How to Grill Black Pudding?

Black pudding is a tasty, traditional British food that other cultures don’t always view favorably. While some consider it a “Northern thing,” others think it belongs in the standard full English breakfast, and Americans refer to it as boudin or blood sausage. The truth is, black pudding has experienced a renaissance recently, with many top chefs adding it to their menus.

Black pudding is a superfood; did you know that? That’s right; black pudding has tremendous nutritional advantages on par with kale, chia, and broccoli. Don’t miss out on yours! If you decide to try making black pudding, follow a recipe that calls for it, and it will give you an authentic Irish treat in no time!

What is Black Pudding?

Pig blood, fat, beef suet, grains like oats and barley, spices like salt and pepper, and herbs are used to make black pudding. It is a variety of blood sausage that originated in Great Britain and Ireland and is still eaten today. Initially, using the blood of dead animals was a technique to ensure that every portion of the animal was consumed. Black pudding was created because blood spoils rather quickly to prevent wastage. Although black pudding has a high protein level and is occasionally referred to as a superfood, its high fat and salt content make it less than ideal.

How Should Black Pudding be Prepared? 

Black pudding can be prepared in various ways, and the best method usually solely depends on the cook’s preferences. Whether or not you prefer a crust outside your slice depends on how you like your black pudding prepared. The second factor may be what you are eating it with and the day’s meal. Eating black pudding three times is acceptable, and we heartily endorse it. 

Cooking Black Pudding 

Black pudding is most likely best prepared by frying a slice of it, which can be found at any respectable breakfast establishment. A portion of black pudding can be fried with the utmost ease. Slice your black pudding into about a centimeter and a half thick pieces. Then, get out your frying pan and warm it up with oil. Put the black pudding in the pan once the oil is heated and cook it for around 3 minutes on each side. Verify that your black pudding has changed color throughout and that the center is sweltering. 

When preparing black pudding, you can make the meat into sausages. Put the balls on skewers and cook on medium heat for seven to eight minutes. If you want a spicy version, try grilling the black pudding with a red chili ring or a few slices of cherry tomatoes. Then, add your favorite salad ingredients and enjoy. You will have a delicious meal in no time! You can enjoy this dish at home or in a restaurant!

There are two main methods to grill black pudding – in the frying pan or the microwave. A frying pan cooks black pudding to a crispy outside and a soft center. If you cook your black pudding in the microwave, it will take approximately 90 seconds – and you should check it after a minute. Both methods can produce the same delicious outcome, but critical differences exist. A frying pan may result in textural issues, while a microwave may be overcooked.

Grilling Black Pudding 

We advise you to proceed as follows because it is the Grant household’s favored technique of preparing black pudding. Since black pudding may be prepared using this method pretty quickly, turn your grill to a high heat first. Afterward, cut your black pudding into 1.5-cm-thick slices and line your grill pan with foil. Put the black pudding on the tray and place it as close to the grill as you desire. Give it two minutes on each side, then take it out and plate it! You’ll discover that your black pudding’s fats have given you a gorgeously moist slice. As a result, making you want to eat more and more of it!

Once more, take a short temperature before enjoying. You can also use a sous vide immersion circulator to prevent the pudding from bursting. While grilling black pudding, keep in mind that it has a delicate consistency and will cook in its fat, so it’s essential to watch it closely, so it doesn’t burn. Always turn the black pudding halfway to ensure it caramelizes on both sides. If you have time, prepare it in the oven or on a skillet.

Cooking Black Pudding in a Microwave 

It’s likely that if you’ve seen us at a trade show, sampling day, or The Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh, you’ve had some of the mouthwatering samples of our black pudding. You’ve probably already had some of the delectable black pudding samples we offer free of charge on small oatcakes. We use a microwave for cooking the pieces because of the demand swiftly. There is no issue with using the microwave to prepare black pudding, even though it is not a standard method.

Place your slices on a microwave-safe dish, then cook them for about 45 seconds on high power. Before serving, make sure it’s hot all the way through. If you’re in a hurry, cooking your black pudding in the microwave can be an option. The microwave can cook the black pudding for sixty seconds at its highest setting; then, you can finish cooking it for another thirty to sixty seconds. Make sure that the black pudding reaches a temperature of 75C (165F) before you eat it. This is a quick way to prepare this delicacy – and you can cover the microwave cooking with brown sauce.

How to Prepare Black Pudding on a BBQ?

