How to Make Hot Shrimp Dip?

Hot shrimp dip is a fantastic appetizer for your guests. Serve it during a holiday party or on game day! Parmesan cheese and shrimp bits are included in this rich, creamy dip. Chives, dill, and garlic create a savory appetizer that is perfect for any occasion! Large, juicy shrimp are combined with a creamy and cheese-based shrimp dip with smoky flavor overtones. It’s one of our most popular party dips for a reason. Because of the Old Bay seasoning, pepper jack cheese, and creamy cheddar, this delectable snack is elevated to an extraordinary level.Hot Shrimp Dip

How to Make Hot Shrimp Dip?

If you did not buy shrimp that has already been cooked, start by cooking them. About 20 minutes away, I have a fantastic grocery store where the shrimp are always nicely steamed. They can be steamed, sauteed, or even grilled. After that, peel and cut them into pieces. Each shrimp is typically chopped into four pieces. The goal is to include a small amount of shrimp in each bite.

The cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, cheddar, pepper jack, Old Bay seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, and spicy sauce together with a mixer. Remove off the mixer when blended, then stir in the chopped shrimp, garlic, and green onions. You may also mix it in a bowl, but I find using a mixer speedier and more convenient.

Fill a baking dish with the mixture. Bake the cheese until it is melted and just starting to color. Add entire shrimp and thinly sliced green onions as a garnish if preferred. Serve with pita chips, crackers, crostini, baguette pieces, or crostini.

A variation on the traditional shrimp cocktail, this shrimp dip recipe features lots of creamy ingredients, cheese, cocktail sauce, and of course, SHRIMP! Growing up, I recall eating shrimp cocktails at numerous family gatherings. It freaked me out.

Picking up the cold shrimp and dipping it into cocktail sauce never appealed to me. But as an adult, I’ve grown to adore cocktail sauce flavors with shrimp. It’s a sophisticated appetizer that always brings to mind my grandparents’ home.

A more relaxed period marked by laughter, family, and delicious cuisine! I’ve given this classic recipe my spin and added cheese to overcome my dislike of cold shrimp. I made it into a recipe for HOT Shrimp Dip, baked it in the oven, and created the ideal appetizer. It resembles the old and modern worlds clashing into a delectable creamy, melty, hot, and tasty dip.


  • 8 ounces of softened cream cheese
  • 30 ml of mayonnaise
  • 1/fourth cup sour cream
  • 1 1/4 cups of cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1 1/4 cups of pepper jack cheese, shredded
  • Old Bay Seasoning, half a teaspoonful
  • Worcestershire sauce, one teaspoon
  • spicy sauce, 3–4 dashes
  • 16 ounces of cooked and roughly diced shrimp
  • Two minced garlic cloves
  • Three sliced thin green onions


  1. Set the oven to 350°F.
  2. In a high-speed blender, combine cream cheese, sour cream, mayo, and a mozzarella-powered food processor or blender until well-combined and creamy, pulse.
  3. Stir add the cocktail sauce and green onions after pouring them into a big bowl.
  4. Add the shrimp and stir. Pour into a basin that can be used in an oven and has been nonstick coated. If wanted, top with a little additional cheese.
  5. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until completely warm and melted.
  6. Serve alongside wonton, bagel, or pita chips. Maybe tortilla chips. Essentially, your preferred chips:)
  7. Enjoy!

How to Clean Shrimp?

Set up a spotless work area close to the kitchen sink. You will require flowing cold water. Find the first hinge in the shrimp’s shell, which is located behind the eyes, and cut to remove the heads if they are still attached. Fortunately, most markets and supermarket stores remove the heads before selling.

Pull on the legs of the shrimp to shell them, and the shell will start to come off quite easily. With a tiny pairing knife, make a shallow cut from the top edge of the tail area to the center of the back. The tails for recipes like shrimp cocktails can be cut off or left on.

Now that the black intestine has been removed brush the shrimp’s back with cool water to make it easier for the vein to come out. Before cooking, dry the shrimp with paper towels and place them in the refrigerator. Cut a shallow incision from the shrimp’s head down to its tail using a small paring knife. To remove the vein from the shrimp, lift it with the knife’s tip. Throw away the veins and shells.

