The Best Potato Recipes For Dinner

When it comes to dinner recipes, potatoes are a classic. They can be cooked in various ways, from baked to fried. Some of the most popular recipes use a cheesy mashed potato sauce. This dish is so delicious; you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also serve it alongside a favorite entree. This list of easy potato recipes is sure to impress your family and friends.


Potatoes Nutrition Facts

Are Potatoes Good For dinner?
People frequently assert that potatoes do not qualify as a vegetable.

The Best Scalloped Potato Recipes

The Best Scalloped Potato Recipes

The best-scalloped potato recipes are close to the traditional version but are more unique and delicious. They start with a standard base of potatoes, butter, and onions, and you can add cheese and sprinkle it with chives or cilantro to add more flavor. You can also add sausage or garlic or use a combination of all three. Try layering scalloped potatoes with a cheese sauce for a more decadent version. Once you have chosen your favorite scalloped potato recipes, you’ll have to decide which ones to try.