What to Put on a Disposable BBQ?

You might be wondering what to put on a disposable BBQ. The answer depends on your needs. You can cook many things on a disposable BBQ, including chicken, steak, ribs, and burgers. If you plan to grill meat, you may want to add sauce or glaze. To avoid burning your food, use a meat slice. To ensure your food is fully cooked, buy an instant-read thermometer.

What to Put a Disposable BBQ on

Disposable barbecues generate extreme heat, so place them in a well-ventilated area away from children and pets. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as most will require you to insert a fuel pouch and lighting strip. Do not attempt to refill the fuel or charcoal yourself. Never use chemicals on the disposable barbecue. Moreover, avoid putting it on the ground.

What is a Disposable Barbecue?

A disposable grill is a type of barbecue that can only be used once and is thrown away afterward. To start the grill, the cook takes off the outside wrapping and lights the edge of the starter sheet. The sheet will touch the charcoal and stay in place for about 15 minutes, warming it up. There is no need for lighter fluid. When the coals are hot enough to cook, you can put steaks, fish, chicken, kebabs, vegetables, and burgers on the grill top to cook.

Lightweight aluminum is used to make disposable grills, and charcoal is used for cooking on them. The charcoal will stay hot enough to roast for another hour and a half after you start. The leftovers are then covered with water, sand, or dirt, and the grill as a whole can be used again or put in a different place. The barbecue is freestanding, which means that all the parts needed to cook food are attached: A foil container, a grill top, a stand (optional), charcoal, a starter sheet, and a liquid to get the fire going.

What to Put a Disposable BBQ on?

  • A disposable BBQ can make it a pleasure to prepare burgers
  • A few steaks. A few
  • The whole package.. lamb chops
  • Sausage is made from hot dogs from frankfurt
  • The vegetable season is here. And this season has arrived
  • A tasty take on fish steaks
  • A shellfish is a type of fish
  • Chicken

As your deck and grill go under the mat, some forces keep them from getting stuck. Because of what it is used for, grease, sauce, and other liquids that splash can’t hurt the floor. You could also cover the edge of your grill with a folded tarp, which is cheaper and takes less time to set up.

Can you Put Disposable Bbq on Grass?

It makes no sense to touch the grass or wooden furniture in your backyard. Make sure there is a lot of space where disposable grills are kept, like in sheds, garages, or backyards. Use disposable items when grilling on a barbecue. It is against the law to a grill near or on public benches. Please make sure a disposable grill has cooled down before putting it in the trash. Make sure you don’t cook on the grass. Try to find a flat, stable, and firm surface free of obstacles to stay as stable as possible. When the system is run this way, it won’t pose any safety risks.

Who should Buy a Disposable Barbecue?

Traditional barbecue fans might be a little let down by the idea of this grill because it doesn’t keep the heat or smoke going for a long time. But it is still great for people who often don’t use a grill and want to grill once in a while. Whether camping alone or with a group, this grill is for you. Also, if you plan to do a lot of walking and hiking during your stay, a disposable grill could be the best way to cook. If you want to cook in your pickup truck or backyard, you might want to look into better charcoal grills. Disposable grills can only be used for one day and can be thrown away when the cooking is done.

What can you Cook on a Disposable BBQ?

Let’s start with the stuff that works:


On a disposable BBQ, burgers are a great thing to cook. They’re easy to cook if you turn them often and ensure you don’t burn one side. It’s also easy to see if they’re done, and all you need to turn them is a simple meat slice.


Steaks also work well on a disposable grill because they don’t mind being close to the coals and cook quickly.

There are different kinds of cuts. I would choose sirloin or rib-eye instead of rump or fillet. Rump can be tough, and a thick fillet can benefit from heat that you can control – searing hot to seal and a cooler to cook through.

Lamb Cutlets

A disposable barbecue makes it surprisingly easy to cook thin lamb cutlets. This is because you can get away with a lot when you cook them. I like them rare, but even when they’re what most people call “well done,” they’re not too tough for me. Tip: Add more fat to make it crispier. Thick lamb chops need more care and should be cooked on a bigger grill where you have more control.

Hot Dog (Frankfurter) Sausages

Note that I’m talking about hot dog sausages that have already been cooked, Raw sausages can be cooked on a disposable grill, but it’s very easy to burn the outside and not cook them all the way through, which is both gross and dangerous.

Way better is sausages that look like hot dogs and come in a tin or packet. You only need to cook them through, and as long as you keep an eye on them, it doesn’t matter if the disposable barbecue is at its hottest or starting to cool down.