If necessary, give the shrimp a quick rinse in clean water before letting them dry on a piece of paper. Removing the vein is a matter of taste and personal desire, not cleanliness. It is safe to consume. For a neater appearance, you could try to devein the shrimp if the vein is particularly noticeable—dark or thick.

How Long does Cream Cheese Shrimp Dip Last in the Refrigerator?

Warm the dish through and through in the oven at 325°F. It can be stored for up to five days after baking. After allowing it to cool, securely cover it or move it to an airtight container before cooling it. Your shrimp dip will remain fresh for about 2-3 days in the refrigerator if it is kept in an airtight container. Since the cream cheese foundation will “crack” or take on an unfavorable texture when frozen, I do not advise freezing the dip. Following the “refrigerate after opening” directions on the label, we advise that you consume the dip within around 10-14 days after it has been opened for the best flavor and freshness.

A creamy dip can be frozen to be used at a later time. A cream cheese-based dip that you produced in excess for a party can be frozen and eaten later. You can safely preserve the frozen dip for a few months even if its quality might not be as good as when it was fresh. It is advised to use homemade mayonnaise within one to two weeks and store-bought mayonnaise within two months of opening to ensure the optimum flavor. The use-by date on the bottle is always a reliable reference, as Hellmann notes.

Can you Freeze Shrimp Dip?

The ingredients for this recipe for shrimp dip are all dairy-based: sour cream, cream cheese, and mayonnaise. Although it makes it incredibly tasty, dips made with these components typically don’t freeze well. The texture will be slightly different when you thaw or reheat it, which is the problem. A smoked fish dip can be successfully frozen for later use, although this will depend on the components in the dip. Mayonnaise, sour cream, or cream cheese make smoked fish dips. None of these goods generally endures freezing well.

You can consume cooked shrimp after five days if the shrimp is frozen. If you store cooked shrimp in the refrigerator, it must be consumed within two days. If it is still in its shell, the same applies. Bacteria may begin to multiply after three days. Put the reserved whole shrimp and extra green onion on top of the dip before transferring it to a small serving bowl. Over the top, add some freshly ground black pepper. Serve with fresh vegetables and crackers for dipping. We typically pair this dip with Ritz Original Crackers or Keebler Original Club Crackers crackers.

How do you Eat Canned Shrimp?

The canned shrimp can be consumed alone or combined with mayonnaise to make a canned shrimp salad. Adding to stews and soups is also an option. Should canned shrimp be rinsed? Because of the canning process, canned shrimp sometimes have a very strong flavor.

The best way to prepare canned shrimp is to handle it lightly by gently combining or stirring it toward the end of cooking or topping meals like pasta or sandwiches. This kind of shrimp may also be rather salty; it may be a good idea to rinse it before using it, especially if it is included in a recipe with salt.

Small shrimp shelled, cleaned before being packed in water, and cooked are known as canned shrimp. In your pantry, the cans serve as a useful “emergency provision.”For quick chilled noodle recipes, precooked shrimp works well. In savory dishes like a pesto pasta salad, a broccoli, grape, and pasta salad, or an orzo salad with zucchini and feta, cooked shrimp is a terrific addition to pasta salads.

The best method is to smell and inspect the canned shrimp; if it starts to have an off flavor, odor, or appearance, or if mold starts to grow, it should be thrown away. All canned shrimp should be thrown away from cans or packages with leaks, rust, bulges, or significant dents.


The best party appetizer ever is shrimp dip! This recipe for hot shrimp dip is a spicy, cheesy take on shrimp cocktail and is AMAZING. Shrimp, cocktail sauce, cream cheese, sour cream, mozzarella, mayo, and green onions are the ingredients in this baked dip. Any gathering may use this simple dip recipe. It was an honor to be asked to take part in Better Homes and Gardens’ Time Travel Party by reimagining a traditional appetizer from the past. I hope I did their party justice with this cream cheese and sour cream-based shrimp dip dish. Their current issue, Get Together!, just hit newsstands, and it is AMAZING! It contains all the recipes you could need to throw the perfect party. Drinks, appetizers, main courses, plus a ton of amusing tricks to make you appear like the god or goddess of entertainment!