Best Green Banana Recipes

Green bananas are simple to prepare and go well with various other ingredients, so you can use them to make both savory and sweet recipes. They are frequently fried or turned into hearty curries and are popular as a side dish. These recipes for green bananas will enable you to explore some mouthwateringly special dishes if you’ve never cooked with them. Although eating green, unripe bananas may appear weird to some, a widely utilized ingredient in many cultures.

Green Banana Stew

What are Green Bananas?

Everyone who likes bananas has a favorite time of day to consume the fruit. While some prefer their bananas at the stage just before (or just after), they turn textbook-bright yellow; others may prefer them just past that stage with a few brown dots so that the fruit is as sweet as it can be without being overripe. Yellow bananas aren’t bland and don’t occasionally feel weird or waxy like green bananas because of how much the ripening process changes the banana’s structure. Still, green and yellow bananas could as well be two different fruits.

Green bananas, according to Healthline, contain 70% to 80% of a special, healthful resistant starch that cannot be digested and behaves like fiber in the body. The amount of starch in bananas diminishes as they ripen and is converted to the sugars sucrose, glucose, and fructose, leaving only 1% of the initial amount of starch in ripe bananas. Before you think, “Well, it’s just starch,” consider that this soluble type of starch is a gift for those with type 2 diabetes due to its health advantages like lowered blood sugar and decreased hunger.

Here are Some Best Green Banana Recipes:


A few seasonings, green bananas, peppers, and onions are combined to make the savory side dish known as guineitos. The most typical pairing for this is meat; your preferred seasonings can tone it up or down. This dish is ideal for serving dinner or lunch because it has delicious flavors from crushed garlic and fruit vinegar. You may order some guineas at any roadside restaurant in the Dominican Republic (delicious unripe bananas).

Compared to plantains, green bananas have a more delicate flavor and texture. This makes it a preferred side dish for fish and meat. It constantly brings to mind road trips, greasy restaurants, and wonderful inexpensive food (I’m looking at you, if you’ve always thought of bananas as merely a fruit, now’s the time to think otherwise).

Mashed Green Banana Recipe

Green bananas are boiled and then mashed with seasonings to make this straightforward dish known as “green banana mash.” The dominant flavors in this mash are thyme, onions, cumin, and pepper, but you could easily substitute other ingredients. This mash’s delightfully creamy and completely dairy-free texture is made possible with dairy-free butter and almond milk. A straightforward island-style meal made with only a few ingredients.

Green bananas that have been pureed are mixed with cooked, spiced onions, herbs, and other ingredients. This is the ideal appetizer or side dish for any Caribbean dishes you prepare. When used for savory dishes, such as this Pan Fried Garlic Butter Shrimp or mackerel run down, green bananas are typically served as a side dish or on their own. It can be prepared into a sweet porridge for breakfast or eaten with other ground supplies (hard meal).

Raw Banana Fry

Slices of green bananas are seasoned with hot ingredients like cumin, garlic, and green chile to create a flavorful side dish. They make a quick and simple side dish that is simple to prepare and can be served in about 25 minutes. You can adapt the proportions to your preferences and use any spices you have on hand.

Boiled Green Bananas

Learn various straightforward methods for boiling green bananas. Depending on your time, you can dress up or down a simple dish like boiled green bananas. Your green bananas only need salt and water and can be ready in 20 minutes! You can offer them along with various sides or main courses for lunch or supper. In many Jamaican and Caribbean families, green bananas are boiled and served as a high-fiber, low-calorie side dish. It works well as a diet substitute for potatoes.

Short-chain fatty acid synthesis. Green bananas contain resistant starches, which are not broken down in the small intestine. Instead, they enter the large intestine, where intestinal bacteria digest them. They can either stay in the colon to be utilized for energy by the bacteria there, or they can be taken into the body through the colon.

Green Banana Curry

The inclusion of green bananas as the primary ingredient gives green banana curry a unique spin on classic curry. This meal is dominated by peppers, garlic, coconut milk, turmeric, and green bananas, giving it a rich and spicy flavor. To suit your tastes, you may easily increase the number of veggies in this recipe or return to the spices.

Green bananas are used to make this intriguing curry, but it is not sweet. Green bananas have a flavor similar to cassava or potatoes when boiled and stewed. The pulp from tamarind seedpods offers a rich, tart flavor. Although it is not required, it makes the recipe much better!

Green Banana Porridge

You can prepare green banana porridge, a hearty Jamaican cuisine, as a satisfying breakfast or a snack for the middle of the day. A tasty and healthful morning staple is this Jamaican Green Banana Porridge. This porridge is made creamier and richer with coconut, almond, and sweetened condensed milk. The dish will be great whether you use the traditional spices in the recipe or just what you have on hand. Your entire family will adore this recipe since it is creamy, smooth, and tasty.

One of my all-time favorite morning foods is porridge. We often ate cornmeal porridge or oatmeal in the mornings, but if we had green bananas at home, we made this porridge instead. Although making green banana porridge requires some preparation, the result is well worth the effort. The porridge has a spicy flavor and is sweetened with condensed milk; smooth, creamy, and thick. There is nothing better than this tasty and healthy breakfast!

