Best Biscotti Recipes

Sometimes coffee isn’t enough, but Biscotti enhances your coffee even more. The word “biscotti” comes from the Latin word “biscoctus,” which means “twice baked” or “cooked”: The dough is fashioned into logs, baked, chilled, and then baked again. Americans refer to the unique, long, crisp, twice-baked Italian biscuit by the term “biscotti,” although Italians use the phrase to refer to various cookies.

It’s common to find biscotti at Italian bakeries. The dry, crunchy texture of traditional biscotti biscuits makes them perfect for dipping in hot coffee or tea. Biscotti are occasionally covered in melted chocolate. Biscotti have a dry, crispy feel from being baked twice. Before baking, the dough is first formed into a log. The baked dough log is cut into cookies on the diagonal when cooled and then baked again until it is crisp.

Biscotti are healthy cookies because they require less sugar and butter to make them. The traditional flavors of biscotti are almond, vanilla, and anise. There are numerous recipes available for biscotti.

Top Biscotti Recipes

Classic Biscotti Recipe

The tastiest biscotti cookies may be made with this traditional recipe! These homemade biscotti cookies are simple to make and are ideal for gift baskets and cookie platters during the holidays! Recipes for basic biscotti, almond biscotti, chocolate biscotti, and cranberry orange biscotti are also provided.

Biscotti are great if you enjoy baking fresh cookies. They don’t break easily and remain fresh longer than most other cookie varieties. Worrying that the cookies you give out may be stale or broken by the time they are eaten is the worst.

Homemade Biscotti Cookie Recipe

They are initially baked as a large flat log, after which they are sliced into pieces and baked a second time to produce delights that are ideally toasted and crunchy. They are designed to be dunked in your favourite hot beverage, coffee, or anything else. We think of them as a good reason to have cookies for breakfast, but we also enjoy them as a treat in the afternoon and after supper. We can consume them at any moment of the day.

Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

To make chocolate biscotti, you will need to add cocoa powder and chocolate chips to the biscotti dough. Because cocoa powder was included, you will need to reduce the flour by half a cup. My favorite way to enjoy chocolate biscotti is to coat them in white or dark chocolate, and occasionally I’ll add nuts like almonds or walnuts to the mixture. This recipe is quite simple, and you can make a variety of biscotti varieties so that there is something for every taste.

Traditional Almonds Biscotti Recipe

The texture of almond biscotti can be described as satisfyingly firm rather than jaw-breakingly hard. They are packed full of whole toasted almonds and flavored with orange zest, which imparts a delicious aroma. They are perfect for dipping into a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

Biscotti made with almonds is one of my all-time faves. To produce almond biscotti, you will need to add one teaspoon of almond extract and cut the amount of vanilla essence in half. You will also incorporate almonds that have been chopped into the dough.

Cranberry Orange Biscotti Recipe

To prepare cranberry orange biscotti, you must incorporate orange zest into the butter and sugar cream. After that, fold dried cranberries into the dough for the biscotti. When I make cranberry biscotti, I sometimes like to add pistachios or almonds to the mix.

Anise, Orange and Pignoli Biscotti

Pine nuts, often known as Italian pignoli nuts, are highly regarded for their exceptionally sweet flavor. Even though they contain sugar, these biscotti have more of a savory flavor than sweet, making them an excellent complement to Italian deli meats like prosciutto and salami, as well as cheeses like asiago and pecorino-romano. They can be found in Italian specialty markets and the grocery sections of most major stores.

Cherry, Pistachio, and Vanilla Biscotti

Pistachios are yellow-green and have a somewhat salty flavor, and dried cherries, deep red and sweet and sour flavors, make an attractive and delicious combination. The lovely scent of vanilla bean that permeates the kitchen while these biscotti are in the oven is one of the aspects of these cookies that I adore the most. I don’t mind eating them, especially when tangy dried cherries and earthy pistachios accompany them.

Chocolate-Dipped Espresso Biscotti with Kahlua Icing

Much like peanut butter and fluff, espresso and chocolate were designed to go together. I combine espresso powder, coffee extract, and Kahlua frosting to get a robust and full-bodied flavor like coffee. Espresso powder, produced from leftover espresso grounds that have been dried and crushed into a fine powder, is an excellent ingredient for use in baking. It can be purchased at Italian specialty stores as well as at a variety of supermarkets.

