Best Italian Recipes

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that India adores her pizza, spaghetti, and risottos, even if it means adding our desi tadka to the traditional Italian fare. One of the few international cuisines Indians are fascinated with is Italian food. Most urban Indian households regularly serve Italian cuisine, and most of the time, we turn to portions of pasta, pizzas, and risottos to sate our appetites for a satisfying meal.Best Italian Recipes

When it comes to pasta, you have a wide variety of options, including penne, lasagne, spaghetti, macaroni, tagliatelle, and ravioli. To make a filling dinner, you can toss these pasta dishes with various sauces, herbs, veggies, and meats. Homemade pizza is popular for a quick supper during game nights or for family get-togethers.

Here are Some Best Italian Recipes

Chicken Parmesan

The traditional Italian Sunday meal for the family is chicken parmesan. My youth is brought back to me by this food. I’ve tried to reproduce my mother’s recipe because I believe it to be the greatest. In the video, I demonstrate how to bread the cutlets using the classic technique of flour, egg wash, and seasoned breadcrumbs and how to pound the chicken breasts thin and even for better frying. Please give it a shot!

Italian Meatballs

A great meatball requires skill. It should be evenly tender, beautifully rounded, and flavorful. Making them from home is simple and tastes much better than anything you can buy in a store. Here’s how to consistently create great meatballs. The key to moist, delicate meatballs is a panade, a binder formed by soaking bread crumbs in milk until they become a paste. Fresh bread crumbs work best in this recipe. You may create your own by pounding bread (without the crust) in a food processor. Or, you could rip the bread into teeny-tiny pieces. White or sourdough bread crumbs are what we favor.

Italian Hot Chocolate

Pasta and pizza are only two examples of traditional Italian dishes. After tasting this thick and creamy Italian hot chocolate, you’ll daydream about Italy. Get that idea out of your head if you’re used to sipping hot chocolate straight from a packet. This hot chocolate recipe is delicious and has no resemblance whatsoever to that powder mix. This beverage’s rich flavor comes from real dark chocolate, combined with whole milk and sugar to create a thick and subtly sweet delicacy.


A calzone is a little pizza pocket that is incredibly simple to prepare at home. Full of cheese and other ingredients, a pizza dough crust is baked till golden. Add your favorite toppings and fillings to personalize these! They make excellent portable meals and reheat well for weekday snacks and quick lunches! A calzone is a folded pizza baked in the oven with closed borders to keep everything within! A calzone can contain anything that is used on pizza! One-half of the pizza dough in the shape of a circle is covered with the pizza toppings. The dough is then baked in the oven after being folded, crimped, and covered with an egg wash or a brush of olive oil.

Caprese Chicken

This Caprese chicken is extremely flavorful because of the gooey cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and slightly sweet balsamic sauce. You won’t believe how simple it is to make this dish, even though it appears elegant. Separately saute the chicken until it is well-browned and juicy. Slices of cheese and delicious sun-dried tomatoes should be piled thickly on them. For about ten minutes, bake. Don’t forget to sprinkle some of your balsamic reduction over the meal to finish it off.

Rosemary Mushroom Risotto

This meal is a classic rosemary mushroom risotto that is creamy, abundant, and extremely filling. To me, it sounds good! There are numerous varieties, and one of the more well-liked pairings is peas with mushrooms. Since we don’t include dairy ingredients like cheese or cream in my vegan version, I like to use mustard and miso to offer a full depth of flavor (a trick I learned while working at a restaurant in NYC).

Rosemary is my second secret weapon. This potent plant has a bold, earthy, and intensely savory flavor. It pairs rice and mushrooms perfectly. The creamy rice known as “Arborio” benefits greatly from the mustard’s tang and the miso’s cheesiness. I believe that many are afraid of risotto, but I’m here to show you all that it’s not that bad! In actuality, it’s very easy.

Tuscan Chicken

This Tuscan chicken in a single pan is ideal for those hectic nights. It takes under 30 minutes to prepare and is creamy and tasty. The flavor is not simple, even though the ingredients are. Alfredo sauce, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, Italian seasoning, and cheese make up the sauce. Cook the chicken after it has been browned in the rich sauce so that it may absorb the flavorful ingredients. You can serve it with spaghetti or as a stand-alone dinner; both work well.

Neapolitan Pizza

The authentic Neapolitan pizza may be found in Naples, Italy, where it all began. This meal is the next best thing to a last-minute trip because we can’t take one! Making your dough is essential for creating a real crust. Be not intimidated; it is quite simple. The simplicity of Neapolitan pizza is paramount. Fresh mozzarella and basil will be used to top the simple tomato sauce. Pizza night has been improved!

