10 Deliciously Fun Mango Cocktails

Although there aren’t many mango cocktails globally, the fruit recipes are delicious. There are various delicious drink options to explore, whether you have mango rum, vodka, or liqueur in your bar or want to experiment with fresh mango or mango nectar.

10 Deliciously Fun Mango Cocktails

Nothing compares to the sweet, tropical flavor of mango. As you might think, this bright fruit is ideal for spicing up drinks! Mango infuses classic drinks with a rich, tropical flavor that elevates them to new heights. We have mango varieties on the menu, and the mango drinks below demonstrate various ways to use this fruit in cocktails.

10 Deliciously Fun Mango Cocktails

1. Mango Passion Cocktail

You may brew a round of mango passion drinks for a small group using a few ripe mangoes and vodka. The fruity vodka mixture is pureed into a boozy purée and sweetened with maple syrup, and the tumbler is then topped with sparkling wine.

2. Fresh Mango Martini

Mango purée is a popular way to use fresh fruit, and it’s also used in this mango martini recipe. Sugar and lime juice balance the flavor, providing a solid foundation for the vodka and dry vermouth in the drink. These martinis are blended with ice, which is an unusual twist, but it works.

3.  White Peach and Mango Sangria

Unlike many sangrias, which are dark and thick, the white peach and mango sangria are light and refreshing. It has a pinot grigio base and is brilliantly flavored with mango rum and peach schnapps. It’s excellent for a spring breakfast or summer soiree with the help of some citrus juices and soda.

4. Mango Margarita

Mango margaritas are delicious and available in various flavors. Shake your favorite tequila with mango liqueur and lime juice for the most straightforward mango margarita. Alternatively, you can use the blender to make a frozen margarita with fresh mango.

5. Mango Iced Tea

Mango Iced Tea is a popular flavor among rum distillers since the tropical fruit pairs well with the tropical liquor. The mango iced tea recipe is an easy and enjoyable way to enjoy mango rum, especially when paired with a fine Canadian whisky. A delicious drink is ready for your summer afternoon with chilled iced tea and a lemon slice.

6. Mango Spice

Mango vodka is made by a few manufacturers and can be used to make some exciting cocktails. A good example is the mango spice cocktail. It calls for mango vodka and mango nectar, with agave nectar, lime, and orange bitters to complement the two. But it’s with a few slices of mixed jalapeo pepper the real fun begins. The contrast is fantastic, making for a memorable cocktail. ​

7. Sage Lady

You might want to try making your mango vodka. The vodka infusion is simple to make using fresh fruit and should take approximately a week. Try the sage lady with mango vodka, whether you buy it or make it yourself. This lovely cocktail combines fresh sage and cucumber with mango vodka and peach bitters.

8. Mango Pisco Sour

The pisco sour is a famous South American cocktail with a frothy top and a rich flavor. The original mango pisco sour recipe gets a delightful twist in the spirit of all things mango. Pisco, simple syrup, key lime juice, and egg white are all present, but the drink is blended rather than shaken with frozen mango.

9. French Sparkle

Mango nectar is one of the simplest ways to include mango flavor into your cocktails, and it’s a semi-sweet mixer and the main ingredient in French sparkle. This cocktail, which includes raspberry vodka and Champagne, is a fantastic alternative to the Bellini.

10. Garden Patch Smash

The garden patch smash is a berry-filled beverage with a choice of tequila or mango rum. The second option is excellent, contrasting subtly with the fresh summer fruits. This tall, delicious drink also requires a handmade raspberry-lavender syrup, fresh blueberries, a dash of lime, and lavender soda.

How to Make Mango Passion Cocktail?

Mango cocktails are a popular drink on the beaches of southern Thailand, and this recipe allows you to make them at home. It won’t be challenging to envision yourself near the sun and surf of a tropical beach with this drink.

A mango cocktail is a refreshing summer drink to enjoy in the afternoon and a favorite party drink. Serve with mango, lime, or other tropical or local summer fruit slices as garnish. Mangoes pair well with pineapple and coconut and strawberries and blueberries.

This cocktail has a sweet and sour balance, though it favors the sweet. Serve with something crisp and crunchy, such as Thai spring rolls, as a food accompaniment. Alternatively, try these Thai fingers and party snacks, which combine the spicy flavors of chile peppers with the soothing flavors of mango.