Pineapple Coconut Body Armor Lyte Nutrition Facts

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Pineapple Coconut The Body Armor Lyte sports drink contains 120 calories. The ingredients are coconut water, magnesium oxide, sodium, and vitamins and minerals. Its main benefits include 120 calories and a reasonable amount of protein. It is also naturally sweetened and contains natural flavors. It is recommended for people who exercise or engage in vigorous physical activity.

The nutritional value is good enough to make it an excellent choice for athletes, and it is not overly salty. The Body Armor Lyte sports drink contains only 120 calories per bottle.

Coconut Nutrition Facts


To begin, what exactly is a coconut? Is it a fruit? Is it a nut? Coconut can be a fruit, a nut, or a seed, which adds to the confusion. If you pick up a coconut that has fallen from a coconut palm, you’ll see that the exocarp layer is hard and green. The mesocarp is the husk (brown and hairy) beneath that layer. The endocarp, the seed’s outer layer, is found inside.

How To Tell If A Coconut Is Bad?

You can tell if a coconut is bad by looking at its appearance. It should have three clear eyes on the underside and no discoloration or mold. It should also be uniform in color and should not show cracks. If you’re not sure, try rubbing the surface with your fingertips to test for cracks.