Curried Okra with Onions Recipe

Curried Okra With Onions Recipe

The seed pod of the Abelmoschus esculentus plant is known as okra. It has a long, slender, tubelike structure packed with small white seeds. It is also known as lady’s fingers. Okra is a plant that originated in Ethiopia and was transported to North America by settlers and enslaved people centuries ago. It thrives in … Read more

How to Freeze Okra to Fry?


Okra is a popular vegetable known for its unique texture and flavor. One of the most popular ways to prepare okra is by frying it, but it’s not always possible to use fresh okra. If you have an abundance of okra and want to store it for later use, freezing is a great option. Freezing … Read more

Okra Nutrition Facts

Okra is a blooming plant with edible seed pods known as the “lady’s finger.” It thrives in hot conditions and is widely grown in Africa and South Asia. Though technically a fruit, okra is frequently cooked as a vegetable, and Okra is a common ingredient in gumbo. Okra has plenty of nutritional content despite not being a household name in healthy cuisine. Okra has few calories yet is high in nutrients.