Slow Cooker Beef Barley Soup Recipe

I didn’t know it was soup month until after I decided to cook and post this recipe; just thought I would mention it. I just love the taste of barley in beef vegetable soup. It thickens the soup up and has a great taste and the beef  is so tender it just melts in your … Read more

Crock Pot Arm Steak Recipe

Spring is here! There is a lot going on and I really needed to buy some time. I had some berry plants arrive that need to be planted very badly. Slow cooker to the rescue again. This Crock Pot Arm Steak Recipe is just great. Very simple and very little prep time. Prepare it and … Read more

Crock Pot Pepper Steak Recipe

When it is going to be a busy day and you have some time in the morning a slow cooker can be your best friend. Your family will love this Crock-Pot slow cooker recipe. The steak is nice and tender with an excellent blend of flavors. The recipe calls for sirloin steak. I used top … Read more