What Sides Go with a Fish Fry?


Fried fish is typically associated with finger food or something quick and straightforward. Fish fry sides are best complemented by sides that balance texture, flavor, and color. What fits both of those descriptions? Fried potatoes! Depending on your fish type, you might wonder what sides go with a traditional fish fry. Here are a few … Read more

Fish and Chips Recipe

I am always looking for good fish recipes – this recipe looked like a little bit of work but I thought I would give it a try anyway. You can use any good quality white fish for this recipe. I decided to use crappies I had caught on a recent fishing trip. This recipe is … Read more

Pan Fried Smallmouth Bass Recipe

This Smallmouth Bass Recipe is a simple pan-fried fish recipe that is simple and good. Serve the fish with fries and your favorite vegetable – it doesn’t get much better. Enjoy Lake Superior still has ice chunks floating in it, but the inland lakes are starting to warm up. The bass season opened this past … Read more

Crispy Fish Sticks with Tartar Sauce Recipe

There used to be a time when every Friday was fish fry day at my house. Through the years things have changed, and the Catholic Religion doesn’t practice this anymore, with the exception of the Lent season. I guess because of habit, which can be hard to break, it seems like most of the time … Read more