Clearly Canadian Nutrition Facts

Canadian is a high-end beverage with a variety of. Its products come in both flavored and unflavored varieties, making clear Canadian spring water and other beverages. The dietary data for Canada are displayed in two languages: English and French. The latter version is aimed towards the broader audience. The straightforward food and beverage company ltd manufactures it.

In Canada, there are three flavors: berry, country raspberry, and wild cherry Clearly Canadian is a luxury multi-SKU beverage. It is manufactured in Canada and is available in three flavors: unflavored, flavored, and spring water. Furthermore, it is prepared using the purest natural water sources and is an excellent alternative for individuals who enjoy fruit but find it difficult to choose between the numerous flavors. If you’re concerned about the calories and carbohydrates in a beverage, check the label to ensure it offers the information you require.

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Clearly labeled Canadian nutrition facts identify your favorite beverages at a look. Each drink’s nutritional value is presented in a consumer-friendly serving size. These labels may also include calories, fat, salt, and sugar. The company uses all-natural fruit flavorings in its beverages and offers a variety of flavors. Visit for more information. The website can also be accessed in French and English Canadian is a high-end multi-SKU beverage made in Canada.

It is available in spring water and flavored varieties. The food beverage company ltd manufactures it. You can discover the daily calorie consumption by reviewing the nutritional data. You can also read the product’s ingredients, if there are any, to ensure that you’re eating healthily. The calorie count on the label will tell you whether or not the beverage is healthful.

Canadian Nutrition Facts

According to the nutritional label, a single serving of Clearly Canadian contains 250calories and less than half of the recommended amount of carbohydrates. This ice cream beverage has no preservatives and only natural flavors, and it also has half the carbs found in other drinks. Nutrition labels for Canadian products are available online, where you may view them on the brand’s website. These can be beneficial resources for your everyday dietary consumption.

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Do They Still Make the Drink Clearly Canadian?

The Clearly Food & Beverage Company Ltd. of Canada produces Canadian premium flavored and unflavored sparkling and spring water. The company was established in 1987 in British Columbia, Canada Clearly Canadian was discontinued in 2009, but a campaign to reintroduce the drink to shop shelves erupted in 2013… Clearly Canadian was still working on delivering pre-orders placed online by die-hard fans in late April 2017.

Is There Sugar in Clearly Canadian?

How much cane sugar is there? A bottle of Clearly Canadian Originals (325ml/11fl. oz.) includes 25 grams of cane sugar. The “originals” effervescent flavored water uses carbonated Canadian spring water, natural vegan flavor, and pure cane sugar. It has a calorie count of 90 per bottle and is non-GMO Clearly Canadian Originals contains 25 grams of cane sugar per bottle. Is it possible for our elements to separate? They certainly do! Clearly, Canadian’s all-natural ingredients will occasionally separate in cold temperatures or after sitting for extended periods.

What Year Was Cleary Canada Popular?

Thrifty Foods is now selling the legendary sparkling water beverage, Clearly Canadian! Get ready for a hefty dose of nostalgia! Clearly Canadian, released in 1987, was a cultural sensation in the 1980s and 1990s. Still, it suffered from turbulent manufacturing history in the country economies of the Canadian Maritimes, which were the most industrialized and thriving in British North America in the early nineteenth century. The years 1850 and 1860 were particularly affluent.

Clearly Canadian Wild Cherry Sparkling Spring Water


How Does One Go About Creating Clearly Canadian?

Shake together the Canadian whisky, simple syrup, and lemon juice in a shaker with ice. Pour into a rocks glass filled with a giant cube of ice. Canadian Wild Cherry on top Customers may now purchase new Clearly Canadian in five flavors in all 54 Albertsons locations in Colorado, 37 Albertsons locations in Reno, Nevada, and 53 Albertsons locations in Oregon.

Is There Aspartame in Clearly Canadian?

According to Beverage Industry magazine, sales of Clearly Canadian, which fuelled growth in 1992 and 1993, we’re down 31% last year. Is it healthier to drink effervescent flavored waters instead of soda? … Sparkling sparkling water, citric acid, malic acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, and aspartame are the ingredients? The caffeine content of Clearly Canadian Daily Energy is 4.00 mg per fl oz (13.53 mg per 100 ml), and a 20 fl oz bottle contains 80 mg of caffeine.

Clearly Canadian comes in various tastes, including country raspberry and wild cherry. They are also sugar-free. In addition, the company employs only natural flavors and no preservatives. It is a healthier alternative to bottled water for health-conscious consumers than other brands. The Clearly Canadian label contains more calories and comes in various serving sizes. The Canadian company sells a range of drinks, and you can view the nutritional information for each one.

Clearly Canadian is all-natural spring water that comes in a variety of flavors. It is manufactured in Canada, and it comes in two flavors: flavored and unflavored. The company has several SKUs that are available globally. Check out the Canadian nutrition facts on each product for additional information. The single-serving size of Clearly Canadian berry water, for example, contains roughly 100 calories, so keep that in mind while you’re making your next meal.


Clearly Canadian is a multi-product premium beverage brand made in Canada. It comes in both unflavored and flavored varieties and is spring water. It is derived from just the cleanest natural sources, and the serving size is displayed in English on the nutrition facts label. There are three flavors: country raspberry, wild cherry, and mountain blackberry. They all have the same number of nutrients but are lower in sodium and sugar than their equivalents Clearly Canadian has certain nutritional advantages over other drinks.

It has a low-calorie count and half the carbs per serving as other soft drinks. It also contains less sugar and fat than other flavored soft drinks, and it has fewer calories than other brands of soda and other liquids. Furthermore, nutrient-dense drinks are free of preservatives and artificial colors.