Best Pancakes Recipes

Pancakes are one of those magical dishes that allow you to enjoy cake for breakfast with ease. As a result, you may believe that a healthy pancake recipe is either an oxymoron or a sad, tasteless trap. We’re here to tell you that making tasty and healthful homemade pancakes is entirely achievable, and you may need to think outside the (pancake) box.


Tips To Make The Perfect Pancake

1. Whisk all dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another. Make a well in the dry ingredients and slowly pour in the wet ones. Only stir until the ingredients are barely moistened. As soon as the gluten on the floor comes into touch with liquid, it grows, and Overmixing causes the gluten to become rigid, resulting in tougher pancakes.

2. The pan must be pretty hot for the pancakes to turn golden. Instead of dumping a tablespoon of butter into the pan, a light layer of butter will suffice. Because of the whey content, unsalted butter does not burn as quickly, and a butter-and-oil mixture is also less likely to burn.

3. A hefty nonstick griddle or well-seasoned cast-iron skillet is suggested for consistent heat distribution.

4. Before pouring the batter onto the pan, heat the skillet or pan over medium heat.

Some Best Pancakes Recipes

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

This is the ideal breakfast on a Sunday morning. On a Sunday morning, nothing beats homemade pancakes. Nope. This recipe for buttermilk pancakes is ideal: Every. Single. Bite is laden with blueberries and isn’t overly sweet. What if you don’t have any buttermilk? With this simple buttermilk recipe, you can make your own. Nothing should get in the way of you getting the most delicate pancakes you’ve ever had.

Copycat IHOP Pancakes

IHOP is the only location on the earth that constantly serves hot, delicious, and visually gorgeous pancakes. Sure, their seasonal variations are fantastic, but we think their original buttermilk, homestyle pancakes are among the best in the world. We set out to make our version, and we believe we came pretty close mainly due to IHOP’s VP of Culinary, Scott Randolph’s ideas and tactics. We thought we’d share some critical pancake tidbits with you so you can remember them while you try to recreate these amazingly fluffy pancakes:


Oreogasm Pancakes

The majority of people eat them for breakfast. Although depending on the toppings (fruit, chocolate, or especially whipped cream), they can also be served as dessert. Breakfast foods are pancakes, which may be both sweet and savory, and as a result, it is now commonly consumed as a dessert and breakfast item.
Crushing Oreos and putting them into a batter creates the perfect indulgent stack of pleasure for this pancake recipe. Top with whipped cream and crushed Oreos, or a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, then drizzled with your favorite syrup.


Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

In the fall and winter, pumpkin pancakes are by far our most popular breakfast. These are tall and fluffy, with all of our favorite fall spices, and these go well with a pumpkin spice coffee, plenty of butter, and toasted pecans.

Adding extra mix-ins to our pancakes is one of our favorite things to do. Dark chocolate chips are our favorite for these pumpkin pancakes, but blueberries are also delicious!

Perfect Pancakes

If you’re looking for the best homemade pancake recipe, look no further! Breakfast could not be more wonderful when served with oven-baked bacon. Here’s how to create consistently great pancakes from scratch:

Fill a measuring cup halfway with flour. Don’t use your measuring cup to scoop the flour, and this causes the cup to be overfilled with flour, resulting in rough pancakes.
Separate the yolks and whites of the eggs. The extra lift from the egg whites gives the batter a boost. In addition, you’ll receive a good arm workout.
Mix the wet and dry ingredients gently. You’ll wind up with a dense short stack if you over-mix, and we prefer that you whisk until only a few little clumps of flour remain.


Cannoli Pancakes

The ultimate decadent but fun pancake recipe is these Cannoli Pancakes. This breakfast cannoli is filled with delicious, creamy cannoli filling, making it feel like you’re starting your day with sweets!
I don’t usually devote much time to breakfast, but I prefer to do it correctly! Breakfasts that are boring and simple don’t appeal to me, and while I enjoy classic pancakes, I’m always on the lookout for fresh and exciting pancake recipes.

These Cannoli Pancakes are my current morning passion and go-to special occasion breakfast or brunch meal. Cannoli Pancakes are a very indulgent breakfast delicacy filled with thick cannoli.

Apple Spiced Pancakes

On a weekend morning, nothing beats a fresh stack of pancakes, and these might be our new favorite. We don’t even need maple syrup when topped with a gooey, cinnamon-scented apple compote.

If you’re looking for something lighter, try our Apple Pancake Dippers, which are mostly fruit!

Pancakes were made. Please share your experiences in the comments section below!

Editor’s note: On July 30, 2021, the recipe’s introduction was revised to offer more information about the dish.

Vegan Pancakes

Vegan pancakes may be fluffy and delicious. And believe us when we say you won’t miss the milk, butter, or eggs. These are the components that make a big difference:

Baking soda and powder, And there’s a lot of it! Your short stack will soar to new heights with the addition of a tablespoon. Almond Milk We keep almond milk in our fridge at all times; we drink it and bake with it frequently. However, if you prefer oat, coconut, or any other non-dairy milk, go ahead and use that!

Coconut Oil is a type of vegetable oil that you’ll use in place of butter. Don’t worry; the coconut flavor is quite subtle (in fact, some people don’t notice it at all!). The coconut oil fat will help tenderize the pancake, giving it the most excellent texture ever. Coconut oil has a more incredible smoking point than butter, making it an even better choice for making pancakes. To put it another way, it won’t burn in the pan!

What’s The Key To Making Delicious, Nutritious Pancakes?

When you think about it, pancakes are pretty versatile and delicious in almost any form. You can add nutrient-dense ingredients (such as quinoa, chia seeds, and almonds) to the pancake mix, top them with fiber-rich fruit or protein-packed nut kinds of butter, and then drizzle them with maple syrup. So, when it comes to preparing a delicious, healthy pancake, it all boils down to personal preference. We’ve compiled a collection including gluten-free and vegan pancake recipes to nutrient-dense variations on the basic buttermilk pancake dish.

What Can You Add To Pancakes To Improve Their Flavour?

Our is a personal choice, but you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this collection of recipes. Lemon zest, vanilla, cinnamon, berries, coconut, and a whole lot more come to mind. Baking powder is also included in several recipes, which adds to the fluffy factor. When in doubt, throw in some chocolate chips.

Is It Necessary To Let The Pancake Batter Rest?

Some of these recipes call for allowing the pancake batter to rest for anywhere from a few minutes to many hours. On the other hand, others urge you to mix the batter and pour it out. So, what exactly is the point of resting pancake batter? According to Kitchn, allowing pancake batter to rest can help the flour soften, and the leavening agent (like baking powder) distribute throughout the batter, resulting in fluffier stacks.


The egg yolks from the egg whites are the most critical step in making fluffy, thick pancakes every time. Place the egg YOLKS in the same bowl as the wet ingredients. Then, in a separate dish, beat the egg WHITES for roughly 3 minutes on medium speed by themselves. Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is produced when lactic acid combines with the bicarbonate in self-raising flour. Gas bubbles are trapped in the batter as the batter cooks, resulting in a fluffy pancake.

The batter should be thick enough to drip rather than run off the spoon, and it should still contain some lumps. If a bit of flour doesn’t help, your baking powder may be the problem. A thick batter is required for fluffy pancakes, as a thin batter will result in thin pancakes. Because thin pancakes aren’t as fluffy as fluffy pancakes, you’ll require a recipe that won’t spread too much on the grill. You might substitute a thicker liquid for the water, such as milk or yogurt.