Best Vegetable Beef Soup Recipes

Vegetable beef soup is a hearty soup that is perfect for chilly weather and a terrific way to use up fridge leftovers. It is absolutely hearty and filling due to the delicate beef chunks, which are high in protein, and the profusion of healthy vegetables.

Additionally, the recipe is adaptable, so feel free to substitute any other vegetables you may have on hand. This soup has such a deep, delectable taste after cooking for an hour on the stovetop, and the beef is so delectably soft. Although you can prepare this soup year-round, it is especially good in the fall and winter when you have a lot of vegetables to use up.


They are really tasty and contain a lot of vegetables and tender beef. An excellent technique to make a light dish seem incredibly meaty is to add beef to it. A filling vegetable beef soup with tender beef, potatoes, and vegetables stewed in a flavorful broth laced with herbs. You’ll adore how the broth in this recipe for beef soup has been gently thickened so that it resembles gravy and has additional flavor from a hidden ingredient.

Best Vegetable Beef Soup Recipes

Vegetable and beef soups are drab and watery. The broth is what makes this beef soup dish unique from others. It’s more akin to thin gravy now that it’s been somewhat thickened. Herb flavoring is added, and the secret ingredient—red wine—adds even more flavor depth. moreover, stout or beer. It’s not about boozing up our soup! Without cooking for hours on end as we do with beef stew and pot roast, the goal is to give the soup broth flavor more richness and character. The broth still tastes fantastic even without the wine. It’s fantastic when paired with wine! (And as far as you’re concerned, the alcohol cooks out, leaving only flavor.)

1. Soup with Beef and Macaroni

Beef and macaroni are a great combination. (Well, admittedly cheese takes the top slot.) However, this veggie-rich beef and macaroni soup are inexpensive, suitable for families, and delicious. To enhance texture and taste and reduce costs, add a bag of frozen vegetables at the end of cooking.

2. Soup with Corned Beef and Cabbage

If I could, I would eat corned beef for every meal, and if you still have some St. Patrick’s Day leftovers, this soup is a fantastic way to use them up. The carrots and cabbage lend a sense of harmony, and it strikes the ideal mix between salty and savory. You don’t even need stock because the corned beef’s taste is so strong. Even though this soup is ideal for using up leftover corned meat, if you prepare this dish, you can enjoy a substantial bowl of vegetables with some meat.

3. Albondigas Soup

Albondigas, which is Spanish for “meatball,” is a sophisticated Mexican meatball soup. It resembles Italian wedding soup but has a spicy touch from using traditional Mexican spices. You’ll add vegetables that simmer in delectable chicken stock, such as potatoes, tomatoes, and zucchini. Add some hot chilis for more heat. Add some fresh lime juice to the dish to amplify the taste.

4. Simple Hamburger Soup

This hamburger soup combines summer barbecue flavors with comforting ingredients. The dish sings with rich beef brothy flavor and includes robust veggies like corn, potatoes, and green beans. The first step in making a great hamburger soup is to brown the ground beef. It gains texture and a surge of meaty taste as a result. Cook it for around 20 minutes after adding it to the pot of boiling vegetables. It is very quick and simple, making it ideal for a busy weeknight.

5. Beef and Barley Soup

It’s time to take your Crockpot out of the cabinets if it isn’t already in use at least three times per week. And a great place to start is with this recipe. The meat will be browned before being added to the slow cooker along with tomatoes, stock, and plenty of seasonings. Cook for eight hours on low heat, then bang. The meal is ready. My favorite vegetables are slow-cooked with tender beef in a flavorful broth to create a filling soup that is ideal for the onset of winter. You wouldn’t believe how good Beef and Barley Soup could taste!

6. Beef and Vegetable Soup

Browned beef, root vegetables, and flavorful Italian seasoning are all components of this warming vegetable beef soup. Replace fresh vegetables with frozen ones to save money. Make sure to only include them at the very end. They’ll heat up in this manner instead of melting into mush. Take a second helping because this soup is affordable and filled with nutrients.

7. Cowboy Soup from Texas

This soup has elements of vegetable soup, chile, and cowboy culture. It features a base of beef broth, which is light and filling and is enhanced by a generous portion of bacon. With the addition of cumin and chili powder, along with a hint of smokiness from the bacon, it acquires its distinctive kick.

With substantial root veggies and an additional serving of protein from the beans, it is ridiculously satisfying. It comes together quickly and cooks all day long at a low temperature. It’s a terrific way to feed a lot of cowboys who are ravenous.

