Somi Somi Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

SomiSomi, a Korean-inspired frozen yogurt franchise, opened in California in March 2017. This popular chain serves soft serve, Choong, and Korean teriyaki waffles. SomiSomi’s 19 locations are primarily owned by franchisees who pay $39,000 for the franchise and $8,500 for training. However, SomiSomi is low-calorie and low-calorie content, unlike most ice cream chains. Its unique menu includes six different flavors and three swirls.

Somi Somi Nutrition Facts

Unlike other chains, Somi Somi’s products are low-calorie and low-fat. Their menu is also gluten-free and sugar-free. The SomiSomi brand is owned by Matt Kim, an entrepreneur and a franchisee of the brand. The company is headquartered in Koreatown, Los Angeles, and has a branch in Sawtelle, CA. Somi Somi gets a 6.5 percent royalty from each franchise sale.

Somi Somi Ice Cream Nutrition Facts


Types of Somi Somi

  • Somi Somi Kirbie S Cravings
  • Somi Somi San Diego Kirbie S Cravings
  • Somisomi Soft Serve Taiyaki
  • Fish Ice Cream Somisomi

The SomiSomi brand is owned by Matt Kim, the owner of the Korean franchise. The company has offices in Koreatown and a branch in Sawtelle, CA. The restaurant’s Instagram presence is one of its main competitive advantages. SomiSomi’s food is visually arresting and highly appealing. This has helped the brand to grow. The company’s US expansion is unpopular.

1. Somi Somi Kirbie S Cravings

Ube and milk swirl, Nutella filling, macaron, and sprinkles on top. Matcha & Black Sesame swirl with custard filling, fruity pebbles, and crumbled Oreos on top. Because the ice cream melted so quickly, this was the only good photo I could get. I was surprised by how light the be tasted, and the milk overpowered it.

The matcha and black sesame combination was my favorite because both flavors were prominent. In general, the soft serve was decent but not exceptional, and I chose a blend with a higher fat percentage for more decadent ice cream. They were, nevertheless, wonderful, creamy, and delicious.

In addition to the nutritional information, the company also has nutritional information on its products. Its menu is unique, and it contains a mix of fruits, vegetables, and dairy. SomiSomi also sells fish-shaped waffle cones. Located in Koreatown, the company has branches throughout the country. Korean-style frozen yoghurt chain Somi. The owner receives a royalty fee from every franchise.

2. Somi Somi San Diego Kirbie S Cravings

There is no additional charge for the toppings. Graham cracker crumbs, oreo crumbs, sprinkles, fruity pebbles, and strawberries are all available. After shooting our shots, we turned the cones upside down in cups to make them simpler to consume. They come with wrappers if you like to hold and eat them that way, but I prefer this method because it is less messy.

Because we had to eat them outside, and it was boiling that day, the ice cream melted quickly when I had them in LA. Because the ice cream melted so rapidly, I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked.

3. Somi somi Soft Serve Taiyaki

SomiSomi’s soft serve and heated teriyaki come in a rainbow of colors. Milk tea, matcha, black sesame, and ube flavors are swirled thickly and served over teriyaki or fish-shaped waffles. Taiyaki is a Japanese dish named for the red seabream fish and is thought to have originated in Tokyo in the late 1800s.

A viral marketing campaign powers its popularity in addition to the SomiSomi dietary data. Customers flock to the Korean chain because of its fish-shaped waffle cones. With a branch in Sawtelle, California, the concept swiftly gains traction in the United States. SomiSomi is a terrific place to eat healthy while enjoying delicious Japanese cuisine.

4. Fish Ice Cream Somi somi

SomiSomi is a Korean fast-food chain that sells fish-shaped waffle cones. SomiSomi is a Los Angeles-based franchise with offices in Koreatown. Its success has been driven by its popularity on Instagram, and its Instagram-style food has been a significant factor in its growth. In addition to its low-calorie price, it also boasts a high nutritional value.

Somi Somi is a dessert business in Los Angeles specializing in taiyaki soft serve, also known as Ah-Boong in Korea. It will soon extend to San Diego. This delicious treat has soft-serve ice cream on fish-shaped waffle cones.

What are the Ingredients in Somi Somi Ice Cream?

You Deserve these bites. Soft serve dessert consumption is a pleasurable activity enjoyed by both children and adults. Our customers appreciate SomiSomi’s soft, pure ice cream with a creamy, rich depth. Our soft serves are produced with love for our lovely customers.

SomiSomi provides taiyaki, soft serve, and its ahboong, which blends the two, and is located in the old home of Blockheads Shavery. Except for milk, all flavors are lactose-free, which is fantastic for lactose-intolerant customers (the soft serve, however, is not vegan because it includes dairy).

Is There Milk in Somi Somi Ice Cream?

This is ideal for lactose-intolerant diners. However, because it contains dairy, the soft serve is not vegan. You can choose from Nutella, custard, taro, or red bean ice cream flavors and fillings for the teriyaki.

Except for milk, all flavors are lactose-free, which is lovely for lactose-intolerant consumers (the soft serve, however, is not vegan as it contains dairy). You can personalize your ahboong by choosing an ice cream flavor and a taiyaki filling (Nutella, custard, taro, or red bean)

What is the Meaning of Taiyaki Ice Cream?

Taiyaki, like dorayaki, is a Japanese dessert made of waffle-like batter cooked in a fish-shaped mould filled with red bean paste. Azuki red bean paste, sweet potato, chestnut, cream, and chocolate are common fillings.

According to the Japan Times, teriyaki was first invented in Japan in 1909, making the snack almost 100 years old. Most people credit Naniwaya Souhonten, a Toyko cafe, with the origin of the fish-shaped treat.


Somi has grown on good meals. The Korean chain SomiSomi sells fish-shaped waffle cones and ice cream, but its nutritional information is unknown. SomiSomi also has a branch in Sawtelle, CA. The company has received a royalty fee for each franchisee. Instagram-worthy meals has made Somi popular. Its flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and even milk.

As with its other flavors, customers can top their ice cream with any toppings they want. Somi’s fast-growing business model is based on Instagram, where users share photos of their meals with their followers. The resulting images are eye-catching and catchy, making SomiSomi food a popular choice.