Vitality Bowls Nutrition Facts

Vitality Bowls has made it easy for you to enjoy a superfood meal with its healthy ingredients and vibrant atmosphere. These healthy bowls feature organic acai berries and are topped with various superfoods. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a nutritious meal, Vitality Bowls is the perfect place for you. Read on for Vitality-specific nutrition facts for each of the cafe’s unique menu options.

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Vitality Bowls’ menu includes smoothies, fresh juices, salads, and paninis. Their menu features a variety of salads and bowls, such as the Supergreen Goddess Salad. The Supergreen Bowl comes with chicken, avocado, radish, cucumber, and superseded crunch. The Panini is packed with vegetables and a delicious blend of spices. It also comes with hummus, pickled red onion, and lemon tea.

Are Vitality Bowls healthy?

Healthier Acai Bowl

Vitality Bowls specializes in creating delectable aça bowls, thick açai bowls with organic granola, and various superfood toppings. Smoothies, fresh juices, soups, salads, and paninis are other antioxidant-rich menu items.

Vitality Bowls Nutrition Facts

Here is a table of the Vitality Bowls Nutrition Facts for some of their most popular items:

Item Serving Size Calories Total Fat Saturated Fat Trans Fat Cholesterol Sodium Total Carbohydrates Dietary Fiber Total Sugars Protein
Açaí Bowl 16 oz 490 24g 6g 0g 0mg 70mg 63g 14g 42g 8g
Dragon Bowl 16 oz 550 29g 6g 0g 0mg 340mg 65g 10g 41g 12g
Immunity Bowl 16 oz 470 19g 4g 0g 0mg 65mg 66g 14g 38g 11g
Vitality Bowl 16 oz 590 28g 7g 0g 0mg 280mg 71g 17g 36g 11g
Energy Bowl 16 oz 560 28g 5g 0g 0mg 50mg 68g 13g 42g 10g
Warrior Bowl 16 oz 610 31g 7g 0g 0mg 300mg 65g 14g 40g 12g
Protein Bowl 16 oz 630 27g 4g 0g 0mg 450mg 71g 14g 34g 19g
Superfood Bowl 16 oz 510 22g 4g 0g 0mg 160mg 69g 15g 39g 10g
Graviola Bowl 16 oz 520 25g 6g 0g 0mg 75mg 68g 13g 38g 9g
Pitaya Bowl 16 oz 430 16g 3g 0g 0mg 100mg 65g 10g 41g 7g
Matcha Bowl 16 oz 510 21g 4g 0g 0mg 120mg 72g 15g 38g 11g

Note: The values listed in the table are approximate and may vary based on the ingredients used and the specific

Do Vitality Bowls Add Sugar?

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Vitality Bowls offers a selection of smoothies and salads. The Supergreen Goddess Salad includes acai, avocado, radish, cucumber, and superseded crunch. The Whole Wheat Avocado and Strawberry Panini are packed with nutrients and topped with organic granola and strawberries. The Whole Grain Wrap has a range of ingredients, including hummus, roasted potato, and lemon tai.

How to Make a Healthier Acai Bowl?

Healthier Acai Bowl

Kale, cauliflower, and zucchini are all veggies that blend well into the base of an acai bowl without altering or dominating the fruity flavor. This can help reduce sugar intake while also providing additional nutrients. To add additional fiber and flavor without adding too much sugar, use pumpkin puree in the base.

Can you Lose Weight Eating Acai Bowls?

Acai bowls can help you lose weight if you eat them in moderation. Don’t just grab an acai bowl from the nearest convenience store. Smoothies and fresh juices are also available at Vitality Bowls. Avocado, mango, and kale are used in the Supergreen Goddess Salad. Chicken, acai, avocado, radishes, cucumber, and supersede crunch may be included in other bowls. Açai wrap, hummus, açai, granola, and a citrus tai are the other menu choices.

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Vitality Bowls also offers many healthy options to customers, including acai bowls and smoothies. The Supergreen Goddess Salad has avocado, acai, cucumber, and radish, among other ingredients. The Vitality Wrap is a healthy option to get the benefits of açai and other superfoods. If you’re looking for a delicious smoothie, Vitality Bowls have it covered.

What are Acai Bowls  Exactly?

Acai bowls are a type of smoothie served in a bowl with various toppings. Some head to 16 Handles for froyo and toppings, while others go to Pure Green for a healthy yet equally delicious acai bowl. Both are delicious frozen sweets with similar concepts.

Acai Bowls with banans

Acai bowls derive their name from the base, often made up of frozen acai, banana, coconut water or almond milk, and occasionally other fruits or nut butter. These ingredients are blended like a smoothie, and the icy goodness is poured into a bowl, ready to be topped.


Vitality Bowls has an extensive menu with various salads and smoothies. The Supergreen Goddess Salad has organic acai, spinach, and cucumber. The Supergreen Bowl contains acai, berries, and acai granola. The company has over twenty locations and plans to expand across the country. It also has a thriving online presence and offers healthy recipes on its blog.