How to Cook Chicken for Quesadillas?

Quesadillas are small cheese-filled pastries that have been around since the 16th century in northern and central Mexico. We used corn tortillas to wrap cheese and seasonings. The quesadilla recipe has changed through time to now incorporate flour tortillas and a variety of fillings. Not your normal Chicken Quesadilla, this one. This one has colorful greens, lots of fresh taste, and a gooey cheese bite! Incredible Chicken Quesadillas contain a tonne of melty cheese, juicy chicken, peppers, onions, and garlic. They are a quick and wholesome idea that is ideal for busy weeknights.

We adore chicken quesadillas at our house, that much is certain. Of course, We adore them not only for their incredible flavor but also for their ease of preparation. They are wonderful and we can put them together in a matter of minutes. We have to admit that we prefer my handmade quesadillas over the takeout ones we occasionally get from fast food joints. The ones from fast food restaurants are good and, of course, require little work, but they lack flavor. Additionally, it’s unknown what unhealthful compounds may be included in them. You can feel good about serving your family these chicken quesadillas.

Here’s a Guide on Cooking Chicken for Quesadillas

Ingredients for Making Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken thighs: Make the chicken into bite-sized pieces by chopping. This will hasten its cooking process and give it the perfect texture for quesadillas.

• Oil: You can use whatever type of oil you like, including vegetable oil, avocado oil, and olive oil.

• Bell pepper, diced: Choose any color you desire. Green peppers are usually spicier than red peppers. If you wish, try a variety.

• Diced onion: We adore how onions enhance the flavor of homemade quesadillas.

• Jalapeno: While you are free to skip this ingredient, we prefer ours with a hint of heat. If you want them to be hot, chop them up and add them.

• Garlic: Grate some garlic and mix it in with the chicken quesadillas. You’ll probably enjoy the flavor it adds as much as I do.

• Taco seasoning: The taco seasoning adds a tonne of flavor to the simple quesadillas.

• Shredded cheese: For the best results, use your preferred cheese that melts smoothly. Cheddar cheese works well, but any type would do.

• Medium flour tortillas: Using a flour tortilla is the key to making the perfect quesadilla. When you bite into them, they have a great crunch from the way they were cooked.

Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

  • If they haven’t already, quesadillas are going to establish themselves as a new family favorite. You don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking these, yet they are crowd-pleasers!
  • The chicken should first be chopped into bite-sized pieces. In a large, heavy pan, warm the oil over medium-high heat. Add the chicken chunks and taco seasoning once the oil is heated. The scent is wonderful!
  • Sprinkle the onions, peppers, and garlic into the pan after the chicken has been sauteed for 5 minutes. Ingredients should be taken out of the pan.
  • A flour tortilla should be placed in the pan after adding 1/2 teaspoon of oil. 1/4 of the chicken and vegetable combination is then sprinkled on top along with some cheese. More cheese may be added before folding the tortilla in half.
  • Remove from the pan after each side is crisp after cooking. Till all four quesadillas are done, repeat the steps.
  • To serve with sour cream, salsa, guacamole, or dipping sauce, cut the chicken quesadillas in half or even thirds.


1. Separate the chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces. In a sizable, heavy-duty pan, heat the oil to medium-high heat. Add the taco seasoning and chicken breasts to the pan. Add the bell pepper, onion, and garlic after 4–5 minutes of sautéing, and cook for a further 5 minutes, or until the chicken is thoroughly cooked. The mixture should be taken out and left aside.
2. Add a tortilla, a half-teaspoon of oil, a handful of cheese grated, 1/4 of the chicken mixture, and additional cheese to the same pan. The tortilla should be folded and cooked until crispy and brown on both sides. Repeat with the remaining tortillas after removing them from the pan.
3. Cut the tortillas in half or thirds and serve them with sour cream, salsa, guacamole, or your other dipping sauce.

How to Prepare Quesadillas with Chicken Leftovers?

The leftover chicken can easily be used in place of the raw chicken. The peppers and onions must be sauteed for 3–4 minutes. After that, thoroughly blend the chicken with the taco spice. After then, take the materials out of the pan and carry out the instructions.

Chicken Quesadillas Prepared Ahead of Time

  • When you are preparing your meals or having a big party, chicken quesadillas are fantastic. Here are some wonderful prepare-ahead recipes to keep your chicken quesadillas on hand.
  • Make a big batch of chicken quesadillas as part of your supper preparation. As you come close to serving, cook them by stacking them together in an airtight container.
  • Quesadillas should be kept warm by preheating the oven to 200°F and setting them on a wire rack pan. To keep them from drying out, make sure to lightly wrap the top with foil.

What Sorts of Dipping Sauces are Available?

These quesadillas go well with a variety of dipping sauces. Listed here are some of our favorites:

Do Quesadillas Made in the Oven?