If you cannot locate it, you need to purchase espresso beans and grind them into a fine powder; the cookies should not contain large chunks or granules. If you decide not to ice the biscotti, which you should do, I recommend adding 1/4 to 1/2 cup of light brown sugar to the dough. This will give the biscotti an even more pronounced sweet flavor.

Maple Walnut Biscotti with Maple Icing

A classic favorite from New England is an iced maple walnut biscotti that is full of rich nuttiness and is served alongside a hot cup of coffee. I have tried making these biscotti with both pure maple syrup and maple extract, and I have to say that the extract produces a stronger maple flavor in the finished product. If you prefer to use maple syrup, begin with a quarter cup. However, because the syrup will make it wetter, you will need to add more flour to the mixture. As for the frosting, my personal favorite is syrup.

Barefoot Contessa Biscotti Recipe

There is a good reason why “The Barefoot Contessa” has become one of the most well-liked cooking series. She can capture homes worldwide by combining simple dishes with luxurious settings. She wants everyone to love her cuisine as much as she does and enjoys cooking. When she is in the kitchen, she is constantly experimenting with new techniques and dishes because she wants those who eat her cuisine to have a positive experience.

It makes her happy when other people appreciate what she does for them. Therefore, she takes pleasure in it when they compliment her food and tell her how delicious it is. You can watch her show if you want to learn how to cook but are unsure where to begin, or you can watch it simply because it is enjoyable. Either way, you will benefit from watching it.

How to Make Biscotti Cookies?

Making biscotti is simple. There are only a few straightforward steps, and I’ve provided a few images showing the shaping and cutting of the biscotti dough.

Butter and sugar are first beaten together. Then you’ll add vanilla and two eggs. Mix in any other extracts you’re using at this time, such as almond extract. You should also add citrus zest at this time, such as orange or lemon zest.

Mix the salt, baking powder, and flour in a separate bowl. Mix all of the ingredients after adding the dry to the wet. Add any additional ingredients, including nuts, dried fruit, or chocolate chips, at this point.

How Long will Biscotti Remain Fresh?

Your biscotti should be kept at room temperature and sealed in an airtight container. This will ensure that they are fresh for a couple of weeks! Cookies can be kept fresh for up to three weeks if stored in an airtight container. Because of this, they are exceptional in every way.

You could place your biscotti in an airtight container, wrap it, and keep it in the freezer for up to three months.

How are Biscotti Made to be Good?

The inclusion of cranberries in this delectable recipe creates some soft, chewy fruity flavors as biscotti may occasionally be rather hard and crunchy. The Italian biscuit known as biscotti, meaning “twice baked,” is known for its crunchiness.

Biscotti now come in a diversity of varieties. Almond, anise, and hazelnut are traditional flavors that compete with flashier newcomers like gingerbread, maple walnut, and mint chocolate chip. These biscotti are made with different cheeses and herbs. There are also savory biscotti that go well with a charcuterie platter, an assortment of olives and cheeses, or even a cup of soup.

What Else can I Add to the Dough for the Biscotti?

What a lot! We enjoy it most when it is straightforward with sliced almonds. However, these wonderful mix-in options include pistachios, pine nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips. Include flavorings such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom in the dish. Even fennel seeds are often used as a traditional ingredient.


Biscotti can be made in various ways, despite their long history. The conventional way is to use simple eggs in some recipes, although others swear by butter or oil. You have an option, but remember that products made with butter or oil will be softer and have a shorter shelf life. Biscotti are time-consuming, but they’re also one of the easiest and tastiest cookies you’ll ever make. No special equipment is needed; just a bowl, a spoon, a couple of baking sheets, and some parchment paper.

Italian bakeries sell biscotti, which are dry and crispy. The dough is shaped into logs, baked, cooled, and baked to make biscotti. Almond, vanilla, and anise are traditional biscotti tastes. Biscotti recipes include basic, almond, chocolate, cranberry orange, and more.

As for eating them, anything goes. Enjoy a biscotti with a glass of milk for breakfast on the go, savor one with a glass of Italian wine for a luxurious afternoon snack, or dunk one in a cup of steaming milk for a late-night indulgence even Christopher Columbus would have liked.