What is a Classic Italian Meal?

The dinner’s first main entrée is called Primi Piatti. Pasta is nearly often included in this component of traditional Italian meals. Lasagna, gnocchi, risotto, and soups are other choices for the primi course. Avoid overindulging during this portion of dinner because the next course is heavier than the primi Lunch should ideally consist of many dishes, including a primo piattoor first course, such as pasta, gnocchi, or rice, a protein, and vegetables. Typically, lunch is the largest and most filling meal of the day for Italians.Antipasto.

The starter is that. The most well-known is bruschetta, which is toast with a topping on it. Prime dish. The first course is it. Secondo Piatto consists of soup, risotto, or pasta during the winter. Meat or fish is served as the main entrée. Dolce. The dessert is here! There are countless “past abilities” when choosing which primo piatto to indulge in. When dinner finally arrives, you’re utterly starving. As you can see, this course will be slightly lighter than the Secondi Piatti but unquestionably heavier than the first two.

What do Italian Families Eat for Dinner?

The full Italian dinner is a multi-course feast. You begin with antipasti, which are both warm and cold appetizers. The next dish is a “prime,” a soup, risotto, or pasta first course. The next course is “second,” a dish made with beef or fish. Around eight o’clock, Italian homes typically serve pasta, meat, and vegetables for dinner. For that matter, going to dinner or eating is a big deal in Italy. The meal consists of several courses, wine, and a lot of lingering and chit-chatting. Cooking and dining together remain a vital cornerstone of Italian sociability, even though the traditional dynamics that have defined Italian families for generations are changing.

In Italy, Sundays are about spending a long afternoon with loved ones and indulging in delectable cuisine. Here are some of our recipes ideal for Sunday dinner, including real Ragu Alla Bolognese, Lasagna, and beef braciole in a delectable tomato sauce. Three meals a day are part of the normal Italian diet. Pasta, cheese, produce, olive oil, meats, and wine are among the staples of Italian cuisine. Fresh ingredients are very important to Italians. They cook dishes using items that are in season.

What is a Typical Breakfast in Italy?

The typical Italian breakfast, or colazione, is frequently sweet and small for a rapid energy boost before beginning the day. The main breakfast dishes in Italian homes include bread with butter and jam, biscuits, and cereal. Traditional breakfast beverages include coffee, tea, and cocoa milk for the youngsters. Many Italians enjoy having a cornetto with their espresso or cappuccino at their favorite pastry store, in a café, or at the cafeteria right outside their workplace for breakfast. The cornetto is also called a croissant or brioche in Italy.

Italians prefer a quick, sweet, and light breakfast: Don’t forget to taste a cornetto, a delectable breakfast pastry that resembles a croissant but isn’t one: It resembles brioche but is sweeter and frequently contains custard, jam, or Nutella as a filling. It includes one item from a variety of baked products, such as biscuits, cakes, pastries, bread rolls, and rusks, together with a beverage like coffee, milk, or juice. Most Italians enjoy a little drink, but they generally avoid getting wasted. It is viewed as being highly rude. Additionally, it’s inappropriate to use foul language and consume alcohol while going down the street. Public displays of intoxication are far less accepted than in other nations.

What are Italian Cakes Called?

One of the earliest cheesecakes in history is this Sicilian confection. The Latin word causes, which signifies cheese, may have been the source of the name cassata.Napoleonic millefoglie or mille-feuille. This multilayer pastry’s name, thousand leaves, signifies many leaves. The folded puff pastry used in traditional recipes can divide into hundreds of layers after baking. The Napolean is another name for it. In historical descriptions of panettone in Italy, Milan is always cited as the city of origin.

From panettone, a little loaf cake comes the name panettone. Italians have a long history with wedding cakes that dates back to the time of Ancient Rome. In medieval England, people would either have couples kiss over tiers of cake or break bread over the bride’s head as a sign of good fortune. The well-known Italian Christmas cakes panettone and pandoro are consumed throughout December and into January in addition to Christmas Day.


Italian cuisine is among the most popular on the planet, and for a good reason. It is soothing, delectable, and incredibly gratifying. You can satisfy your cravings in the Italian kitchen, whether for a plate of Italian pasta, a slice of Neapolitan pizza, a morsel of creamy chicken, or a bowl of comforting soup. As a result, if you’re wondering how to prepare Italian food at home for dinner, look no further. Our most well-liked and delicious Italian dishes, including pasta, pizza, soup, salad, chicken, beef, appetizers, bread, and more, are shared below.