What Temperature to Grill Chicken?

Have a question about what temperature to grill chicken? You are not alone, and many cooks are confused about what temperature to grill chicken. In this article, we’ll answer your question and show you some basic steps to cook your favorite chicken. We’ll also guide you on preparing chicken for the grill, including some of our favorite chicken recipes. After all, chicken is one of the most popular dishes you can cook at home.

When it comes to the temperature for grilled chicken, the general rule of thumb is between 350 F and 450°F.

Grilled Chicken Recipe

With a heat wave moving into the area the last couple of days I had a good excuse to fire up the Gill again. This Italian Grilled Chicken recipe takes a little time due to the Marinade, but it is well worth the wait; it is just delicious. Cooks fast and goes great with any side dish. I used a 3-pound package of boneless chicken breasts and just upped the recipe for the amount. These Chicken Breasts were pretty flat already. If you are using hand trimmed which are kind of thick I suggest you flatten them. The recipe below …

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