Best Garlic Recipes

Garlic lovers, nothing brings us greater joy than this little but mighty bulb with its wonderful flavor. In terms of intoxicating, delectable, and spicy flavors, there isn’t much in the world of cuisine that compares to it. Perhaps we use it for cooking too frequently. But you’ll know that there isn’t anything like that if you also like garlic. Here are all our top recipes that feature garlic as a key ingredient!Best Garlic Recipes

By scrolling down below the list, you can find a few more dishes that wouldn’t be the same without them. Who wouldn’t love garlic butter-covered prawns? Of course, the traditional garlic bread at the top of the list is crunchy and tasty. There are also a few unique choices, such as soup prepared with garlic.

What is Garlic?

In the ground, a bulb of garlic grows. It produces edible flower stalks known as scapes on its long, green branches. The bulb, or head as it is more often known, is covered in an inedible papery skin. Each clove, ranging in number from 10 to 20, is a separate portion of the bulb. The part of the garlic used in cooking can be chopped in various ways and is contained inside these cloves, which are covered in a paper-like skin that must be removed. Because it is affordable, garlic is frequently added to recipes as a flavoring agent rather than the main ingredient. Roasted garlic, consumed as a spread or condiment, is an exception to this rule.

Here are Some Best Garlic Recipes

Roasted Garlic

Burnt garlic! While roasted garlic has a flavor unlike any other, roasting it in the oven releases an unmatched scent. Anyone finds it immediately tempting, even people who claim to detest garlic (like certain members of my family). It is conceivable, yes. Garlic’s flavor is mellowed into a sweet, caramelized version of its former self by roasting it until it is soft and golden. It doesn’t have a hot or garlicky flavor. It can be mixed into mashed potatoes, spread onto crusty bread, or used in sauces or dips. This is genuinely pure gold.

It’s best to roast garlic on a weekend or evening when you’re not trying to prepare a meal. It takes around an hour to complete. You can prepare it in advance because it can be kept chilled for about a week. Naturally, it is stunning while it is still hot from the oven, so it is worthwhile to try this project if you can eat it right away! Here are some pointers for roasting garlic:

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic. Roasted garlic’s sweet, fragrant flavor permeates these creamy, luscious mashed potatoes. In comparison to the normal bitter sting of the raw material, it is milder and more opulent. It becomes amazing with creamy Yukon gold potatoes and a little Parmesan cheese. Our family enjoyed this one so much that we aren’t only keeping it for special occasions like Thanksgiving. Any time of year, prepare these garlic mashed potatoes for a genuinely outstanding side dish (your family with thank you).

The problem is this I enjoy making thick mashed potatoes with Alex. I’ve never been a fan of that super fluffy, smooth purée. That seems uninteresting to me! Peel the potatoes here if you want to go entirely silky smooth. But do you want to make them intriguing? Let the potato skins remain on. They become even more delectable, and a large portion of the nutrients in potatoes are found in the skins. That’s true, similar to mashed potatoes from a restaurant with lots of garlic and potato skins.

Easy Garlic Butter

Here’s a cooking method that turns a few basic ingredients into something magical, and it’s so delicious you’ll want to spread it over everything. As if butter required improvement in flavor! Try this simple garlic butter; it’s so delicious you won’t be able to keep your hands off the food. Spread it on some crusty toast, or even better, bake it to make garlic bread. Or try it over steak, baked or roasted potatoes, and more as compound butter.

We fell in love at first bite, and we have no doubt you will too. Compound butter produced at home with softened butter, garlic, herbs, and salt is known as garlic butter. The different tastes transform the butter into an improvised sauce or spread that goes well with steak, bread, crackers, roasted or sautéed veggies, and more. It only takes a few minutes to mix up. Here are some pointers for making garlic butter:

Garlic Butter Sauce Pasta

Pasta with garlic butter sauce! With just a few simple ingredients, it’s simple to make, but wow, is it delicious? It can be a quick dinner option or a side dish for pasta because it only requires basic pantry components. Depending on what you have on hand, you can also add extras like sauteed mushrooms, greens, crumbled sausage, and cheese. A little Parmesan cheese makes it elegantly straightforward (and kid-friendly!).

