The Best Vegan Tofu Recipes

Vegan tofu is a versatile ingredient that may be used in various dishes. Stir-fries, sandwiches, grilled skewers, soups, and other dishes can benefit from tofu. Try these recipes to get started. They’re all delicious! Look through our tofu recipes section for additional information if you’re still not convinced. It will assist you in creating the best vegan tofu recipe possible for your household.

Tofu is available in a variety of densities. Firm tofu is great for baking or frying, whereas soft tofu is better for soups and purees. To remove excess moisture from the tofu, press it. Make sure to press the tofu down to the bottom with a weight. Then drop it into the oil and wait five to ten minutes for it to crisp up and become tasty.Vegan Tofu Recipe

Tofu is a fantastic source of calcium and protein, and it’s also high in manganese, selenium, copper, and phosphorus. It has a silky, soft, firm, or substantial consistency and a mild flavor that may be used in both savory and sweet dishes.

This simple Tofu Poke Bowl, the nutritious Teriyaki Tofu – Tempeh Casserole, and the delectable Grilled Baja Tofu Tacos are vegan tofu recipes. These tofu dishes are tasty and straightforward, and they’ll get you started with this versatile food!

Make a marinade for the tofu next. It’s possible to prepare it the night before. Combine the cornstarch, cilantro, lemon juice, and other herbs. The tofu slabs should then be sliced and placed aside for 15 minutes overnight. After that, combine the tofu, veggies, and garlic in a pot. Cook until the tofu is golden brown and tender, about 15 minutes. Try following vegan tofu recipes for a more traditional dish!

Here Are Some Best Vegan Tofu Recipes

Vegan Nashville Hot Tofu Nuggets

Vegan Nashville hot tofu nuggets are the ultimate comfort food! They’re a vegan version of deep-fried Nashville spicy chicken! Lauren’s tofu nuggets are crispy and crunchy without being fried, which is incredible! The sauce has a slight sweetness to it and is quite spicy.

Vegan Tofu Chili Recipe

You won’t miss the meat in this spicy vegan tofu chili with sour cashew cream! It’s quick and easy to cook, plus it’s high in protein! It has been one of my favorite vegan weeknight meals for a long time. Serve with homemade cashew sour cream, avocado, and tortilla chips on the side.

Rosemary Lemon Almond Crusted Tofu

Doesn’t Sam’s almond rosemary lemon-crusted tofu from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken look incredible? It’s pretty crispy and crunchy, and it’s a delicious supper. Maybe with some greens and potatoes on the side, or top of a salad. In total, this crusted tofu takes just under 40 minutes to prepare.

Vegan Sheet Pan Fajitas

Vegan sheet pan fajitas with chipotle lime tofu that couldn’t be easier! Your oven and a sheet pan are all you’ll need to get started! It’s ideal for a midweek meal on a busy day. This is a fantastic and straightforward way to use tofu!

Sweet and Salty Tofu Bowls

Cindy from Vegetarian Mamma created these sweet and salty tofu bowls, a fantastic way to use tofu. They’re quick and easy to prepare, ideal for a weeknight meal. They’re also the perfect combination of sweet and salty! You may also throw in some broccoli for a nutritional boost.

Baked Spicy Peanut Butter Tofu

Amber from Quite Good Food’s baked spicy peanut butter tofu squares is a protein powerhouse! You can use them in salads or hot dishes. Amber paired them with pre-shredded slaw, mint leaves, and additional sesame seeds for her blog article. Drizzle some hot sauce on top for an extra kick of flavor.

Vegan General Tso’s Tofu

General Tso’s tofu is a sticky sweet delight! Melissa reviewed Chloe Coscarelli’s cookbook Chloe Flavor on her blog, and the dish is from it. Chloe made this delicious Chinese American dish using tofu instead of chicken! Add more sriracha for a spicier dish.

Black Bean Tofu Tacos

Aren’t these vegan-loaded black bean tofu tacos from Vegetarian Gastronomy delectable? They’re perfect for an evening meal, and the best part is that they’re pretty tasty while being relatively healthful and protein-rich. These tofu tacos were served with walnut crumble lettuce, avocado, and vegan sour cream.

Can You Get Vegan Tofu?

Yes! Tofu is vegan-friendly in its most basic form. However, some manufacturers may include substances in their tofu that make it no longer vegan. Tofu is fermented with dairy milk or shrimp brine and is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Whether tofu is a vegetable or not, it isn’t a food that vegetarians would avoid since it isn’t an animal, and it also isn’t a food that vegans would avoid because it doesn’t.

Contain anything from an animal (milk, cheese, or eggs). Soybean curds are used to make tofu. It’s gluten-free and low in calories by nature, and it doesn’t have any cholesterol and is high in iron and calcium. It’s a significant source of protein for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Is Tofu Plant-based or Vegan?

Tofu is a great plant-based alternative to meat and dairy because it is cholesterol-free. Tofu is a somewhat high-fat item that Forks Over Knives advocates eating in moderation because soybeans are richer in fat than other beans—and since tofu is a condensed version of soybeans. Soy is a legume that originated in Asia.

Soy is a popular plant-based protein among vegetarians and vegans, and it can be consumed raw or cooked, and they’re entirely vegan-friendly. Soy milk and tofu are both legume/plant-based foods manufactured from soybeans. After soaking and boiling the beans, the soy milk is removed, and the tofu is coagulated into curd.

Is Tofu Vegan Healthy?

Unlike many animal protein sources, Tofu is low in saturated fat and high in heart-healthy unsaturated fats. It’s also a terrific low-carb protein alternative for vegetarians or vegans who wish to keep their carb intake under control. Tofu is an excellent vegetarian and vegan source of protein that is low in saturated fats and calories and high in critical nutritional minerals like calcium and magnesium.

It provides the body with all nine essential amino acids, making it a “complete protein.”Tofu, like most plant foods, includes antinutrients. These chemicals are found naturally in plant meals and reduce your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Phytates and lectins are two forms of antinutrients found in tofu.

Why Is There So Much Fat in Tofu?

Tofu is available in both soft (“silken”) and complex (“firm” and “extra firm”) forms, making it quite versatile. Tofu that is silken or soft has less fat and calories than firm or tough tofu, although this is owing to the higher water content. Tofu fat is mainly unsaturated in all varieties. It’s robust in protein but low in calories, making it an excellent choice for weight loss or maintenance.

On the other hand, tofu isn’t calorie-free, and eating more than the suggested serving size or pairing it with high-calorie additives might lead to weight gain. Although tofu has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, the scientific proof for this is mostly lacking. The concept is based on the fact that soy products, such as tofu contain isoflavones, which may enhance estrogen levels in some persons. However, the effects vary greatly.


A tofu scrambled egg makes a delightful breakfast for the whole family. This recipe, served with a side of brown rice, is nutritious and wholesome. Its versatility makes it simple to serve visitors, and it may be a true game-changer for picky eaters. Add vegetables to the mix for added vitamins and minerals, or serve them in a bowl with noodle soup.

You’ll be able to find a tofu dish that meets your tastes, whether you’re looking for something new or a tried-and-true classic. There’s a vegan tofu meal for every craving, from salads to burrito bowls to curry. For a great snack, try crispy tofu. This is one of the easiest vegan dishes, and it’s great on salads or in burrito bowls.