The Best Turmeric Spice for Cooking

Turmeric comes in a variety of forms. There’s a brilliant yellow Madras variety that’s ideal for pickling. Curries and tagines use the pale orange Alleppey variety. The latter is more concentrated and flavorful than the former. Ian Hemphill, the owner of a spice store on New South Wales’ Central Coast, recommends seasoning seafood with turmeric and salt before cooking. This will firm up the fish and provide a deeper flavor to it.

Turmeric is a vivid yellow spice. It is derived from the Curcuma longa plant’s root. The spice has a harsh, earthy flavor and is related to ginger. Although turmeric has a little harsh flavor, it is mainly used as a coloring agent and is an excellent accent to Indian cooking. Turmeric, unlike other spices, does not alter color when used with other ingredients. As a result, the ideal turmeric spice for cooking is a pleasing color Turmeric, which has a yellowish color, can also be used as a dye. Curcuma longa root is also an excellent culinary coloring. However, the spice color should not be confused with the root. Indeed, the yellowish spice can be used as a culinary color. If you use it in cooking, you can sprinkle it on other spices to add taste.

Here Are Some Best Turmeric Spice For Cooking

Banyan Botanicals Turmeric Powder

Aids digestion and overall health and well-being * This golden yellow spice, widely used to flavor Asian cooking as a powder, is now available in tablet form, with a wide range of therapeutic characteristics. It strengthens the immune system and the brain, cleanses the blood, and promotes clear healthy skin. Turmeric improves digestion and removes natural toxins from the GI system. Turmeric relaxes and nourishes joint tissue, allowing for more pleasant movement.

Banyan Botanicals Turmeric Powder



  • Turmeric has a wide range of health advantages. It helps the digestive and immune systems and healthy skin, smooth joint movement, and blood glucose levels within the usual range. Antioxidant solid action maintains cells operating efficiently while supporting the brain, neurological system, and appropriate liver function. It nourishes the heart and circulatory systems and boosts the immune system.
  • Our organic turmeric powder comes from the finest whole turmeric root. Banyan turmeric has several benefits because it is never processed. Each meal is high in curcuminoids and antioxidants, which promote natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities.

Truly Turmeric – Fresh Wildcrafted

Turmeric, also known as Curcumin or Curcuma longa, is one of the world’s most well-known, extensively researched, and frequently utilized Ayurvedic spices. Cooking, herbal supplements, and beauty products utilise this golden wonder spice. Turmeric’s antioxidants help every biological system. Banyan Botanicals creates high-quality Ayurvedic products from USDA-certified organic, sustainably sourced, and fairly traded herbs. All items undergo third-party quality and safety testing.

Truly Turmeric - Fresh Wildcrafted



  • Whole Turmeric Root Paste: This golden turmeric paste is high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant vitamins and minerals.
  • Turmeric Root with a High Curcuminoids Content: 7.6 percent curcuminoids
  • Use instead of turmeric spice powder and in Golden Milk, Turmeric Latte, and Turmeric Tea.
  • Vegan, Keto, and Gluten-Free: There are no added sugars, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and the product is non-GMO.
  • Wildcrafted Turmeric: Purchased directly from small-scale producers. Belizean-made.

Humanity 1lb Madras Turmeric

Humanity Turmeric Powder, Turmeric For Cooking, Ground Turmeric Curcumin, Bulk Turmeric Powder, Pure Turmeric Powder, 1 pound Madras Turmeric Spice GMO-free, non-irradiated KosherThe spice itself is delicious. It is brand new, and the bag is sealed, and it tastes precisely as Tumeric should. The bag is the one minor drawback here. Zip packets for spices irritate me, and the majority of people do, and this is small and has no bearing on my overall impression of the product.

Gourmanity 1lb Madras Turmeric



  • BULK VALUE: 1 pound of Gourmanity Madras Turmeric for its famous color, savory flavor, and scent.
  • MADRAS TURMERIC: Warm and sweet, ideal for curry, dhal, stews, tagines, and baked goods.
  • PURITY TESTED IN A LAB: Each batch is lab tested to assure 100 percent purity.
  • WHOLESOME & CLEAN: Non-GMO, non-irradiated, vegan, kosher, and proudly packed in the United States of America.
  • GOURMANITY SEAL: Expertly sourced, rigorous standards, and unapologetic transparency

Turmeric Powder – Non-GMO – Artisanal Spice 

Each tin features a unique magnetic base that adheres to most metal surfaces, including your fridge, BBQ, hood, range, and oven. Maintain easy access to your artisanal spice and transform plain meals into chef-driven gourmet entrees seal says it all: our products are guaranteed to be GMO-free, so you can rest assured that you’re consuming only the best in all-natural foods. Don’t settle for mediocre commercial seasonings and fillers; expect the finest!

Turmeric Powder - Non GMO - Artisanal Spice



  • We utilize only the finest sustainably produced, all-natural ingredients, inspecting for quality at every stage of the process as we blend our gourmet spice mix.
  •  Our Turmeric Powder is prepared with the best ingredients, so why not treat it as such? We can keep our quality high and supply only the freshest spice blends by producing only gourmet numbers.
  • We don’t use MSG in our food, and you don’t either. The same may be said for sterilizing with ETO Gas – yuck! Instead, we use all-natural, high-temperature/high-pressure steam to clean our products in an all-natural, super-hygienic manner.

