One Dish Pork Chops with Rice Recipe

DefSemiHidden=”true” DefQFormat=”false” DefPriority=”99″ LatentStyleCount=”267″> I seem to be on a role with simple is good. This One Dish Pork Chops with Rice Recipe is about as simple as it gets, but incorporates a good blend of flavors. I was pinched for time and needed a simple recipe that would not take long to put together. … Read more

Hamburger Chop Suey Recipe

Many Years went by before I had the chance to taste or try a Chinese Chop Suey dish. I think it was mainly because of the area we lived in. There were no Chinese restaurants;-heck, there wasn’t even a Burger King around until I started growing up a little bit. Anyway, this Hamburger Chop Suey … Read more