How to Make Air Fryer Chicken Cutlet?

Learn how to make crispy chicken cutlets in your Air Fryer at home! If you’ve ever visited an Italian deli, you know how unique they are. In addition to the traditional meats and cheeses, trays of prepared dishes ready to heat and serve are frequently available. The breaded chicken cutlets are one of my absolute favorites. They’re pounded thin and fried until golden brown, but the chicken inside manages to stay very juicy. They are genuinely unbeatable.

I figured out how to make lovely chicken cutlets in your home air fryer. You won’t believe how delicious these are! The breading on these chicken cutlets crisps up and browns in the air fryer without the mess or added calories of deep-frying. Because air fryers use indirect heat for cooking, the meat stays much juicier and doesn’t dry out like it can in a pan or the oven.Air Fryer Chicken Cutlet

How to Make Air Fryer Chicken Cutlet?

Start with crushing the chicken to make air-fried chicken cutlets. Here are some terrific step-by-step directions for pounding chicken, but keep in mind that you’ll want to thin it up even further. Chicken cutlets should be about 14 inches long.

Dust your chicken cutlets with flour once they’ve been pounded equal thickness. This will aid in drying the chicken’s surface so that the breading adheres to it and does not slide off.

The chicken is then dipped in beaten eggs. Then, press the cutlets into panko bread crumbs on a shallow plate. Panko breadcrumbs, also known as Japanese breadcrumbs, are coarser and firmer than regular bread crumbs, making them ideal for crisping chicken cutlets.

I prefer to keep mine basic, flavoring them with fresh garlic, salt, and pepper. Brush the chicken cutlets with oil or spray them with cooking spray. This will assist the breading obtain that delicious fried flavor and texture on the outside.

Finally, cook the chicken for about 8 minutes at 400°F, or until thoroughly done. You may only be able to cook one or two pieces of chicken at a time, depending on the size of your air fryer.

If working in batches, place the cooked chicken on a cooling rack set on top of a baking sheet and keep warm in a 250°F oven. Air-fried chicken cutlets are delicious on their own with a squeeze of lemon or as a base for Chicken Parmesan or as a sandwich with your favorite toppings.


  • Two chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
  • flour (1/2 cup)
  • Two beaten eggs
  • 1 cup bread crumbs (panko)
  • Two minced garlic cloves
  • kosher salt, 1/2 teaspoon
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, cracked
  • For serving, lemon wedges (optional)


  1. Cut the chicken in half across the grain. Working with one piece of chicken at a time, cover it with plastic wrap. Pound the chicken to an equal 1/4-inch thickness with a meat mallet.
  2. Fill a small dish halfway with flour. In a separate dish, crack the eggs. Combine the breadcrumbs, garlic, salt, and pepper in a third dish.
  3. Dredge the chicken in flour and lightly coat it. Next, thoroughly coat the chicken in the egg. Finally, push the chicken into the bread crumb mixture, thoroughly coating it. Spray the chicken on both sides with cooking spray.
  4. Arrange the chicken in a single layer in the basket of your air fryer, working in batches if required. Cook for 8 minutes at 400°F, or until the chicken is done and the breading is crunchy.

In an Air Fryer, How Long do you Cook Chicken Cutlets?

Spray the tops of the cutlets with extra olive oil spray before placing them in the air fryer basket. Air fried for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. Flip the chicken cutlets after 7 minutes and spray the other side with olive oil. This is how I like to get the most golden color. In the Air Fryer, cook frozen chicken breasts: Preheat the air fryer to 360°F (180°C). Drizzle olive oil over the chicken and season to taste. After spraying the air fryer basket with nonstick spray, air fry the chicken for 18 to 20 minutes, flipping halfway through.

The pickle brined chicken cutlets are then breaded in a panko mixture and air fried till crisp and juicy. Brining chicken cutlets in a pickle juice, dry ranch seasoning, and sugar mixture is the key to tenderizing them. Place each chicken breast in the air fryer basket after coating it in bread crumbs. Air fry for 10-12 minutes at 390°F or 200°C in an air fryer.

