Kirkland Vitarain Zero Nutrition Facts

Kirkland Vitarain Zero is a zero-calorie beverage with no added sugar or carbs. The Percent Daily Value (DV) of a nutrient indicates how much of that nutrient each serving contributes to your daily diet. The DV is calculated using a 2,000-calorie daily allowance as a guideline. It’s the ideal beverage for dieters who wish to reduce weight while also getting the proper nutrients in their diet.


The calories in Kirkland Signature Nutrition Shake are minimal. Per serving, the calories are less than a gram. There are no artificial sweeteners in the yogurt. Fructose, which does not register as sugar on a nutrition information label, sweetens the yogurt. Vitamin water is high in vitamins A and C in all forms. Minerals including potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and chromium are also present. If you eat it regularly, the food is beneficial to your health.

Kirkland Vitarain Zero Nutrition Facts


Ingredients, total calories per serving, dietary fiber, fat content, and protein content are all included in the nutrition data for Kirkland Signature products. Snack packets with 100 calories or less are also available from the company. The brand also provides various goods, so you should find something that fits your diet and lifestyle. Kirkland Vitaminwater, for example, is one of the many popular brands for which Just Now gives nutritional information.

Kirkland Vitarain Zero

Each serving of Kirkland Vitara in zero has no calories, and each carton contains 200 calories and is ideal for vegetarians and vegans. It’s sweetened using fructose, which doesn’t show up on nutrition labels as a gram of sugar. It also has a high B vitamin content, which is beneficial to your overall health. Vitamin water’s calorie value varies based on the brand.

Vitamin C is abundant in Kirkland Vitara in zero, necessary for good health, and it has a calorie count of at least 100 per serving. Kirkland Vitara in zero, on the other hand, is high in other vitamins, including Vitamin A and E. It has little fat and has a low-calorie density. It has a low-calorie density, making it ideal for trying to lose weight.

Snacks are available from several Kirkland brands. There are 200 calories in the Kirkland Signature Nutrition Shake. The fat and carbohydrate content of the various varieties of vital rain varies. The Kirkland Signature Food comprises a combination of almonds and hazelnuts and has 2% of each RDI. The calorie composition of all Vitara products is the same.

Key Facts Of Kirkland Vitarain Zero

  • It has a low-calorie density, which implies that an ounce has a little number of calories (0 cal/oz).
  • Vitamin and mineral-rich (1038.9% /cal) are vital Vitamin C sources.
  • There are no potentially harmful ingredients in this product, such as sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat, or added sugar!
  • There is no fiber in this item (0 percent of DV/100g)

Is VitaRain Zero Water Good For You?

It’s now a “Zero” calorie drink that comes in three different flavors. They taste watered down, and the flavor isn’t too appealing. Despite being high in vitamins and minerals such as A, C, E, B6, B12, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, and Zinc, they are still highly healthy.

Vitamin Water Zero does not include enough sodium or potassium to be utilized as an electrolyte-replacing sports drink, nor does it contain enough vitamins or minerals to replace your daily multivitamin. This product, however, is a suitable substitute for water if you want something more interesting to obtain your hydration intake.

Is it True That Vitamin Water Zero Causes Weight Gain?

It’s just another sweet concoction. Summary Because your body does not compensate for the calories in liquid sugar, you end up eating more calories overall. Vitamin water and other sugar-sweetened beverages have been related to weight gain and obesity.

Even though each packet is described as having 3 grams of carbs, it contains no calories. What gives that this is possible? Stevia and erythritol, both plant-based, very low-calorie natural sweeteners, sweeten these items.

Is There Sugar In Kirkland Vitamin Zero Water?

It’s sweetened with Truvia and fructose, a natural fruit sugar (albeit there’s not enough fructose on the nutrition information label to indicate a single gram of sugar). Kirkland Vita Rain Zero is extremely keto-friendly, with little to no effect on ketosis, and we encourage that you enjoy it as much as you like.

Each 8-ounce dose has 100% of the dietary value (DV) for vitamin C, at least 40% of the DV for a handful of B vitamins, and a boost of 10% of the DV for a few additional vitamins and minerals on occasion.

Kirkland Signature Vita Rain Zero 

The Kirkland Signature VitaRain Zero Variety Pack adds a healthy taste boost to your day.
VitaRain is bursting at the seams with its unique blend of vitamins to keep you hydrated on the go, even if you’re running late or hitting every red light!
This variety box includes all four beautiful flavors, from mango to dragonfruit, so you don’t have to pick between them. 24 ct. Variety Pack (20 oz. each): 6-Lemonade, 6-Tropical Mango, 6-Acai Blueberry Pomegranate, 6-Dragonfruit
There’s no need to feel bad about a single drink with zero grams of sugar and extra vitamins.

Kirkland Signature Vita Rain



While Kirkland Vitara in zero is a calorie-free snack, it has some calories. It has a minimal fat content and only two grams of sugar per serving, in addition to the calorie count. The Kirkland Signature Nutrition Shake contains no artificial sweeteners and is sweetened with fructose and Truvia, which is not included on the nutrition facts label as a gram of sugar. Vitarain water is high in vitamins and minerals in all three varieties.

Among the several varieties of vital rain zero, the vitamin boosted lemonade has no sugar and no calories. This veteran zero is sugar-free and caffeine-free. Its nutrient-dense form is low in calories. It has 2% whey protein and 1% calcium, comparable to bottled water. It comes in a slim can for easy transport.