8. Oxtail Soup

The ultimate comfort food is oxtail soup, which you never realized you needed. The flavorful broth is easy to make and has a lot of flavors. Oxtail is also perfect for creating broth because it has less meat. The soup gains an amazing flavor from the bone marrow that is infused into it. Oxtail is surprisingly pricey, which should be noted. Despite not being a very expensive cut of beef, because of its popularity, it is a little more expensive.

How do I Make Ground Beef?

This recipe is so adaptable. Even the beef stew meat might be swapped out for ground beef in this recipe. However, if you choose that approach, you won’t need to simmer for as long, so skip the initial 30 minutes of boiling and go straight to adding the potatoes. Without using a meat grinder, there are two methods for preparing ground beef: the food processor.

Using a food processor, you may grind your own burger meat, but first, you must cube the beef and freeze it for 15 to 30 minutes. Next, pulse the meat until it is finely minced, taking care to pulse it in groups of two or three. If chuck roasts are on sale, you might also use those instead of beef stew meat.

Sharp blades and ridges on a grinder enable it to slice through dense foods for tasks like chopping and shredding. Thankfully, a blender can grind meat provided it is used properly and is carefully observed. Just be careful not to over-blend it or it will become liquid.

Meat cubes should only be placed in the food processor up to halfway (leave the rest of the meat in the freezer). 8 to 10 1-second pulses with the cover on and the meat in the bowl. When pinched, the flesh should remain together and appear coarsely ground. If required, re-grind On the baking sheet, spread the ground beef out.

What’s in Vegetable Beef Soup?

Ground beef, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, corn, carrots, and green beans are all mixed together in this traditional soup’s savory broth. We used a frozen vegetable blend to simplify the preparation of this soup by reducing the amount of peeling and chopping required.

As a result, this vegetable beef soup is extremely quick and simple. We’ve added a generous amount of Italian seasoning and some Worcestershire sauce to the broth to deepen the taste of this veggie beef soup. For the most flavor, use a beef broth that is fully seasoned. Better Than Bouillon is my go-to ingredient for creating tasty soup broth.

Because it was the least expensive and most convenient to use, we used ground beef in my vegetable beef soup. If you use ground beef with higher fat content, you can choose to drain the fat after browning or leave it in for more flavor and richness.

Is Vegetable Beef Soup Healthy?

Soup may be a very healthy dish with many nutritional advantages when made with the appropriate components. Soups produced with bone, vegetable, or meat broths, for instance, include vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like collagen. Although beef is a good source of protein and other nutrients, it is also heavy in saturated fats and cholesterol, which can lead to fatty deposits in the blood.

Although it should be consumed in moderation, beef may be a nutritious component of your diet. Try to keep your weekly servings of red meat to 1 to 2 portions, or 6 ounces or fewer. It is advised to keep your weekly intake of red meat to no more than 3 ounces if you have heart disease or high cholesterol.

One of the most widely consumed meats is beef. It contains a remarkable amount of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein. As a result, it might enhance both workout performance and muscle growth and maintenance. It may lower your risk of anemia because it is a good source of iron.

Due to the high levels of protein and other important elements, eating a small, lean cut of red meat a few times a week can be very nourishing and helpful for weight loss. A fulfilling, heart-healthy lifestyle includes beef. 10 key minerals, including protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, are naturally present in all cattle. According to research, eating lean beef as part of a heart-healthy diet and exercising can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight.

How can We Improve the Flavor of Beef Soup?

The meat to sear or brown: Sear or brown the meat in a sauté pan before adding it to the soup if you are adding it. The entire soup gains a richer savory flavor as a result. When floating in a brothy soup, certain foods, like chicken and sausage, can occasionally become bland and rubbery. This approach is very helpful for such foods. Your dull beef vegetable soup needs some spice! Herbs such as parsley, basil, basil powder, onion powder, and garlic powder can all improve the flavor of homemade beef soup.

Instead of adding salt to a soup that seems bland in the bowl, try adding acid. Brighten the bowl with a squeeze of lemon or lime, some yogurt, or sour cream. The veggies in your base stock, such as onions, celery, carrots, and garlic, can be sautéed to add depth of flavor before they are added to the soup while it simmers. Insufficient broth evaporation might result in a tasteless soup when too much water is added.


Making soups from scratch is simple, and the flavor is always far superior to canned soup from the store. A good illustration is this veggie beef soup. It is loaded with vibrant vegetables, hearty ground beef, and the best broth ever. Lunch is ready when you serve it with some tasty crusty bread for dipping! If money isn’t an issue and you prefer to have beef chunks in your soup, go with a chuck roast or bottom round roast, sliced into 1-inch pieces. Before putting the other ingredients in, just brown the beef in the pot. It doesn’t need to be fully cooked during the browning process because it will be done when the soup simmers.