Blueberry Lavender Vitamin Water Slurpe Lite Nutrition Facts

The blueberry lavender vitamin water slurpe light is the newest addition to 7-Eleven’s healthy beverage lineup. This new taste is naturally flavored with blueberries and lavender and has only ten calories per bottle, and it comes in a variety of tastes, such as raspberry and grape. The new beverage is high in antioxidants and has a low-calorie count. To know blueberry lavender vitamin water slurpe lite nutrition facts, read further.

7-Eleven’s newest flavor is a blueberry-lavender vitamin water Slurpee. It contains no sugar and only ten calories per bottle. Floral and botanical flavors are on the list of 2019 food trends. Adding florals and other botanicals to berries is a specific method to appeal to millennials trying to reduce their sugar consumption.

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The Blueberry Lavender vitamin water Slurpee lite is 7-Eleven’s newest flavor. The blueberry-lavender Slurpee lite is a good option for those who don’t want to consume too much sugar. It is also sugar-free, which adds to its health benefits. The blueberry lavender Slurpee lite is an excellent option for those who don’t want to worry about their drinks having too many calories.

Slurpee light contains less sugar and is supplemented with B3 and B12 vitamins. It is, however, a calorie-free beverage that might be an excellent choice for those looking to stay healthy and active. A light Slurpee is an excellent substitute for flavored soda.

Blueberry Lavender Vitamin Water Slurpe Lite Nutrition Facts

Blueberry Lavender is a new flavor from 7-Eleven’s “Fire and Ice” campaign. Spicy Watermelon-Lime is featured on the Fireside, which comes in a low-calorie 20-ounce portion. Both drinks are available at 7-Eleven outlets that participate. The corporation, situated in Irving, Texas, has over 68,000 sites in 17 countries. Its recent development into other culinary categories, such as chicken wings, side dishes, and hot chicken sandwiches, has enhanced its appeal.

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What is the Flavor of Blueberry Lavender Vitamin Water?

While we were expecting a spicy drink, it was pretty mild and tasted essentially like a melon. Fruit chaat, an Indian fruit salad served with sweet and spicy chaat masala sauce, was even compared to it by one editor. It was nice to have a cool blueberry lavender ice, and I couldn’t tell whether there was any lavender in it, and it was more of a refreshing mint blueberry flavor. I’d only recommend this to people who have a strong stomach because otherwise, you’ll be sick for hours Sweet, flowery, and flavorful. Blueberry lavender, a super-hit flavor from our cocktail catering summer of 2018, reflects the freshness of Washington estate-grown produce with a deep and unique flavor that has you coming back for more.

Is There Caffeine in Vitamin Water Cool Blueberry Lavender?

Each 591ml bottle of Vitaminwater energy contains 50mg of caffeine. To put it in perspective, depending on the preparation method, that’s a fraction of the caffeine in the same amount of coffee Vitaminwater Energy also provides vitamins C, B5, B6, B12, and electrolytes in addition to caffeine. VitaminWater zero sugar (sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol) is also available. However, this (and other varieties) are caffeine-free Per bottle, there is no sugar and only four carbs, but there are enough potassium and B vitamins. There is no caffeine in this product. The following is a good rule of thumb: Caffeine content in a 12-ounce soft drink is 30 to 40 mg, and the caffeine content in an 8-ounce green or black teacup is 30 to 50 mg.

Is Vitamin Water Healthy?

It is touted as nutritious since it contains extra vitamins and minerals. However, some Vitaminwater brands contain additional sugar, which can be harmful if drank in large quantities. Furthermore, only a tiny percentage of the population is deficient in the nutrients supplied to Vitaminwater The Energize -C flavor of Vitaminwater, according to Vitaminwater’s website, provides “zinc and vitamin C to power your immune system,” as well as “antioxidant vitamins to help combat free radicals and support your body.” And so forth, Defense, concentration, balance, necessary, energy, and relaxation are just a few of the flavors available in Vitaminwater. Gatorade and Vitaminwater now solely differ in sodium content, which Gatorade has maintained for years.Vitaminwater Zero Sugar Ice, Ice Cool Blueberry-Lavender Flavored, Electrolyte Enhanced Bottled Water with Vitamin


Is Vitamin Water Preferable to Plain Water?

Even if you don’t expect much from your water, switching to vitamin and mineral-infused water instead of plain water may be a terrible decision. Many enhanced glasses of water include sugar, frequently in the same amount as a sugar-sweetened soda. If you like vitamin water zero, there’s no harm in drinking it once in a while. It can also help you stay hydrated, but it isn’t a water replacement. The best thing you can give your body is water Vitaminwater appears to be healthful and hydrating at first glance. Even the names of the various flavors may make you feel better about yourself. Who doesn’t like the sound of Energy, Renewal, or Essential, our personal favorite? However, it isn’t very “essential Toddlers require the nutrients calcium and protein found in milk. 

Can kids Drink Vitamin Water?

Vitamin drinks may appear to be a quick approach to supplement a child’s nutrition. However, children should obtain these nutrients through nutritious meals and snacks. Furthermore, these drinks may contain excessive specific vitamins and minerals, especially if children already take a regular multivitamin. Is there anything to worry about with these drinks if you’re a kid? A. The bottom line: Vitamin water is a waste of money. Serving your child plain bottled water and allowing her to acquire vitamins from nutritious foods and a daily multivitamin is a preferable option. One-year-olds no longer need to drink formula and can now drink whole milk. Some toddlers refuse to drink milk; don’t force it if this is your child’s situation.

Can Vitamin Water Be Left Open For a Long Time?

When stored properly, unopened vitamin water will keep its best quality for about 6-9 months at room temperature. However, it will usually be safe to drink after that Vitamin water that has been kept refrigerated for a long time will preserve its finest quality for 3 to 5 days after it has been opened While it is unlikely that you may become ill from drinking expired vitamin water, the product’s quality may deteriorate with time. Although vitamin water is safe to drink, its taste and appearance may alter. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the odor of your bottled water may also alter. We recommend storing unsealed items in the refrigerator for maximum freshness. Please use it within three days of opening it.

13 blueberry lavender vitamin water slurped lite flavor components in 8-ounce containers. It’s high in vitamin C and B12 while being low in sugar, and it also has a lot of fiber. The Lite taste is naturally flavored and has no added sugar, and it’s a sugar-free Slurpee substitute. It contains a lot of fiber and only ten calories per bottle.

Blueberry lavender vitamin water slurped lite flavor components in 8-ounce bottles. It is low in sugar and high in vitamin C and B12, and it’s high in fiber. However, these nutrients can also be obtained from other sources. The Lite taste is naturally flavored and free of sugar, and it’s a low-sugar Slurpee substitute. It has a lot of fiber and only 20 calories per eight-ounce meal.


Glaceau’s new blueberry lavender vitamin water slurpe is the newest addition to the renowned Slurpee line. The popular beverage is sugar-free and contains only ten calories per bottle. The bottled version is also a good option for those watching their weight. While the bottled variety has fewer calories, it still has a high sodium content. This new flavor has less sodium and fat than a conventional Slurpee.

Blueberry lavender is another popular taste. This non-carbonated taste is offered at 7-Eleven locations that participate. It is low in calories and sugar, with only ten calories per bottle. The beverage is a healthy option for those who want to avoid high-calorie, high-sugar foods. One of the most popular flavors in the category is the Blueberry lavender vitamin water slurped light.