KFC Mac and Cheese

This is a great KFC knock-off recipe. This mac and cheese recipe is rich and creamy, and takes very little time to put together; you’ll love it. KFC Mac and Cheese Recipe Type: Side Dish Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 15 mins Total time: 20 mins Serves: 4 as a side 3.4.3177 Adapted from Blogchef.net

Bacon Mac and Cheese recipe

If you’re looking for a great side dish, or a stand-alone one-dish meal this Bacon Mac and Cheese recipe will provide it, and it’s really good. This is a very simple recipe, but does take a little more time than the customary Mac and Cheese, because of the time needed to cook the bacon.  All the flavors blend very well with the bacon giving this dish a unique bacon flavor. I you like Mac and Cheese; but haven’t tried Bacon Mac and Cheese, give this recipe a try it’s really good. Enjoy Bacon Mac and Cheese recipe Recipe Type: Side …

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Pasta Shells and Cheese Recipe

  It’s always great to have a good side dish siting in the recipe file, so if you need a recipe to go with those spur of the moment dinner decisions, there is one available without doing a lot of searching. This Pasta Shells and Cheese Recipe is much like macaroni and cheese except the texture is a little different because of the pasta shells. This is a simple recipe that does not require much prep or cooking time. This side dish can easily be prepared while the main dish is cooking. I prepared this recipe as written and the …

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Simple Mac and Cheese Recipe

  If you are looking for something really quick when the kids get home from school, or you just need a quick side dish, give this Simple Mac and Cheese Recipe a try. This recipe caught my eye because of the use of the microwave. Except for heating and defrosting I don’t use the microwave very often; but when I saw this recipe I thought it was worth giving it a try. You can pretty much have the cheese sauce done just on time to mix it into the macaroni when it comes off the stove. This Simple Mac and …

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Simple Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

We were having one of those days that no one could figure out what to have for supper. After careful thought and a lot of undecidedness we settled on this Simple Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe. There is not a lot of prep time and it is a very easy recipe. I am not a vegetarian by any means, so I decided to cook up some Brats along with the macaroni and cheese. It’s just a habit I guess, but I do like to have some kind of meat or fish with supper. If you like macaroni and cheese give …

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