Best Deli Sandwich Recipes

If you’re looking for the best deli sandwich recipes, you’ve come to the right place. These recipes are the best way to make your delicious deli sandwiches at home. You can create your deli masterpiece with the right ingredients and a little creativity! Whether you want to create a classic deli sandwich with sliced meat and cheese or something a little more unique, you’ll find the perfect recipe for any occasion.

If you’re looking for a fast, delicious lunch, you can make an Italian hero sandwich at home! This sandwich will only take about ten minutes to make, and it’s loaded with Italian meats, provolone cheese, and vegetables such as banana peppers and tomatoes. You can even add extra vegetables to make it a heartier meal. You’ll find a recipe for Italian hero sandwiches at The Creative Bite.

Deli Sandwich (1)

The deli sandwich features a mixture of pastrami and corned beef with Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and pickles. It’s served on a local French baguette, and the secret ingredient is the brie. If you want something more upscale, try making a smoked turkey or honey ham sandwich. If you’re looking for a fast, tasty lunch, the Baked Cheesy Deli Chicken Sandwich is great. It’s packed with healthy vegetables, cheese, and protein! It’s sure to satisfy your craving for a quick, tasty lunch! This is the perfect sandwich recipe for when you’re in a hurry. You can easily make it before work or go to work and eat it right away!

1. Pickled Egg Salad Sandwich

Pickle your eggs first if you want to add a little zing to your egg salad. It makes a great twist on a classic and might just become your preferred egg salad sandwich.

2. Italian Subs

Jillian, a reviewer, exclaims, “Wow – these are ‘Restaurant’ quality Italian subs!” “I mean, why order these from a restaurant when you can cook them at home with amazing results?”

3. Caprese Salad Sandwiches

The Caprese makes up for its lack of meat with big slices of buffalo mozzarella, making it one of the few vegetarian sandwiches on this list. Fresh tomatoes and basil, salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar, and artisan bread provide all the required accompaniments to make the cheese sing.

4. Turkey Sandwich

The best deli sandwich isn’t always the most complicated, and the modest turkey sandwich is proof of that. This deli-style turkey sandwich is a kettle with mayo, mustard, tomatoes, and lettuce. Still, you can add a touch of luxury with sliced avocado and crunchy bean sprouts, as suggested by the recipe.

5. Reuben Sandwich

“I’ve avoided Rueben for one primary reason: “Despite my doubts, we decided to try this recipe! This sandwich is delicious and easy to make. I tried the sauerkraut alone first, and it was awful — but all of the ingredients are there for a reason, and they make a delicious combo. Even if you’re a little hesitant, give this dish a try! This is one we’ll make again.” A classic deli sandwich is the Reuben. This sandwich originated in Omaha, Nebraska, where Bernard Schimmel, a food blogger, shared his recipe with the Food Network. He recommends buying high-quality corned beef and not lean. Then, he steams it in the oven. To create a perfect Reuben, use high-quality corned beef and ensure it’s not too fatty.

6. Homemade Italian Beef

Italian beef sandwiches are a savoury, brothy classic, and this recipe is the closest thing you’ll find outside of Chicago. If you prefer a slice of less fatty meat in your sandwich, go for a sirloin tip roast.

7. BLT

The classics never go out of style, as this BLT recipe demonstrates. For the most outstanding results, reviewers suggest using thick-cut, applewood-smoked bacon, although any type would suffice. This sandwich will shine if you use homegrown or in-season tomatoes. BLTs can be eaten any time of the day, and the fried egg boosts protein. Try serving it with a side dish of creamy tomato soup or potato salad. You can also use it as an appetizer! It’s sure to impress your guests. And you won’t regret it! These sandwiches make great lunches for family gatherings. If you have a deli nearby, you’ll be able to sample the best deli sandwich recipes.

8. Muffuletta Sandwich

This iconic New Orleans sandwich is heaven on a loaf, with many types of meat and cheeses stacked between crusty bread. Make the olive salad ahead of time and let it marinate for a few hours for added flavour.

9. Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Cold ham and cheese sandwiches just won’t cut it sometimes. In that case, upgrade to hot ham and cheese by wrapping the sandwiches in foil and letting them slowly steam until they’re tender, hot, and finger-licking delicious.

10. Cobb Sandwich

It’s the hearty salad you love but in sandwich form! Be sure to toast the bread before assembling the sandwich to prevent unwanted fogginess.


