How to Make Cashew Cream?

Cashew Cream

This plain vegan cashew cream is a delectable dairy-free substitute for sour or heavy cream. Simple ingredients create the creamy, flexible, tangy, and rich cashew cream. Water helps with blending, raw cashews make it rich and creamy, and extra virgin olive oil gives it a richer flavor. Salt, garlic, and lemon juice give it a … Read more

Best Cashew Recipes

Cashew Recipes

Here are all the top cashew dishes that highlight this nut’s adaptability! To make creamy, queso, or alfredo sauce without dairy, use them whole or in a blender. It’s one of the most adjustable nuts, so you’re in luck! The whole cashew has a wonderful flavor but performs a little magic. Cashews can replace dairy … Read more

Cashew Nut Nutrition Facts

The cashew nut is native to Brazil and is farmed in Vietnam, Nigeria, India, and the Ivory Coast. The evergreen cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) produces both a fruit (also known as an apple) and a nut (also known as a seed) that hangs beneath the fruit. Cashews are eaten as a snack on their own, in nut mixes, and as cashew butter, cashew milk, and other products. When used in moderation, cashews can be a nutritious supplement to your diet.

Cashews are nutrient-dense and widely consumed.