Vegetables should be on the list of things you can cook on a disposable barbecue. You can make vegetable kebabs if you want to be fancy. I have to say, though, that they are fussy and hard to deal with.

Wide slices of pepper, big mushrooms, halved tomatoes, spears of asparagus, and slices of courgette are all good choices. All of them can be cooked over high or low heat, and when they are close to the coals, they get a nice char (which they always will be on a disposable barbecue).

Fish Steaks

I have to be honest and say I wouldn’t cook much fish on a disposable grill. Whole fish and small, tender fillets stick together, and you don’t have enough room to handle them carefully. If you want to cook fish on your disposable grill, I’d recommend thicker steaks like salmon, swordfish, or halibut if you’re feeling fancy.


Some shellfish are surprisingly good to cook on a disposable barbecue. Large raw prawns can work well because they don’t take long to cook and turn pink when they’re done, so you know they’re done right!
Scallops are another option; they only need to be seared (in theory, you can eat them raw, but they have to be very fresh, so check with your fishmonger if that’s the case!)

What to Put a Disposable BBQ on

Can you Put a Portable BBQ on a Plastic Table?

You can put many camping stoves on a plastic table. Depending on how the camping stove is made, it could melt the plastic. Still, every stove has its own set of circumstances. It’s always better to be safe and use a heat-resistant mat or table near the stove. You shouldn’t use this product on or near wood or plastic surfaces, like benches, wooden tables, or decking. Also, it would help if you covered the sand before grilling because it will get as hot as the grill deck.

Cons of having a Disposable Barbecue

  • You may not have a lot of food choices. Choose lean cuts of meat and avoid greasy foods, as they can get on the coals and smoke that could burn the food.
  • Even though there aren’t many good ways to use this grill, that’s also how it looks. You have to use different grills for different events.
  • Since these grills don’t break down, they can’t be recycled. This makes them bad for the environment’s health and not very eco-friendly.

What should you Not Cook on a Disposable Barbecue?

I want to stress that these are not hard-and-fast “rules.” You can try cooking anything you want on a disposable grill. But this article is about helping yourself and making things easier and safer. With the things on the final list, you can make a lot of different meals.

I have been to a LOT of bad barbecues. One time, some friends and I rented a boat, and one of them was set on cooking bone-in chicken thighs on a tiny disposable grill. Before the meat started to cook, the skin was black and blistered from the sugary marinade. No thanks, chicken that bleeds…

So, keeping that in mind, here are some things you should NOT try to cook on a disposable BBQ.


To cook chicken on a grill, you have to control the heat. I make a juicy and delicious beer-basted spatchcock chicken on my gas grill, but it takes about 90 minutes and a LOT of care and adjusting the temperature.

With a disposable grill, you don’t have that much control. You can’t tell how hot it will be, so the things I recommend are ones that you can do well no matter how hot it is.

Raw Sausages

Yes, raw sausages CAN be cooked on a disposable grill… But I’d ask why you’d want to do it. They are very easy to burn, so the best way to cook them is slowly or over indirect heat. Even on a gas grill, raw sausages can be ruined in a minute if you set the temperature wrong.

You can’t do any of these things with a disposable grill. You might get lucky; put them on for 20 minutes when the temperature is good, and get the turn right. But it’s just as likely that the outside will be burned and the inside will be raw.

(Some) Fish

I already talked about this, so I’ll keep this short. Whole fish and thin fillets are too easy to mess up on a disposable grill. I think you’ll like them much more if you cook them differently or on a different day.


The problem with pork is the same problem with sausages. Not so much because you might burn it, but because pork has such a small window between being undercooked (raw in the middle) and dry and overcooked.
If you’re lucky enough to be in Spain or Portugal, there are great cuts of Iberico pork that can be served medium rare and would be fine on a disposable barbecue. But it’s hard to make consistently good food if you’re somewhere else and to use regular pork from the store.


One thing to remember is that the foil bottom of a disposable barbecue gets very hot. If you put it on a table or paving slab, you might end up destroying the internal components of the grill and making it dangerous. The foil bottom can easily burn the chicken, so put it on a flat surface before cooking. When grilling meats, make sure to add salt and pepper to the meat before cooking to make it stick. This is important because the sauce won’t stay on your chicken if it is on a slope.

A disposable barbecue should not be left unattended in the countryside. If you plan on using it in the countryside, put it away after use. Never place it on dry grass, trees, or moorland, as these can catch fire and cause severe damage. If you do use a disposable barbecue, make sure to follow all instructions on the packaging. And remember never to leave a disposable BBQ unattended.