How to Grill Black Pudding?

Black pudding is a tasty, traditional British food that other cultures don’t always view favorably. While some consider it a “Northern thing,” others think it belongs in the standard full English breakfast, and Americans refer to it as boudin or blood sausage. The truth is, black pudding has experienced a renaissance recently, with many top chefs adding it to their menus. Black pudding is a superfood; did you know that? That’s right; black pudding has tremendous nutritional advantages on par with kale, chia, and broccoli. Don’t miss out on yours! If you decide to try making black pudding, follow a recipe …

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How to Make Black Pudding?

Black Pudding?

Black pudding is a fantastic source of zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and protein. It’s also straightforward, entertaining, and economical to cook at home. It has been scientifically shown to eliminate 9 out of 10 hangovers when served with bacon (note: this has not been medically proven). You can use ordinary hog casings (or larger) ones that you would typically use when making sausages instead of the synthetic black. The ingredient black pudding is nothing new; it has been used for ages. When nothing was ever wasted, the pudding was created as a method to use up the blood used …

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