Best Cabbage Recipe

When we talk about a vegetable with a culinary repertoire as vast as the ocean, we’re talking about layers of crunchy, garden-fresh leaves that are folded together. The simple cabbage has been the subject of culinary innovation worldwide, and the results have been nothing short of mouthwatering, from coleslaw to kimchi and everything in between. … Read more

What are Stir Fry Vegetables?

When making a stir-fried meal, you may wonder: what are stir-fried vegetables? As the name suggests, a stir fry vegetable recipe can be for a main dish or a side dish consisting of stir-fried vegetables. This cooking technique is characterized by high heat, a short cook time, and frequent stirring, ideally in a wok that … Read more

Is Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) Healthy?

Is Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) Healthy?

Textured vegetable protein, or TVP, is often used as a meat replacement in vegetarian dishes. TVP is made of soybeans, but it is processed and usually sold as a dry mix. It is also available to purchase in ready-to-eat blocks. The agricultural giant Archer Daniels Midland made Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) in the 1960s, and the company still owns the trademark for the product.

Best Fruit And Vegetable Storage Baskets

Do you have a hard time finding enough space to store your fruits and vegetables? This often leads us to toss them in the fridge drawer and forget about them or use a random bowl that isn’t particularly attractive. What if there was a simple way to store your fruits and veggies in a convenient location where you or your children could easily retrieve one when needed? Of course, some of them should be kept in the refrigerator, but many others do not.