Dannon Activia Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt Nutrition Facts

If you’re looking for a low-calorie snack with a high concentration of probiotics, Dannon Activia Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt is an excellent choice. This product only contains 60 calories and 0 grams of added sugar, and its billions of live probiotics will help ease any minor digestive discomfort. These friendly bacteria are also found in other healthy foods, including Whole Foods and Dr. Jart.

Activia Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt,


Cultured Grade A Nonfat Milk is used to make this delicious dairy treat. The other ingredients include natural vanilla flavor, modified food starch, less than 1% acacia gum, and sucrose. In addition, this product contains a few artificial flavors and colors, including acesulfame-potassium, malic acid, and sucralose. This yogurt is low in fat and contains less than one-half of a gram of sugar per serving.

Dannon Activia Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt Nutrition Facts

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Some Points that Describe the Nutrition Fact of Dannon Activia Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt

1-Cultured Grade A Nonfat Milk contains water, modified food starch, and acacia gum. It also contains malic acid and sucralose. It is naturally flavored with vanilla but does contain sugar-containing ingredients. The nutritional facts for Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt are listed below. You should always check the labels for ingredients before you buy them. Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt is not for you if you’re worried about getting high cholesterol or diabetes.

2-Cultured Grade A Nonfat Milk is used in Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt, and it also contains less than 1% acacia gum and natural vanilla flavor. Other ingredients include natural vanilla flavor, malic acid, and sucralose. These ingredients are necessary for achieving optimal nutrition. Ensure that you read the labels carefully. These ingredients can cause your yogurt to contain unnecessary sugar.

3-Cultured Grade A Nonfat Milk is used to making Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt. Other ingredients include water, modified food starch, inulin, malic acid, and natural vanilla flavor. The ingredients listed on the label are listed in the order they were in production. The cultured Grade A Nonfat Milk contained less than 1% acacia gum.

4-Besides milk, Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt contains sugar. Its ingredients include water, modified cornstarch, and acacia gum. It also contains sucralose, malic acid, and acesulfame potassium. Some other ingredients are listed below. You can view the ingredients in Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt and find them by reading the label.

5-In addition to milk, Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt contains other ingredients, such as cultured Grade A nonfat milk. These are modified corn starch, water, and inulin, which give the yogurt a creamy texture. In addition to milk, it also contains inulin and malic acid. This is a delicious and healthy option, and you’ll love the rich vanilla flavor.

Dannon Activia Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt

Each case contains 24 servings of Activia Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt. Activia Vanilla is a beautiful, creamy beverage that will brighten your day.

This low-fat yogurt, made with our particular probiotic yogurt culture, Bifidus Regularis (Bifidobacterium lactis DN 173 010), will please both your taste buds and your tummy by aiding in the regulation of your digestive system.

Try it with breakfast, as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or as a late-night indulgence.

Due to the perishable nature of refrigerator-based items and their short shelf life (some of which might be as little as two weeks from the date of purchase), if you are ordering in bulk or are otherwise worried about expiration dates, consider purchasing a frozen product.

Once an order has been finalized, it cannot be canceled because it will be shipped chilled.

Dannon Activia Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt


How Many Products are Available in Activia Yogurt?

Activia yogurt products are available in a wide range of flavors. Activia Fruit comes in mixed berries, black cherry, mango, and strawberry. It comes in blended fruit flavors such as strawberry-raspberry pineapple-coconut and peach-mango, which are among the yogurts offered by the company.

Activia also provides a range of fiber-rich yogurts called Activia Fiber, made from a blend of fruits and grains and nonfat Greek yogurt, lactose-free yogurt, and light yogurts low in fat and sugar. Every Activia product, regardless of its variety, contains some form of fruit or flavor; there are no pure yogurt products available from the company. Activia also offers a variety of yogurt-based beverages high in prebiotics and probiotics.

Probiotics are considered to be present in all Activia products. In other words, they contain beneficial bacteria that can help improve your gastrointestinal system’s overall health. All yogurts contain bacteria because they are fermented milk products; for example, they contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Probiotic yogurts include an increased amount of live and active cultures.


How Healthy is Activia Vanilla Yogurt?

Because they are low-fat or nonfat probiotic yogurts, Activia yogurt products are considered healthy alternatives to other yogurt brands. Activia yogurt products include billions of the proprietary probiotic culture Bifidobacterium animalis lactis, found in various dairy products.

Probiotics are live, friendly bacteria that provide health advantages beyond essential nutrients when ingested appropriately. Activia is a beautiful probiotic yogurt with a lactic acid bacteria culture.

After two weeks of eating four oz. of Dannon Activia with the probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis DN-173 010 every day, 126 Chinese women with constipation had an average of around one more bowel movement per week than those who ate a placebo yogurt. According to the researchers, they also reported a “better consistency of their stool.”


Cultured Grade A Nonfat Milk comprises water and less than 1% acacia gum. Other ingredients include inulin and natural vanilla flavor. The ingredient list of Dannon Activia Vanilla yogurt is quite comprehensive. These yogurts are rich in protein and are low-fat, making them an excellent option for people with diabetes. They are also low-calorie and high-fat.

Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt is a nonfat yogurt made with Cultured Grade A Nonfat milk. Its ingredients include water, modified corn starch, and acacia gum, and its flavoring agents include malic acid, xanthan gum, and sucralose. Inulin and acacia gum are good sources of dietary fiber.