The pasta in this recipe has two essential components. Make sure it is al dente first. Italian for “to the bite,” al dente refers to pasta cooked until the outside is tender, but the middle is still solid. Not only is overcooked spaghetti rubbery and unpleasant, but it also has fewer nutrients and makes you feel less satisfied. Before draining the pot, you must remember to remove some pasta water.

Easy Garlic Bread
Around here, this delicious side dish is a delight. Although Alex and I don’t eat it much, when we do, we create this simple recipe for garlic bread! It has the ideal amount of delicious garlicky flavor. Due to the Parmesan cheese and broiling, it is tender on the inside and crunchy on top. Additionally, it uses less butter than most garlic bread recipes—only four tablespoons! Thus, it’s a fun twist on the traditional. Most importantly, though: it’s dang good. We’ve broken down the processes here with pictures to make it simple to follow.
Let’s start a meal! Our absolute favorite quick garlic bread goes great with pasta dishes like Pasta Marinara or Creamy Cavatappi. Additionally, it goes well with our Tomato Basil Soup. You can also serve it as a quick appetizer dipped in our Easy Marinara Sauce (or even better, Baked Goat Cheese). It has the best crunchy-yet-chewy texture and the best deep, savory flavor. Alex and I researched the best way to make garlic bread for a time. Here is what we found out!

Garlic Butter Shrimp

The shrimp are juicy and have the greatest flavor of garlic. The sauce is pleasantly savory and moderately buttery, making it a good choice for a nutritious supper. What’s best? Making it takes less than ten minutes. That is pretty uncommon during dinnertime. This dish is at the top of the list of those Alex, and I have devoted our skills. And it’s suitable for parties as well as weeknights. It’s also kid-friendly (our son loves it). What exactly can’t this recipe accomplish?

The most common error made by home cooks when using excessive shrimp cooking. The difference between perfectly done and overdone shrimp is about a minute, yet overcooked shrimp is tough and rubbery. Pay close watch on the shrimp as you cook it to ensure that you take it off the fire at the right moment. Here are some guidelines:

Garlic Broccoli

Roasting is the main preparation method for this garlic broccoli. With a zing of lemon and flavorful garlic, it emerges delicate and scorched. The finest flavor may be made with this if you have 30 minutes to spare! (If you’re short on time, scroll down to see alternate approaches.) Keeping the following in mind will help you with this recipe: Leave the stems on the broccoli when cutting it into uniform, medium-sized pieces.

The broccoli must be cut as evenly as possible to get the greatest oven-roasted garlic broccoli. You won’t need to stand by the oven checking it every five minutes to see when the entire batch is done because this will guarantee that the broccoli pieces cook evenly. Although there will inevitably be some size difference, try to make the florets about the same size.

Garlic Mayo

garam mayo This delicious sauce’s tangy, garlicky flavor goes great with sandwiches and French fries. There are many gourmet aiolis in stores, and you’ve probably already eaten them at a restaurant. Want to create your own, though? Especially using this shortcut method, it’s quick and simple! Raw egg yolk is a component of a classic aioli, but store-bought mayonnaise is used instead in this cheater garlic mayo.

This is how to do it! The South of France and Spain are the origins of the aioli sauce. The classic recipe combines garlic, egg yolk, lemon juice or vinegar, and olive oil in a mortar and pestle. Similar techniques are used to make mayo, except canola oil is used instead of garlic. In the US, calling any flavored mayonnaise an aioli has gained popularity since the 1990s. There are a lot of crossovers, then!

Garlic Salt

At A Couple Cooks, we enjoy creating items from scratches, such as pumpkin pie spice and everything bagel seasoning. We manufacture our herb salt when we have a lot of herbs in our garden after the growing season. So you want to know how to make garlic salt, right? We caught you. Making your garlic salt at home is enjoyable and tastes better than store-bought. It also makes a wonderful present!

To learn how to accomplish it, keep reading. It’s an easy procedure for salt, garlic cloves, and a food processor (or high-quality blender). You can choose how your garlic salt is textured; we left ours a little chunkier than regular salt. However, you may also grind it into a fine salt, which is much better for popcorn.

