How To Cook Chicken Drumsticks In The Oven?

Whether you prefer them roasted or grilled, cooking chicken drumsticks in the oven is a simple process. Before baking, make sure to wipe them dry with a clean kitchen towel. Then, apply a spice rub to the drumsticks that should include paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, parsley, pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper. Bake the drumsticks for about 25 minutes. Once baked, flip them over once to get a caramelized color and cook through.


Chicken Nutrition Facts

chicken nutrition facts

Chicken Drumsticks

A chicken leg is made up of the entire leg of the chicken, from the claw to the animal’s hip. It comes in two parts: the drumstick and the thigh, which can be joined or cut apart (a leg quarter). This region of the bird, like the wing, gets a lot of exercises compared to other muscles, which is why the meat on chicken legs is darker. This also means a little more fat, which enhances the flavor and juiciness of the leg. Because of their considerable fat, chicken legs are difficult to overcook. The entire leg is the juiciest part of the bird, making it ideal for everything from smoking and barbecuing to braising, roasting, and slicing for stir-fries.

How To Cook Chicken Drumsticks In The Oven?

Mix the seasoning paste and cayenne pepper before placing the drumsticks on the baking sheet. Combine all the ingredients and set them aside. Then, arrange the drumsticks in a single layer on the baking sheet. Once the chicken is coated, lightly brush the chicken with the paste. It is essential to avoid overlapping the drumsticks. When cooking chicken drumsticks in the oven, be sure to check for internal temperature.

After the drumsticks are coated with the spice rub, place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and they should not touch one another. Once placed on the sheet, bake the drumsticks in the oven for 20 minutes and then for 30 minutes at 200C. Allow them to rest for a few minutes before serving. Once roasted, they should be juicy and tender.

After preparing the seasoning mixture, put the drumsticks on the baking sheet. Cover the drumsticks with the paste. Then, please place them in one layer on the baking sheet. Spread the seasoning paste evenly over the chicken. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper if you are not a fan of spicy food. Ensure that the chicken is fully cooked and the meat juices are clear.

Helpful Tips For The Best Baked Chicken Legs

  • Ensure the marinade is well-seasoned with salt; we’ll be using several pounds, so there will be plenty. There won’t be much of the sauce leftover.
  • If you have a dark baking sheet, use it to encourage browning. Roast one level higher than the middle.
  • Still, because every oven is a bit different, if they haven’t browned to your liking by the end, broil them for a few minutes, keeping a close eye on them.
  • To acquire more meat, I recommend using more enormous chicken drumsticks. Using larger ones will also allow for extra baking and browning time.
  • Hold the remaining marinade if you want crispy skin; if you want even more taste, use the additional marinade (not the marinade from the bag, which can make you sick!).
  • To make sure the legs are cooked through, check the temperature in the center near the thickest portion’s bone.
  • Soak the pan in water for easy clean-up.

How Is Healthy Eating Chicken Drumsticks?

chicken drumstick

How you cook chicken drumsticks has a significant impact on their nutritional value. Drumsticks that have been breaded and fried have much more fat and cholesterol than drumsticks that have been roasted. The nutrient profile of the drumstick is further improved by removing the skin before eating it. Chicken drumsticks are an excellent source of protein, vital amino acids, and various vitamins and minerals.


A 105-gram skin-on roasted chicken drumstick includes 195 calories, 16% of the daily intake of fat, 14% of the recommended value of saturated fat, 5% of the daily value of salt, and no fiber or carbs.


Chicken drumsticks provide 47 percent of the daily protein value in the same meal. Protein is broken down into amino acids by your body when it is metabolized. Your body can generate 12 of the 21 amino acids required to function correctly. The remaining nine amino acids, known as essential amino acids, must be obtained through diet. During prenatal, childhood, and adolescence, essential amino acids play critical roles in cell synthesis and repair, metabolism, and appropriate growth and development. Five of the essential amino acids are abundant in chicken drumsticks, while the other four are in lower proportions.


Chicken drumsticks contain 45 percent of the daily value (DV) of cholesterol in a 105-gram meal. While your body needs cholesterol to make cell membranes and certain hormones, your liver produces all the cholesterol you require. Atherosclerosis, or artery hardening, has been linked to a high dietary cholesterol intake. In the United States, atherosclerosis is associated with 75 percent of cardiac-related deaths, and 80 to 90 percent of those over 30 have indications of the disease. Atherosclerosis can also cause chest pain and raise your stroke risk.


A serving of roasted chicken drumsticks contains 40% of the recommended dietary intake for niacin for adult females and 35% of the RDA for adult males. Niacin aids in the digestion of meals and maintaining a healthy appetite, skin, and nerve cells. A serving of vitamin B-6 provides 31% of the adult RDA. Vitamin B-6 is required for protein metabolism, absorption, and the synthesis of red blood cells. It also aids your body’s fat utilization. A drumstick also contains 23% of the RDA for pantothenic acid for adults. Pantothenic acid is a B vitamin that aids in generating energy and some hormones.


The adult RDA for selenium is 49 percent in just 105 grams of roasted chicken drumsticks. Selenium is a dietary mineral that your body requires in minor amounts yet plays a critical function in your health. When selenium is metabolized, it interacts with protein to form selenoproteins, potent antioxidants by mending the cellular damage caused by free radicals, antioxidants aid in preventing heart disease and cancer. Selenium is also necessary for a healthy thyroid and immunological system. A roasted chicken drumstick also provides 30 percent of the zinc RDA for adult females and 21% for adult males. Protein and DNA synthesis, immunological function, wound healing, cell division, and your sensations of taste and smell all require zinc. It also aids in the growth and development of fetuses, children, and adolescents.


After preparing the chicken, it’s time to prepare the seasoning paste. It is essential to make sure that the drumsticks are fully cooked. To do this, place them in a single layer on a baking sheet and brush them with it. You can sprinkle the seasoning paste with salt, black pepper, onion & garlic powder. Using a brush, you can easily remove the excess seasoning.