HQOExpress  Organic Turmeric Powder

High-Quality Organics (HQO) is the largest wholesale bulk non-GMO certified organic herbs and spices, botanicals, ancient grains, dried vegetables and fruits, teas, and more suppliers in North America. HQO was the first and continues to be the only all-organic food ingredient firm in North America. Every day, we endeavor to add value to all parties engaged in our business, from our 15,000 organic family farmers and employees to our customers and owners. We pay our growers fairly and give our consumers only the best quality certified organic ingredients.

HQOExpress Organic Turmeric Powder



  • The golden spice is most recognized for its ability to lend seductive color and flavor to curries, but ground turmeric can also be used to flavor soups, tagines, stews, dips, and sauces; and why not try a cup of turmeric tea?
  • This USDA Certified organic ground turmeric powder is cultivated and processed without herbicides or pesticides to provide the most significant degree of safety and purity.
  • Our turmeric plants are farmed in India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka on a sustainable basis, and the kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO crushed turmeric spice can be traced from farm to table.
  • Since 1977, HQOExpress has been the biggest supplier of USDA Organic and Non-GMO herbs and spices in North America, ensuring fair compensation for our producers and high-quality ingredients for our consumers.

Happy Belly Ground Turmeric

Happy Belly Ground Turmeric has a mildly bitter earthy flavor and a strong fragrance. Primarily used in savory foods and some sweet ones; essential for curry, mustard, and pickles. Because turmeric is considered suitable for your overall health, I ate it for breakfast and dinner practically every day. A little goes a long way, and this is an excellent value. However, be cautious because turmeric has a reputation for staining counters and other surfaces.

Happy Belly Ground Turmeric



  • 2.75 oz. Happy Belly Ground Turmeric
  • The subtle earthy flavor is slightly bitter, with a strong scent
  • Primarily used in savory foods and some sweet ones; essential for curry, mustard, and pickles.
  • South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines use it frequently.
  • If you enjoy McCormick Ground Turmeric, we recommend Happy Belly Ground Turmeric.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand by our items. We’ll refund you within a year if you’re unhappy.

How Do You Cook With Turmeric Spice?

When cooked, turmeric root has a distinct, delightful scent that the powder does not have. When using turmeric root instead of powder in curries or rice dishes, grate or slice it into small pieces. Sauté it in oil before adding the other ingredients, just like the powdered spice. It can be used in sauces or stews. If you use it in your cooking, carefully mix it to avoid burning.

Why Is Turmeric Powder Used In The Kitchen?

India always sautés turmeric with onions, ginger, and garlic. Releases fat-soluble curcumin. Golden milk is another famous application for turmeric in cooking. Although turmeric is well-known, it can potentially have adverse effects. Use no more than one teaspoon per serving.

Does Turmeric Have A Curry Flavor?

It has a strong earthy and bitter flavor, almost musky, with a peppery spice. That deep, almost unyielding flavor found in most curry powders? That is, indeed, turmeric. And, while turmeric has a lot of flavors, it also has a beautiful color. On the other hand, it can be a viable substitute if all you want from your curry powder is its bright yellow color and nothing else. While it lacks the flavor of curry powder, it is a crucial component of a handmade curry powder blend.

What Is The Purpose Of Turmeric Spice?

Turmeric also includes mystical nutrients, which practically cast spells to keep you strong and healthy. Ayurvedic turmeric reduces internal and exterior inflammation. Cancer prevention and treatment and the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and infections are all possible applications. Curry powders, mustards, butter, and cheeses are flavoured and coloured with turmeric’s warm, bitter taste. Because curcumin and other compounds in turmeric may reduce swelling,

Is Turmeric Spicy To The Taste?

Turmeric has a spicy taste, but a pinch may deliver a punch. The spice, commonly used in curry preparations, has a moderately aromatic, somewhat harsh flavor with earthy overtones. It tastes excessively earthy and bitter, almost musky, with peppery spice. And, while turmeric has a lot of flavors, it also has a beautiful color. A teaspoon or two will color an entire soup, the pot of rice, or spice rub a brilliant yellow-orange.

Is Turmeric Safe To Eat With Chicken?

Turmeric supplementation may influence chicken development, egg production, and health. Turmeric rhizome powder in broiler chicken diets reduced morbidity and mortality. It has many benefits, but feed your farm’s poultry with caution. It is a blood thinner and can decrease clotting when consumed in large doses, and the daily dosage is one teaspoon for every ten pounds of animal weight.


It is critical to locate a recipe that works for you while selecting the best turmeric spice for cooking. This curry spice is popular in Asia. When cooking with turmeric, you should select a combination to make your dishes appear excellent. Additionally, use it carefully to minimize clumping. The best approach to prepare turmeric for cooking is to use it as the first ingredient Turmeric has a variety of applications aside from cooking. It has been used as a dye and painkiller for thousands of years. Those who want to use turmeric in their cooking should know that the powder’s hue can stain their hands and clothes. As a result, when working with spice, it is best to wear gloves and proper attire.