Garlic Naan Bread

This garlic-scented, fluffy, warm Indian skillet flatbread is a perennial favorite. This well-known bread is simple to locate in stores, but the best way to enjoy it is homemade and hot off the skillet. There isn’t a whole lot better to soak up the flavorful broth! Naan may be used in various inventive meal recipes, like naan pizza. Making naan dough can be done in one of two ways: with yeast or baking powder. Here is our greatest naan recipe—chewy, flavorful, and quicker to make than most. Here are all of our insider tips!

Yeast is typically used as a leavener in traditional Indian naan recipes; it causes the bread to rise. Yeasted bread needs more time to prove. What is proofreading? After adding yeast to the bread dough, proofing is the resting period required for the dough to rise. Depending on the recipe, a yeasted naan needs to proof for 1 to 2 hours.

What does it Taste Like?

Garlic has a strong, pungent flavor when eaten raw. It is, therefore, customary to prepare it in some way before serving it, which greatly mellows the flavor—roasting garlic results in creamy cloves with a nutty, mild flavor, which substantially alters the flavor and texture.

Countless dishes use garlic because it is one of its most widely used ingredients. However, pick a recipe with “garlic” in the title if you want garlic to be the dish’s highlight. Many other dishes from around the world feature garlic, from compound butter to cold soups to braised chicken dishes. While we may all be familiar with garlic bread, garlic knots, simple pasta with garlic, and garlic aioli (mayonnaise), many other dishes feature less well-known garlic.

Where to Buy Garlic?

Garlic is easily accessible in the grocery store’s produce department, along with the onions and potatoes. It is offered as whole heads sold singly (and sometimes as multiple heads in netted pouches). You want hard heads; you don’t want any cloves that are mushy. Reject garlic that displays mold (powdery, dark areas) and heads that have grown, indicating that the garlic is older and less fresh.

Additionally, whole, peeled cloves of garlic or minced cloves of garlic are offered in jars of olive oil. Additionally, it is available in various forms, including freeze-dried and garlic powder. Remember that garlic that isn’t fresh will taste different, and some items might contain other substances.

Garlic can be grown easily in a garden or pots. Insert each clove in the soil in the spring or fall to sow in the garden (depending on where you live). Planting and harvesting for containers must be done in the fall with expansive soil watering throughout.

Storage Tip

Unpeeled whole heads of garlic should be stored in an open container (such as a garlic keeper, a tiny ceramic pot with ventilation holes) away from other foods in a cold, dry location. Garlic will remain fresh for up to three months when stored in this manner. The garlic in oil jars should be kept in the refrigerator, where they will keep for about three months.

How to Cook with Garlic?

The uses and future uses of garlic in food preparation are likely endless. It is used in soups, sauces, marinades, spice rubs, stir-fries, and sautéed, baked, roasted, and braised foods. Additionally, minced garlic is added as a flavoring to meatballs, sausages, and other ground meat dishes. The soft cloves of garlic can be used as a spread or added to a soup or sauce after being baked whole in its head. The papery skin of the garlic must be removed before using it in a recipe.

You must slice, cut, mince, grate, squeeze, or crush the garlic after you have only the naked clove. There are numerous methods for completing this process, but the simplest is gently pressing down on the clove with a large knife’s flat side; the skin should come off without difficulty. Knives can be used for some techniques, but specialized tools are needed for others. It is significant to notice that the allicin molecule, a pungent chemical, releases more readily the more garlic you touch.

Therefore, your garlic will be considerably more pungent than if it were sliced if you grate it using the little holes of a box grater or puree it in a food processor. Keeping a close eye on the garlic while it cooks is crucial since it can burn easily, especially if it’s been finely diced. Instead of using a food processor or grater, pressing the garlic cloves with a fork’s tines will yield superior results for minced garlic.


Garlic breath is worth it when you bite into these delectable meals. Garlic is an important ingredient in cooking. It has that unique quality that gives the pasta a bite and finishes sauces. Your health will also benefit greatly from it! It’s time to put your ingenious method for peeling garlic to use by whipping up some delicious garlic recipes that your loved ones will undoubtedly like.

Garlic-infused olive oil makes for a delicious appetizer or snack. Many delectable sauces contain garlic, enhancing the flavors of both chicken and fish. But how about some entrees to round out that menu? Here are a few delectable dinner recipes that practically drip with garlic taste.