Can I put Raw Chicken in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you used the air fryer to cook uncooked frozen chicken! You won’t be able to bring it or pound it to an equal thickness (so the results won’t be as juicy), but it’s an excellent option to have on hand if you forget to thaw your chicken. You can cook raw meat in an air fryer, luckily or sadly. According to Air Fryer Market, an air fryer can cook anything, including a whole chicken. In the air fryer, arrange the chicken in a single layer. Cook for 8 minutes at 400°F, then flip the chicken and cook for another 5-12 minutes, or until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 165°F at the thickest section of the breast.

Cooking time will vary according to the size of your chicken breasts. Cooking frozen chicken in an air fryer is relatively safe, and frozen food is cooked to perfection in the air fryer. In less time than it would take to defrost and cook the recipe using a different method, you get juicy, delicious chicken. Wet battered foods should not be cooked in the air fryer. Food with a wet batter, such as corndogs or tempura shrimp, should also be avoided in air fryers.

How Long Should Chicken Cutlets be Fried?

Cook for 3 to 5 minutes on each side, or until the chicken is browned and cooked through. Drain the chicken on paper towels or brown paper bags in layers. Repeat with the remaining cutlets after the oil has returned to temperature. For more cutlets, repeat with more chicken breast halves. The chicken is done when the skin is browned and crispy, the meat within is opaque, and the fluids run clear. To avoid burnt pan-fried chicken, I recommend using a neutral oil with a high smoke point, canola oil, peanut oil, grapeseed oil, or avocado oil.

In 7 to 9 minutes, a lightly pounded 8-ounce chicken breast will be pan-fried. Chicken should be fried for about 7-8 minutes per side. However, please keep in mind that the size and thickness of the pieces may vary. The chicken is fully cooked when the thickest section of the meat registers at 165°F and the skin is crispy and dark golden-brown.

Is it Possible to Use Aluminum Foil in an Air Fryer?

Because parchment paper is not a reactive substance, it is the most excellent option for air-frying these meals. It is not as easy to cut and mold as aluminum foil, and it also has a lower likelihood of sticking to food than foil. Otherwise, foil is an excellent air fryer choice.No, and you should not use baking paper or tin foil in your Philips Airfryer for the following reasons: The airflow inside the air fryer is limited if the bottom of the basket is covered. As a result, your Philips Airfryer’s cooking performance suffers.

Yes. Preheating your recipes helps them achieve that signature crispiness we all enjoy. Preheating thick slices of raw and frozen meats, such as frozen bone-in chicken breasts and ribeye steaks, is beneficial. To help food crisp, stir, rotate, or shake the contents of the air-fryer basket halfway through cooking, much as you would with french fries, fish fillets, or chicken tenders in a standard oven.)

When Air Frying Chicken, What Temperature Should you Use?

Cook for 9 minutes in an air fryer at 360 degrees. Flip the chicken over in the air fryer. (If using, add Brussels sprouts now.) Cook for 9 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F.After experimenting with several temperatures, I discovered that 375°F is the ideal temperature for air frying chicken. You don’t need to heat the air fryer as high as you would an oven because it employs convection heat (in a regular oven, 425 degrees F is best for baking chicken, like Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast). Place the chicken in the air fryer, breast side down.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Set the timer for 50 minutes in the air fryer. Cook for a further 10 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.Simply lay 2 to 3 chicken breasts in the air fryer basket and cook for 10 minutes at 375 degrees F; flip the chicken and cook for another 5 to 6 minutes, or until cooked through. When the internal temperature of the chicken breasts hits 165°F, it is ready. Check for doneness with a quick read thermometer.


In an Italian-American home, breaded chicken cutlets are a mainstay, but they’re usually fried in oil until golden brown. While they are delicious, I was determined to make this dish in my air fryer without oil. This is a basic air-fried chicken cutlet recipe. Without the mess of regular frying, you may use these in salads, on sandwiches, or make recipes like chicken parmigiana. In just 20 minutes, these Air Fryer Chicken Cutlets are brined, breaded, then cooked in an air fryer till crisp and juicy! Learn how to prepare these air fryer breaded cutlets to serve as a side dish or main course.

These air fryer chicken cutlets are the best! Crispy, golden, juicy, and arguably the tastiest “air fryer breaded chicken” dish on the Internet! The air fryer performs an excellent job of evenly browning and crisping the breading on all sides while retaining moisture and keeping the meat juicy and tender. As if that weren’t enough, air-fried chicken cutlets are healthier than chicken that has been pan-fried or deep-fried in heavy oils. Chicken breast breaded in the air fryer contains fewer calories and fat.