What is Jalapeno?

Medium-sized, mild to moderately hot chile peppers called jalapenos (pronounced “hal-a-PAY-nyo”) flavor everything from salsa to chili to salad dressing. The state of Veracruz in Mexico has the earliest cultivation records, and the term “jalapeo” is derived from Xalapa, the state’s capital. Although they are still frequently linked to Mexican food, they are now grown … Read more

How To Tell If A Jalapeno Is Bad?


The jalapeno seeds are critical to eat because they can be very bitter. If you find the seeds of the pepper are brown, it means the pepper has gone bad. If this happens, you should discard the pepper or rinse it thoroughly before eating. The seed is also a sign that the pepper has gone bad. When removing the seeds, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

A fresh jalapeno won’t go bad for several weeks, but it’s still good to eat within a week. Once the skin gets soft and wrinkled, it’s time to throw it away.

The Best Jalapeno Recipes


Although some of the flour will wash away in the milk, there should be enough to make a pasty coating that will not run off the jalapeno skins too quickly. Then I toss and push the poppers into fine breadcrumbs to coat them. The flouring make the breadcrumbs stick—and stay—much better.

You can’t get enough of a fiery jalapeno if you’ve ever had one. While you can buy spicy relish all year in most grocery shops, you can prepare your own in as little as two minutes.