Blast 825 Pizza Nutrition Facts

The nutrition data for Blast 825 pizza are available online. You can figure out how many calories, carbohydrates, salt, and Weight Watchers points are in each serving. The information is also presented on the menu, allowing you to tailor your meal to your specific requirements. You may also view the menu online, which includes a list of ingredients and nutritional information. You can’t go wrong with this restaurant when it comes to a healthy dining. Read the label and ask yourself any questions you may have.

Blast 825 Pizza

Newk’s Eatery provides detailed nutrition statistics for customers searching for a more calorie-conscious meal. The menu includes carbohydrate, salt, and Weight Watchers point information. With its configurable menu, you can even tailor your meal to your unique dietary requirements. You can also select a side dish or two so that you can split the remaining pie with a buddy. You can also get a slice of Blast 825’s amazing pizza for a heartier supper.

Blast 825 Pizza Nutrition Facts

Go to Blast 825deg in Roseville, California, if you’re craving pizza. The new restaurant allows you to create your pie by selecting three different dough types and more than 40 different toppings. It employs a quick-fired cooking technology in which the pizzas are blasted in an oven at 825 degrees Fahrenheit for three to four minutes.

pizza nutrition facts

Is There Any Health Benefit To Eating Pizza?

Pizza can aid in the absorption of the antioxidant Lycopene. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, which are used to make pizza sauce. Lycopene aids in the reduction of high blood pressure and cholesterol. Cooked tomatoes are also more easily absorbed than fresh tomatoes. Pizza has always been a widely popular snack, but despite routinely ranking first on people’s favorite meals list, it is sometimes grouped in with greasy fast foods. The media frequently paints pizza negatively, particularly for health-conscious diners watching their calorie intake.

Is It Okay If I Eat Pizza Every Day?

He says that pizza should be consumed no more than two or three times each month. “And it should not be part of the daily diet, especially for youngsters,” he continues, “since it is during that era of developing development that you must provide a diversified and healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits.”The body of the pizza is the quality of the dough, but the sauce is the heart. The correct red sauce can add a vivid punch to every bite, so it’s safe to say that it may make or break a pizza.

When Is The Greatest Time Of Day To Eat Pizza?

Carbohydrates are best consumed at 1 p.m. because they enhance serotonin levels and prevent nibbling throughout the day – yeah, for pizza for lunch! In general, it appears that 7 p.m. ET is the peak time for chatting about craving pizza. However, breaking it down by day reveals slightly distinct patterns on each day of the week. On Tuesday, for example, there is a rise at 1 and 2 pm and later in the day.


How Many Pizza Pieces Should You Eat?

A large pizza will serve two adults or four children, based on the same rule that an average adult will consume roughly three pieces. An extra-large pizza serves three adults and five children, and it is recommended that popular toppings be ordered in more significant quantities. Keeping this in mind, a healthy pizza sauce is often created from tomatoes, high in antioxidants such as lycopene. Lycopene, which is also present in brightly colored fruits like strawberries and raspberries, can help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and even help prevent cancer! It’s also common to believe that eating fresh is always preferable, yet cooked tomatoes absorb more lycopene. One tablespoon of pizza sauce contains at least 2,000 mcg of lycopene in an average slice.

Is There Such A Thing As A Pizza Diet?

A chef from New York also lost weight on what he called a “pizza diet” in another dieting with pizza. His strategy also included calculating calories yet allowing enough room to eat pizza every day. Topping pizza with trendy, frightening gimmicks like burgers, fried chicken, fries, and other greasy meals is the equivalent of ingesting cholesterol in every mouthful. Regular pizzas, on the other hand, from Italian classics to New York favorites, are frequently created with healthier and simpler ingredients. Keeping this in mind, top your pizza with different types of meat, such as ham or beef, which can be a tasty source of lean protein. You also don’t have to be concerned about overeating bread because a thin crust can better balance carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Is Domino’s Pizza Nutritious?

Domino’s Thin Crust with Light Cheese and Veggies is the healthiest fast-food pizza. This pizza is the healthiest option because it has a thin crust and is low in cheese…. Look for a thin crust to keep calories down, and pile on the veggies and lean protein if you need a more extensive meal. Domino’s Pizza can be part of a healthy, balanced diet when the Food Pyramid is used as a guide. Because pizza may be customized, you can eat a range of items (bread, vegetables, cheese, and meats) on a single slice. You also don’t have to be concerned about overeating bread because a thin crust can better balance carbohydrates, protein, and fat.


A full menu is available, including dietary information such as calories, carbohydrates, salt, and Weight Watchers points. You can determine whether to order a pizza by knowing how much each component is in it. You can also tailor your meal to your unique nutritional needs. Blast 825 has a menu to suit your preferences, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or on a low-carb diet. Check out the website to learn more about the nutritional value of Newk’s Eatery’s cuisine. The number of calories, carbohydrates, salt, and Weight Watchers points per serving is listed. You may personalize your purchase to meet your lifestyle and diet, whether you’re watching points or calories. And, while you’re at it, take a photo of the nutritional value of the components.