How to Make Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe?

Grilled cheese is one of the best comfort foods, and these are some of the best recipes out there. Grilled cheese has many different flavors, textures, and melting temperatures to make it a complete meal. Try using different types of cheese and try using different combinations of toppings to make your sandwich the ultimate comfort food. And don’t forget to try one of our grilled cheese recipes! We guarantee that you’ll love it!

How to Make Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Try a gourmet grilled cheese if you’re looking for something fancier. These kinds of grilled cheese are perfect for a dinner party, and they can be made quickly and easily. They can be a meal for two and will impress your dinner guests! And if you have friends over, you can serve them as an appetizer. Whether you want a quick and easy meal or a savory treat, grilled cheese is the perfect food to share with friends and family.

How to Make Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe?

Grilled cheese is classic comfort food that pairs well with tomato soup. There is no wrong way to make a grilled cheese sandwich so that you can try as many variations. To make a great grilled cheese sandwich, you must use sturdy bread, add a generous amount of cheese, and spread butter or mayonnaise on the outside.

The most important part of making a slice of grilled cheese is being patient and practicing patience. High heat will scorch the outside before the cheese melts, so you can start cooking the sandwich slices separately so they get a chance to meet. Also, don’t use homemade mayonnaise; you’ll have a soggy sandwich. Instead, use a chutney, strawberry jam, or dab mustard on top of the cheese. Another great tip is using thick sliced bread, such as Texas toast. The bread will allow the cheese to melt more evenly, making the sandwich a delicious and nutritious meal.

Tips for Perfecting your Grilled Cheese Recipe

tips you can use to up your grilled cheese game and perfect any grilled cheese recipe.

Pick a bread with personality. Try a homemade loaf or a loaf from your neighborhood bakery instead of the average-looking pre-sliced loaf from the grocery store. The cheese will be difficult to melt if you slice it too thickly. It’s alright to use day-old bread; the cheese’s fat and the heat from the oven will bring it back to life.

Give the bread a running start. Pre-toasting the bread before adding the cheese takes a little longer, resulting in a crispier sandwich. Spreading a generous amount of butter on the outside of the bread aids in creating a crispy, delicious grilled cheese.

Play with cheese choice. You don’t have to use regular pasteurized cheese slices in your grilled cheese recipe, and you’ll get a grilled cheese sandwich with an entirely different flavor profile.

Shred the cheese. Your cheese will melt more quickly.

Use two or three cheeses. You’ll get more taste combinations, and if one of the cheeses is a soft cheese like mascarpone, the cheeses will spread more evenly throughout the bread.

Take it slow. A good grilled cheese recipe will recommend grilling the sandwich over medium heat, so the cheese melts before the bread becomes too toasted.


  • Four slices of white bread
  • Three tablespoons of butter, divided
  • Two slices of Cheddar cheese


  1. On one side of each slice of bread, spread 1 tbsp butter. Top each slice of bread with about 12 cups cheddar, butter side down.
  2. One tablespoon butter, melted in a pan over medium heat Place two slices of bread, butter side down, on top of each other. Cook for about 2 minutes, or until the bread is golden and the cheese melts. Cook for another 30 seconds after flipping one piece of bread on top of the other until the cheese is melted.
  3. Rep with the second sandwich, cleaning out the skillet if required.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Healthy?

There’s nothing like a crunchy, gooey, cheesy sandwich, preferably with some creamy tomato soup, to warm you up on a cold day or get dinner on the table quickly. We’d also love to tell you that grilled cheese is a super-healthy dinner option, but that’s not true. Most of the time, grilled cheese sandwiches are high in calories, saturated fat, and (in some cases) sodium, but they aren’t very good for you. Still, you can make your sandwich a little healthier by making it the right way.

  • Calories

A meal made of bread, cheese, and butter was never going to be low in calories, and your grilled cheese sandwich probably has hundreds of calories. A slice of grilled cheese made with two slices of whole-wheat bread, two slices of cheddar cheese, and one tablespoon of butter has 490 calories, and that’s if you only use two ounces of cheese and one tablespoon of butter. If you add jam, fruit, bacon, or more butter or cheese, your sandwich could have 600, 700, or 800 calories.