How to Make a Cobb Salad Sandwich?

I hope so because this is all about talent! Just joking. Allow me to persuade you to make this Cobb Salad Sandwich. No matter how you stack it, it’ll be spectacular! Begin by buttering one side of each bread slice, placing a piece of cheese on the other, and cooking the buttered side until golden brown over medium heat. Each sandwich will be made with three pieces of cheese-covered bread. Place one piece of toast on a dish, cheese side up. After that, toss in the lettuce, tomato, bacon, and turkey. Then, with the cheese side down, top with another slice of bread. Don’t stop there, though! On the dry side of the bread, spread mayonnaise. Avocado, chicken, and a hard-boiled egg go on top. Finish by placing the third slice of bread, cheese side down, on top. Whew! How did it go for you? As you finish the sandwiches, you have three more opportunities to practice.

How to Make Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches?

In a heated skillet, place one piece of butter-side down, and Swiss cheese and ham go on top. Spread mayonnaise and mustard on the unbuttered side of the second slice of bread, then arrange it butter-side up on top of the sandwich. Cook for 3 minutes per side until the sandwich is golden brown and the cheese has melted.

These sandwiches are so easy to make. I almost feel silly calling it a “recipe,” but I hope you all love them as much as my family does, and I’ll tell you how I like to perfect them at my house!

  • You can use thick or thin ham, depending on your preference. I always order the extremely thinly sliced ham from my local deli. Then I put a few slices of ham on top, followed by a slice of cheese. For a hearty sandwich, I repeat the layers twice.
  • It’s entirely up to you whether or not you toast the buns. Before assembling the sandwiches, I butter them and toast them for about 2 minutes under the broiler. If you like a softer bun, skip the toasting step.
  • You can use whatever type of cheese that your family prefers! Our favourite cheese is mozzarella, although Swiss, cheddar, and Monterey Jack are delicious!
  • The dijonnaise is optional as well. It’s just mayonnaise and spicy or dijon mustard mixed, and it just adds a little extra flavour, which we like.

What Is a Blt?

Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (BLT) is an acronym for Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato. Okay, so we snuck in some avocado, which makes it a BALT, but there’s no going back after you’ve tried this legendary sandwich with avocado. We now offer a BLT Salad and even a Breakfast BLT Sandwich because everyone enjoys the flavour profile of a real BLT. The BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) was one of two sandwiches on the menu: the other was the grilled cheese.

How to Eat Pickled Eggs?

Pickled eggs can be eaten in a variety of ways. You can eat them on their own, as a snack, or make deviled eggs with them. Sliced and served on top of avocado toast or grilled avocado crostini, they’re also remarkable.

Pickled egg salad is, however, my favourite way to eat them. Hard-boiling the eggs, peeling them, and keeping them in a basic pickling solution overnight are required for the recipe. The eggs are then diced and combined with pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, and chives, and that is all there is to it. It’s pretty simple, but the extra step of pickling the eggs adds a tart, unique edge to the salad.

What Kind of Pickles in Egg Salad?

I bought a jar of whole kosher dill pickles for this egg salad with pickles and carefully diced them. This is also what I use to make homemade tartar sauce. You can also use dill pickle spears or baby dill pickles. Try this pickled egg salad with chopped cornichons if you enjoy sweet pickles. You can slice up bread and butter pickles leftover from preparing cheeseburger pizza and use them as pickles in egg salad in a pinch.


For those who love cheese, there are many options for you to try. American cheese and Swiss are popular choices, but Muenster, Gouda, and Provolone can also be used. As for fixings, you can choose from lettuce, tomato, pickles, peppers, and olives. The bread is sliced lengthwise, spread with mayo, and layered with cheese, lettuce, and meat. Once you’ve finished, you’re ready to serve your guests! Another classic deli sandwich is Mike’s Deluxe, which combines ham, turkey, avocado, and cheese. You can also add bacon and slaw to the mix for an extra-special twist.

Once the ingredients are grilled, prepare the bread for the sandwich. It’s best to make the sandwiches on a baking tray or another heat-safe surface. The cheese stays melted, and the bread doesn’t become soggy. Once the sandwich is done, place it on the work surface and wait until it’s slightly warm. Afterward, slice the sandwich into slices and serve it immediately! If you’re looking for an easy cheese sandwich recipe, look no further. We’ve included a full printable recipe below for your convenience.