Best Cake Recipes Of 2020

feature cake

According to a recent study by Leisure, chocolate cake is the top searched cake worldwide. Second on the list is red velvet cake, one of Europe’s go-to treats in 14 Member States. Angel cake is a third-placed contender in 33 countries, and it is trendy in Africa.

A cake is associated with celebrations. A birthday cake is a sweet ending to a celebration, while a wedding anniversary cake is a great treat on a particular day. The most delicious cakes are the ones that are created with love, care, and a lot of effort.

Zucchini Nut Muffins Recipe

Anyone that plants a garden quickly leans that a few zucchini plants usually amount to an over abundance of zucchinis. I decided to put them to good use and do a couple of recipe posts using fresh zucchini.  For the first one I decided on this Zucchini Nut Muffins Recipe and will follow it up … Read more

Butter Milk Blueberry Pancake Recipe

Here in Upper Michigan the blueberry season is under way. I just love this time of year for berries, because almost every kind of berry we have up here is ripening. Most of the time when I make a berry pancake I usually mix in the berries into the batter. This Butter Milk Blueberry Pancake … Read more