped potato recipes, you’ll have to decide which ones to try. You can choose from traditional potato recipes or make them more modern by making them into a bundt pan.

Scalloped Potato Recipes

Try adding some ham to the mix for an extra twist on the classic scalloped potato recipe. It will taste amazing and will blend in well with the potatoes. You can also use some of your favorite herbs and spices to dress up your scalloped potatoes. Regardless of how you prepare them, you’re sure to find a dish that everyone will love. This versatile side dish is the perfect addition to a Sunday brunch or holiday meal. You can also experiment with the ingredients and add a variety of toppings, such as extra cheese. You’ll love the results of your new culinary creations. Just remember to follow the recipe instructions carefully, and you’ll be happy with the results!

4 Famous Scalloped Potato Recipes

  • Scalloped Potato Gratin
  • Creamy Scalloped Potatoes
  • Pepper’s Scalloped Potatoes
  • Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

A rich, creamy scalloped potato dish is one of the most soothing ways to dress up spuds. However, a quick Google search finds that there isn’t much agreement on what we mean by “scalloped” potatoes. A scallop is one person’s gratin, and a casserole is another person’s casserole. According to most recipes, the potatoes should be cut thinly and uniformly then cooked in at least one form of liquid dairy goodness, such as cream or milk.

1. Scalloped Potato Gratin

Florence’s recipe is straightforward, which is possibly one of the reasons for its popularity. To begin, in a saucepan on the fire, heat heavy cream with bay leaves, thyme, garlic, nutmeg, and salt and pepper. You’re supposed to pour the heated cream into a large mixing bowl with the potato slices, but I didn’t see why I needed to dirty a bowl when the potatoes could just as quickly go into the oiled baking dish.

Toss gently with Parmesan cheese and season with salt and pepper. You’ll then top the potatoes with Parmesan and fresh thyme, cover the dish with foil (pulling one cornerback for steam to escape), and bake for 40 minutes.

2. Creamy Scalloped Potatoes

Martha Stewart is known for her tried-and-true recipes, from casseroles to desserts, so it’s no wonder that she’s been a constant contender in our recipe competitions. While she hasn’t yet grabbed the top spot (although we did like her Parker House rolls to the Pioneer Woman’s), her chewy brownie recipe almost beat out Alton’s, and we now know who to turn to when we want a chocolate chip cookie with crispy edges and a super-soft middle. We knew we had to add Martha’s five-star creamy scalloped potato dish when it came time to test the most popular scalloped potato recipes. Before coating your baking dish with butter, spread a garlic clove all over it. The potatoes will then be peeled and finely sliced before combining the garlic, cream, milk, thyme, salt, pepper, and nutmeg in a large pot.

Bring to a boil, then reduce to low heat and allow to simmer. Allow time for it to cool. The next step is to layer. Place one-third of the mixture in the baking dish, top with Gruyère, and repeat the layering process twice more. The dish will then be covered with parchment-lined foil, which means that a layer of paper will be placed between the meal and the foil to prevent them from coming into touch. Remove the parchment and foil once the potatoes are soft, and broil until the potatoes are bubbling and golden. Allow 15 minutes for cooling before serving.

3. Pepper’s Scalloped Potatoes

I crisped half the bacon in a large Dutch oven, melted the butter, then whisked in the garlic salt, pepper, and flour until smooth. I whisked in the milk, brought it to a boil, and then continued to cook until the sauce thickened. Finally, I placed half of the potato mixture in the bottom of the Dutch oven, then half of the sauce on top, and repeat with the remaining potatoes and sauce.

I topped it all with the remaining bacon and uncovered it until it was fully cooked. (It should crisp up in 30 to 35 minutes.) Mine took 45 minutes and never really crisped up.) After that, I covered the dish with a lid and baked it until it bubbled.

4. Scalloped Potatoes And Ham

After preparing a large casserole dish, I sautéed diced onions in butter in a large skillet, then added three cups of diced ham and simmered until it was heated through. I then reheated a half-and-half and cream combination in the microwave before whisking in the flour and black pepper as directed. I started by slicing three pounds of potatoes into thin slices, then layering.

Potatoes, a spoonful of ham and onion combination, a sprinkle of cheese, and one-third of the cream mixture. I did this three times, covered the pan with foil, baked it, uncovered it, and roasted the potatoes until they were tender.

In The Case Of Potatoes, What Does Scalloped Mean?

Cheese! Scalloped potatoes are made by layering thinly sliced potatoes in a casserole dish and baking them with heavy cream or milk (or a mix of the two). Even though potatoes are chopped into rounds in both casseroles, scalloped potatoes are generally cut a little thicker than au gratin potatoes. Another great addition to your scalloped potato dish is bacon. The crispy, chewy, and creamy bacon goodness goes perfectly with any meal. To make it even better, you can use your favorite cheese and herbs. As long as you have enough cream, you’ll be able to enjoy this classic side dish anytime. It’s a great way to serve a hearty winter meal. Consider using a vegan or dairy-free recipe if you’re cooking for a crowd.

Why Aren’t My Scalloped Potatoes Softening?

If you use a lot of sour creams or add something acidic to your scalloped potatoes, they may not soften. You can boil the potatoes in heavy cream or milk and then add sour cream after they’ve softened. In a paella with many acidic tomatoes, the rice may never soften.

How Do You Know When Scalloped Potatoes Are Done?

Cook only until potatoes are tender. Instead, cook the dish gently just until the potatoes are fork-tender. With this simple trick, you’ll know that your scalloped potatoes are perfectly cooked.


The best-scalloped potato recipe should not be difficult to follow, and it should be easy to make ahead of time. The first step is to simmer the potatoes. Once this is done, you’ll be able to serve them with your main course. If you’re looking for an easy scalloped potato recipe, you can use boxed potatoes. They’ll need to be baked in the oven, but you can bake them right before serving. A good scalloped potato recipe starts with a base layer of potatoes and onions. This will ensure that the flavors are evenly distributed throughout the dish. The ingredients are well-combined.