  • Sodium and Fat

Unfortunately, those calories don’t give you many good things for your body. Cheese and butter are both high in saturated fat, which is the kind of fat that raises your LDL cholesterol levels. Some people think that saturated fats might not be as bad as was once thought. For example, in a 2017 newsletter, Harvard Medical School said that saturated fats are “somewhere in the middle” between healthy unsaturated fats and unhealthy trans fats. However, likely, they’re still not great for your heart. Also, bread, cheese, and salted butter have a lot of sodium, leading to high blood pressure and heart disease.

  • Protein and Calcium

There are some benefits to a grilled cheese sandwich, and eating one will give you some good protein and calcium. Two ounces of cheddar cheese give you about 13 grams of protein, while two slices of whole-wheat bread give you another 8 grams. Eating protein-rich foods is good for your immune system and helps you build lean muscle when combined with a strength training program. Cheese is full of calcium, which makes your bones strong. Your sandwich has two ounces of cheddar, which gives you 40 percent of the calcium you need for the day, and the bread gives you another 10 percent.

  • Keeping your Grilled Cheese Healthier

Even though grilled cheese will never be healthy food, you can make a healthier sandwich by making smart choices. Always use whole-grain bread, like whole wheat, to make grilled cheese, and you’ll get more fiber than if you used refined white bread. Measure the amount of cheese you use, so you don’t accidentally use too much, and use as little butter as you can to keep the calories down.
Fill your sandwich with baby spinach or roasted red peppers to add flavor without many calories, and stay away from high-calorie fillings like bacon. Choose a version of your favorite cheese with less fat and salt to make your sandwich easier on your waistline and heart.

What Cheese is Best for Grilled Cheese?

How good a slice of grilled cheese is depends on the cheese used to make it. Make sure you use a cheese that melts easily, such as American, cheddar, pepper jack, Havarti, Gruyere, or Monterey Jack. Look for a cheese that doesn’t have a lot of water in it because it will melt better.

Shredded cheese will also melt faster than slices, and it will make a better cheese pull for the best results. Just make sure to shred the cheese yourself instead of buying cheese that has already been shredded. Pre-shredded cheese has things added that keep it from melting, so it’s not the best choice for your best-grilled cheese.

Should I Use Mayo or Butter on Grilled Cheese?

Mayo or butter? That’s the big question! The traditional way to coat the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich is with softened butter. Mayo and butter are great ways to make the outside of something extra crispy, and mayonnaise makes the dish even more creamy and salty. If you don’t want to use mayonnaise on your grilled cheese, a great tip is to use salted butter instead.
Mayonnaise is easier to use and gives a better texture on the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich. But the taste isn’t great. We still like traditional butter best, but use mayo if you don’t have any softened butter on your counter. You’ll probably be happy with the results.

Do you Cover Grilled Cheese?

While one side of the sandwich is cooking against the flat top, the cover keeps in enough heat to reach the rest of the sandwich and melt the cheese. Genius! Cover the pan with a lid or a baking sheet the next time you make grilled cheese, and you’ll never have to settle for a bad grilled cheese again.

Another gourmet grilled cheese sandwich uses fried chicken and waffles, both modern soul foods. The sweet and salty combination of fried chicken and cheese makes this a modern American classic. You can also add your favorite toppings to the dish for a more gourmet version. For a unique twist, try a Caprese grilled cheese. This grilled cheese recipe takes just 30 minutes to make.

Why do Americans Love Grilled Cheese?

Because it’s so easy to make and eat, Otto Frederick Rohwedder made a bread slicing machine and sold it to the public in 1928. This made it easier than ever to put two slices of bread together with cheese and cook it on a grill. People who like grilled cheese sandwiches tend to be more generous. Eighty-one percent of people like grilled cheese sandwiches say they have helped people in need by giving their time, money, or food. Only 66% of those who don’t like grilled cheese say they are as kind.


A classic American sandwich, the grilled cheese has been around since 1920. It is a hot sandwich made with buttered, toasted bread and one or more kinds of cheese. Originally, it was made with American cheese, but now it is usually made with one or more other kinds of cheese.

A classic grilled cheese can be served with a classic tomato sauce or marinara dressing. A delicious twist on this classic is a Creamy Dill Chicken Salad, and this is the perfect dish for potlucks. Creamy Dill Chicken Salad includes dill weed, dijon mustard, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, and mozzarella cheese. You can serve this salad with crackers, tomato slices, and ketchup.