Green Banana Stew

This hearty stew made with green bananas is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Green bananas, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and curry powder are some of the ingredients. Although you may easily add more vegetables and lessen the number of spices depending on your hand, the flavors are hearty and warming. They stewed green bananas. Green bananas are underripe dessert bananas, which I typically wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

Absolute indigestibility, But once boiled until tender, they become nourishing foods, just like many of the components we are familiar with and adore. The meal is evocative of a nicely cooked potato stew thanks to the inclusion of spices and aromatics, making the green bananas soft and delicious. Green bananas and plantains, which are essentially very large unripe bananas, are similar. You’ll need to extend the cooking time to try this meal with plantains because they are not only larger but also much harder.

Green Banana Bread

This recipe gives classic banana bread a distinctive touch by using green bananas rather than ripe ones. Despite using green banana flour, hazelnut flour, a sugar-free sweetener, and olive oil, it still tastes delicious and is a healthier alternative. This straightforward but delicious meal is great for breakfast or snacks. You can prepare banana bread just like your mother used to. The big banana flavor is delivered by this superbly moist, bouncy, and slightly sweet bread.

Additionally, foods like hazelnut flour, green bananas, and walnuts offer advantages that the old sweet bread does not. Combine or process all the ingredients in a food processor before baking. It is that simple. And the flavor and texture will astound you. Green bananas don’t taste very much like bananas, so I use the actual banana extract to give the initial bite a strong banana flavor.

Green Banana Chips

Try making these green banana chips if you want a crunchy snack. These banana chips are sweetened with monk fruit sweetener and cinnamon, but you could easily make them savory. For savory chips, spices like cumin, turmeric, and garlic powder would all be excellent choices.

Even though we don’t like bananas, we adore these chips. We think you’ll be happy you did if you’re willing to put in a single banana and a half hour. If not, indulge in a sugar bomb, a bag of greasy chips, and self-pity.

How do You Make Green Bananas Taste Better?

Put the unripe bananas and a fruit that produces a lot of ethylene, like an apple or a ripe banana, in a paper bag (a brown paper lunch bag, supermarket bag, etc.). After that, loosely fold the paper bag shut and wait for the fruit’s ethylene gas to help the banana mature. Unpeeled bananas are warmed for 15 to 20 minutes on a baking sheet in a 250° oven. Although it isn’t quite as effective as allowing bananas to ripen naturally, it will quickly soften and sweeten your fruit.

Green bananas, which are more tender than plantains, can be used in place of the former if you don’t have any on hand. The only way to consume green bananas is to cook them because they are inedible. They can be used in dishes like our green banana and coconut milk soup, boiled, roasted, or fried. Green and yellow bananas differ from one another in several ways in addition to color: Taste. Green bananas are less sweet. They may even have a mildly bitter flavor.

Are Cooked Green Bananas Healthy?

Your cholesterol levels can be maintained with their assistance. Eating boiling bananas has a number of health benefits, including maybe influencing your decision to select unripe, green bananas. Reduced blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels are among these.

Are Boiling Green Bananas Beneficial for Diabetes?

Green bananas include vitamin B6, which helps those with type 2 diabetes control blood sugar. Due to the high fiber content, it also aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels by inhibiting the release of insulin into the blood. For best results, include green bananas in boiling form.

What Happens if We Eat Bananas on an Empty Stomach in the Morning?

Bananas have a lot of natural carbohydrates, which can give you a quick energy boost and drain you after a while. Bananas temporarily fill you up but also make you tired and exhausted. Since bananas are acidic, eating one on an empty stomach could result in bowel issues. Banana is still the best solution whether a health enthusiast or a picky eater. It is loaded with potassium, fiber, and magnesium health advantages. This fruit’s high nutritional content ensures that your immune system and muscle tissue are constantly strengthened.

Since bananas are a good source of iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B, and vitamin B, most people choose them as the best. Bananas must be consumed on an empty stomach since their sweetness boosts energy. The natural sugars and minerals in bananas rapidly raise your blood sugar levels. Thus, those who have diabetes must refrain from consuming it. A banana gives you an energy boost right away that could endure for a couple of hours. But after that, it disappears, leaving you depleted and dull.

Because bananas contain a lot of magnesium, eating them on an empty stomach may be harmful. Your metabolism could be affected, and your digestive system could become unbalanced. In some circumstances, it might also be detrimental to heart health. This is likely why nutritionists advise combining bananas with other foods like oats, almonds, nuts, and fruits. Therefore, eating bananas with other cereals, apples, oats, and dry fruits is a great idea for optimal health advantages.


Recipes for raw bananas While ripe bananas have made a huge contribution to many delectable recipes in the culinary world, from jams and jellies to shakes and desserts, the less-favorite raw bananas are also an interesting ingredient to play with in the kitchen. The interior of the raw banana is a light cream color with a smooth texture and firm body, and it is covered in a fresh, firm, and vibrant-looking green mantle. The fiber in raw bananas helps with digestion and improves heart health. Resistance starch, which may help control cholesterol, is also a good source.

Raw bananas are a fantastic choice for people with diabetes because they have a low sugar level. Additionally, they have low glycemic indexes, which reduce the risk of developing diabetes and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Raw bananas slow digestion, making you feel fuller for longer and preventing unforeseen hunger cravings. These are a wonderful source of potassium and vitamin B-6 and aid in absorbing calcium and other vital minerals and nutrients.