Krispy Kreme Nutrition Facts

If you love glazed donuts, you might wonder how much the calorie-laden treat in your hand contains. The Krispy Kreme glazed donut is loaded with sugar, making it a wrong choice for those trying to watch their weight. The company’s nutritional information is also low, so you should be careful with your portions.

Krispy Kreme

The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation produces the Original Glazed Doughnut. The calorie content is 190 calories per donut, that’s higher than most other doughnuts. The same does not apply to other varieties. One serving of the Original glazed donut contains a whopping 450 calories. If you eat a full-sized glazed donut and drink coffee, you’ll be consuming approximately 260 calories.

Krispy Kreme Nutrition Facts

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The Original Glazed Donut is a classic fast-food staple perfect for anyone on a diet. It is a fluffy, super-soft, moist yeast ring donut covered in a delicately sweet glaze. A single serving has 190 calories, which is an excellent choice for dieters. The Original Glazed Doughnut is an excellent choice for those watching their carbs despite the calorie content.

Types Of Krispy Kreme

  • Jelly Belly Candy 
  • Original Glazed Doughnuts
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The Original Glazed Doughnut contains 190 calories and is one of the most popular options in Krispy Kreme’s fast-food menu. This fluffy, moist, and delicious doughnut is made with yeast dough and coated in a deliciously sweet glaze. Its heavenly lightness makes it a popular snack among those watching its calories, and its high-calorie count makes it the perfect choice for calorie-conscious consumers.

Jelly Belly Candy 

Krispy Kreme Jelly Belly Doughnuts In a 12-count case of 4.5-oz gift boxes, Jelly Beans. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts inspired five excellent varieties. The texture is very smooth and melts on your tongue. Per jelly bean, there are four calories. Gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, and fat-free

Jelly Belly Candy

buyonamazonOriginal Glazed Doughnuts

It has 190 calories and four grams of carbohydrates, and it is one of the least sweet Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The Original Glazed Doughnut has only 190 calories and 11 grams of sugar. The Original   Glazed Doughnut with Rainbow Sprinkles is the most popular, and it has 11 grams of sugar.

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts


For example, the Original Glazed Doughnut has 190 calories and is made by Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation. The Original Glazed Doughnut contains 50 percent fat and 44% carbohydrates, so it is not recommended to watch their weight. The Original Glazed Doughnut is the best choice for those watching their calories. It is available in stores and has a wide variety of flavors, and is the most popular choice of the company.

Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

A 4.25 oz. Gift box of Krispy Kreme-flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans. Krispy Kreme doughnuts with jelly beans Strawberry Iced, Original Glazed, Cinnamon Apple Filled, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, Glazed Blueberry Cake. The jelly beans from Jelly Belly are vegetarian, dairy-free, fat-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, and OU Kosher certified.



Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Decaf K-Cup Portion

It is roasted to perfection with a pleasant flavor Orthodox Union Kosher Medium Roast Decaffeinated. The K-Cup pack is an airtight, proprietary container that keeps oxygen, light, and moisture out while keeping freshness and flavor. Only Keurig K-Cup brewing devices are compatible with K-Cup packs. Because the brewing takes place inside the K-Cup, no taste residue is left to spoil the next cup.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


The Original Glazed Doughnut contains 190 calories, and it contains 50% fat and 44% carbohydrates. The Original Glazed Doughnut is an iconic fast-food staple. However, you might wonder how many calories the Original Glazed Doughnuts contain. You can check the nutrition facts for the Original Glazed Doughnut here: The Original Flavored Doughnut is not a healthy option, and it contains high amounts of sugar and has high fat.

Which Krispy Kreme Donut Is The Healthiest?

The Original Glazed is one of the lowest-calorie doughnuts on the menu. At 190 calories, Krispy Kreme’s signature is a solid go-to doughnut.

Is Krispy Kreme Unhealthy For You?

5 One donut has a fourth of your daily saturated fat allowance. Donuts are, of course, unhealthy. But do you realize how horrible it is? A Krispy Kreme doughnut includes 11 grams of fat, 5 of which are saturated, but a Dunkin’ donut has 6 grams of saturated fat, 30 percent of your total fat intake.

Is It OK To Eat Doughnuts Every Now And Then?

It’s OK to eat a doughnut (or anything else “unhealthy”) now and again. Eating one doughnut isn’t inherently harmful, but eating one every day or in combination with other high-sugar/fat/carb items is a slippery slope, especially if you’re attempting to lose weight.

Can A Diabetic Eat Donuts?

Avoid packaged or processed sugary foods. According to Kimberlain, packaged snacks and baked foods such as cookies, doughnuts, and snack cakes often include refined carbs that induce a rapid surge in blood sugar and lead to weight gain if consumed in excess.

The EWG recommends eating a Krispy Kreme glazed donut occasionally for its delicious flavor and low-calorie ingredients. They are a good choice for occasional treats but should be consumed in moderation.

As with most foods, a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut is not a good choice for anyone trying to lose weight. While it is an excellent option for people aiming for a healthier lifestyle, it is not recommended for the health-conscious.


The ingredients used in the Original Glazed Doughnut are all-natural and made in the USA. Added sugars, especially sugars, are a terrible choice for anyone trying to lose weight. Additionally, they contain added carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain. And there are over 160 other ingredients in the Original Glazed Doughnut.

The FDA requires that foods with these major allergens be labeled, but not the overall product score. The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation’s Original Glazed Doughnut has 190 calories. The most well-known and beloved Krispy Kreme product is the Original Glazed Doughnut. Even though the Original Glazed Doughnut is high in fat and low in calories, it still has a lot of sugar in it.