You can actually make quesadillas in the oven if you’re making a lot of them and don’t want to stand over the stove. Set the oven’s temperature to 450. On a baking sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray, put the quesadillas together. Lay the flour tortilla down to accomplish this. After that, add cheese, stuffing, and yet more cheese. Atop that, place the second tortilla. Once the tortilla is golden and the cheese is melted, bake the quesadillas for about 10 minutes. The amount of stuffing you have will determine how long it takes to cook.

Can you have a Healthy Quesadilla?

Due to the fact that restaurant versions frequently contain excessive amounts of cheese and are slathered in sour cream, quesadillas have a negative reputation when it comes to healthy eating and dieting. Nevertheless, if you choose wisely for the filling, quesadillas can be a balanced and healthy option. We prefer to start by selecting a healthy tortilla to use for this healthy chicken quesadilla. As a rule, we seek out whole grain or sprouted grain tortillas, and when looking for a low-calorie choice, We choose low-carb tortillas.
Limiting the amount of cheese you use is crucial when using cheese.

Cheese provides calcium, protein, and other nutrients, so it’s not all terrible. Just be careful not to overdo it. In terms of fillings, you should seek out wholesome fillings made of veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains or legumes. We used black beans, tomatoes, and corn to create a filling that is flavorful and healthful for this quesadilla. Almost anything may be used to fill a quesadilla; just make an effort to pick healthy options.

What Ingredients are in Chicken Quesadillas to Add Flavor?

Bacon bits, Cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and the chicken and vegetable mixture are layered on one half of each tortilla. Place the folded tortillas on a baking pan. For about 10 minutes, bake quesadillas in a preheated oven until the cheese has melted. Serve each quesadilla by cutting it into four wedges After combining the chicken filling with the taco seasoning, place it on one half of the tortilla. Ensure the cheese is melted and the tortilla has melted.

Then, use a spatula to fold the tortilla and cook it on a grill. Once the tortilla is cooked, turn it over and allow it to cool. It should be done in about two minutes. This is just the beginning of the possibilities. Per quesadilla, you’ll need between 14 and 12 cups total of filling components. Add your preferred seasonings, such as cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, or red pepper flakes, and top with a dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt. Mediterranean: Fill your quesadilla with feta cheese crumbles, mozzarella cheese, chopped spinach, red onions, Kalamata olives, and red pepper flakes.

Are Quesadillas Bad for you?

Additionally, quesadillas are widely regarded as unhealthy. But not even they must be that way. Eboli suggested that you might make your lunch more nutrient-dense by choosing a plant-based cheese alternative, using less cheese, or switching from a tortilla to a sprouted rice wrap. Quesadillas have a terrible record for healthy eating and dieting because restaurant versions are typically laden with cheese and sour cream. On the other hand, Quesadillas can be a healthy and well-rounded alternative if you choose wisely when it comes to filling. We prefer to start by picking a nutritious tortilla for this healthy chicken quesadilla.

We usually search for a whole grain or sprouted grain tortilla, and We prefer a low-carb tortilla for a low-calorie alternative. The most important thing to remember when it comes to cheese is to use as little as possible. Cheese provides protein, calcium, and other nutrients, so it’s not terrible, and it’s just a matter of not going overboard. When filling, seek nutritious options like veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains/legumes.

Which Cheese is Better for Quesadillas?

Cheddar (mild or sharp), mozzarella, feta, blue cheese, provolone, Gouda, Fontina, Monterey Jack (regular or spicy), muenster, brie, or whatever cheese you have on hand. Try several different combinations, and if you’re using strong-flavored cheese, add a little cream cheese, mozzarella, or milder cheese to balance the flavor.

Can you Freeze Quesadillas?

Because quesadillas store well, they’re ideal for dinner planning. Cook the quesadillas first and then let them cool completely before freezing. Then set them on a baking sheet and freeze them for about 2 hours, uncovered. Then take them out of the freezer and put them in a freezer-safe bag or container. You can individually wrap them in plastic wrap and keep them in a large bag. There are three ways to reheat your food. Warm them in the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes, or until thoroughly heated. Reheat them in the oven or a skillet for a crispier result. In a 400°F oven, they will take 15-20 minutes. They rake for 3-4 minutes per side in a skillet.


Yes, yes, quesadillas are quesadillas, you may be saying. Who requires a recipe? But We can assure you that this recipe for chicken quesadillas is the greatest there is. It elevates bland, dry, and uninspired quesadillas to the cuisine of the highest caliber. Additionally, you and your soft-pant-clad self may dance around your kitchen like a rock star knowing that these insanely delicious HOMEMADE quesadillas come with a considerably lower social profile price (and that they are unquestionably cheaper to make at home, as well).