Once you sample black pudding as part of a BBQ will unavoidably become a mainstay of all future barbecues. Once cooked, the black pudding has a gorgeous crust on the exterior and a deliciously smooth and moist inside. Wrap your slices in aluminum foil and turn your BBQ to its highest setting to accomplish this. Allow it to cook for about 8 minutes, flipping it halfway through to ensure complete cooking. Try it with anything else you’ve barbecued that day; it’s delicious!

For the best results, you should place the black pudding on the hottest part of the barbecue. Cook it for about eight minutes, turning the pudding over halfway through cooking. It can be served with other items on the BBQ. Once you know how long to grill black pudding, you’ll be ready to enjoy your BBQ feast! Just follow these tips to make the perfect black pudding. And remember: don’t use oil! For best results, you should always avoid using oil on the barbecue. For best results, don’t boil black pudding whole; slice it or simmer it in water for over one hour.

How Should Black Pudding be Used?

We are frequently asked this question, and there is no single response. The truth is that there are numerous ways to use black pudding, so here are five suggestions to get you started.

1. The Ultimate Full Irish

Black pudding remains a staple in a Full Irish or Full English breakfast, staying true to its origins. Whether your breakfast is prepared—fried or grilled, with or without tomatoes and mushrooms, with one or two eggs, baked beans, or hash browns—black pudding and white pudding must be included! You can find here what we consider to be the “ideal” full breakfast.

2. A Twisted Breakfast

Perhaps a full Irish doesn’t appeal to you, or you want to try some new breakfast dishes. Black pudding is a very versatile ingredient in either case. Which food comes to mind first when you think about pancakes? Fruit, maple syrup, chocolate spread, and possibly bacon! What about black pudding, though? Black pudding, indeed!  Why not try baking eggs with chorizo, tomato, and black pudding? Even your scones can include black pudding!

3. Best Brunch

Do you like brunch or breakfast? Or do you wait till brunch to eat your breakfast? In either case, get out the black pudding! How about these delicious avocado and egg black pudding croissants? It would help if you found it delicious. What about a black pudding scotch egg? We know this one could be contentious. Replace a portion of the sausage meat with black pudding. We adore it utterly!

4. After-Dark Specials

What’s for lunch today? Sandwich and soup. Quiche. Salad. Baked pasta? Black pudding can be a component of anything. Here is one of our favorite lunchtime dishes. Even though the black pudding tart with roasted beets and goat cheese is relatively easy to create, it has a stunning appearance. Thank you very much!

5. Outstanding Salads

Since salads may be eaten for brunch, lunch, or dinner, we’re cheating here. Still, we believe that most people like a nice salad at any time of the day, and since there are so many delectable black pudding salad recipes to pick from, it merits its area here. Where do I begin? There is a salad out there for every taste. Enjoy cheese? Try the apple, feta, and black pudding salad with lemon dressing. Enjoy seafood? Try the salad with black pudding, crab, apple puree, and pancetta. Such as potatoes? There is a black pudding salad for, you guessed it. Despite being a bit of a mouthful, the black pudding, potato, char-grilled red onion, and walnut salad were fantastic!

How Long Does Cooked Black Pudding Last? 

Please eat the product within a week after the skin has been broken, and it can be frozen for up to three months. Before freezing, we suggest cutting and portioning out your pudding. All our black and white puddings are cooked before being packaged, so if you prefer, you can eat them cold right out of the bag. 

Can Black Pudding be Frozen? 

Yes, black pudding can be frozen for up to 4 months. Black pudding isn’t genuinely cured like other meats like salami, and its skin has been cooked, implying that it won’t keep for that long either at room temperature or in the refrigerator. If you purchased a few of our “large rolls” of black pudding—which we hope you did—be sure to slice it before freezing it. As a result, you won’t damage your best kitchen knife and can take it out of the freezer as needed. Always defrost thoroughly before cooking. 

Can Black Pudding be Warmed Up? 

Black pudding can be heated up in the microwave, but you must be extremely careful not to overheat it. Put the black pudding on a microwave-safe plate, then wrap it in plastic. Reheat your black pudding for 30 seconds at a time, ensuring that it’s fully cooked between each round.


Black pudding is a controversial ingredient, and some people are against it, but this traditional British delicacy is worth trying. Although the blood in the black pudding comes from pigs, most are made with beef suet and are a more expensive alternative. A frying pan or air fryer basket can cook the black pudding in about nine minutes. And, if you’re too lazy to cook meat, black pudding is an excellent option for a quick fried breakfast!