The Best Wooden Spoons for Cooking

Wooden spoons are great for all kinds of cooking. They are easy to use and clean and can be very expensive, so it’s essential to consider your budget before purchasing one. Choose a thick, broad, deep, or flat spoon for the most versatile cooking needs. A comprehensive, shallow, or angled spoon is good for stirring and deglazing pots. If you need to scrape or stir-fry foods, you can use a wooden whisk.

Wood Spoons

Is it safe to use wooden spoons?

For decades, if not centuries, wooden spoons have been in use. In the bacteria-averse 1990s, they have phased out favor less expensive polymers and more abrasive stainless steel. On the other hand, Wooden spoons appear to be safe to use in the kitchen, according to a study.
Because wood is porous, it can absorb liquids and oils from the dish you’re preparing. However, one study discovered that once liquids are wicked into the wood’s cells, they don’t return to the surface, along with any bacteria they contain. Those germs don’t reproduce and eventually die.

How to care for wooden spoons

Make sure you choose strong, solid wooden spoons if you decide to add wooden spoons to your utensil collection. Look for ones made of maple, olive, or hickory wood. Pine spoons are cheap, but they’re soft and can absorb many liquids and oils. When using spoons in the kitchen, hand wash them with hot water and a light detergent to avoid dishwasher damage. To avoid infecting them with germs from a hand towel, let them air dry.

Wooden Spoons Benefits

Wooden spoons have three key benefits: use, durability, and a long history. Many individuals are hesitant to use wooden spoons for various reasons, including that wood is not a renewable resource. On the other hand, Wooden spoons are created from a renewable and biodegradable source of resources instead of other forms of spoons. Furthermore, on Rainforest Bowls, the wooden utensils are produced from offcuts of coconut wood, bamboo, or scrap ebony wood. We even have coconut spoons with recovered coconut shell bowls and carved scrap coconut wood handles.

But before you go out and buy wooden spoons for your kitchen, check out the benefits and drawbacks of that flatware.

How to Select the Best Wood Spoons

Here are a few points you should consider while shopping for wooden spoons.

Wood Type 

Did you know that pine is the most cost-effective wood for a wooden spoon? However, while they function well, you should not expect them to survive long. It may also irritate you if you notice a piney flavor in your food during the first few days after using it.


You’ll notice that almost all wooden spoons are shallow, yet they’ll still contain a small amount of food for you to try. If you want a design that can handle more servings, go for deeper ones. If you’re looking for a wooden spoon to scrape pieces of food from the bottom of your pan, though, I recommend choosing one with a sharp angle and straight edges. You have the freedom to choose what you believe is novel and valuable. Traditional styles are helpful, but you might occasionally find great products among the new arrivals. Slotted spoons, dippers, spatulas, and other types of wooden spoons should be avoided.

Other Materials

Many wooden spoon designs include other materials in addition to the wooden spoon. Look for items with silicone grips for a softer, more pleasant grasp. You may notice that marble handles are also available. It doesn’t make the spoon any more efficient because wood is soft enough for my hand. However, if you prefer brighter designs, it is purely a personal opinion. After all, no matter what kitchen style you have, wooden spoons make a striking presentation.

Most popular wooden spoons for cooking

These are the few of the most popular wooden spoons for cooking.

Zulay Kitchen Premium Wooden Utensils For Cooking – 6 Pc Set

This 12 piece cooking tool set includes handmade natural teak wood implements such as a spatula, massive tuner, skimmer, soup ladle, fork spoon, a wooden holder for storage, a spoon rest, and hooks. These utensils are constructed from a single piece of teak wood, making them environmentally friendly and heat resistant. Smooth and pleasant to the touch. Unlike the alternative, which may leak chemicals into your food during cooking, this product is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Our heat-resistant wooden utensils will not melt or burn your hand.

Zulay Kitchen Premium Wooden Utensils For Cooking - 6 Pc Set


Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set

Material of Natural High-Quality The wooden kitchen utensil set is 100 percent Natural Teak. These cooking utensils are strong, odor-free, and durable enough for everyday use! The kitchen set features a natural wooden texture, allowing you to feel the allure of nature while cooking! The wooden cooking utensil set includes a kitchen spatula, a slotted spatula, a soup ladle, a spaghetti spoon, a strainer spoon, a salad fork, and a mixing spoon.

Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set


Wooden Spoons for Cooking,7Pcs Wooden Utensils for Cooking Teak Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set

They’re all tied with strings in a Japanese style, which adds to their elegance. This Japanese-style reusable handcrafted wooden flatware set may be used for various cuisines; spoons can be used for soup, rice, dessert, ice cream, beans, and forks can be used for eating noodles and vegetables salad, fruit salad, and more.

Wooden Spoons for Cooking,7Pcs Wooden Utensils for Cooking Teak Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set



In the end, we can say that if you want to make a delicious meal, a wooden spoon is the best option for your cooking. You can use it for all sorts of cooking purposes, from sautéing to serving. You can use your wooden spoons for various cooking tasks.