EveryPlate Review

Everyplate is a popular meal kit delivery business that offers fresh, inexpensive and simple-to-prepare meals. EveryPlate allows you to choose 3–5 meals each week from the company’s menu, including dishes that take 30–45 minutes to make. Each order includes a recipe card with step-by-step directions and all necessary materials. Every Plate is a popular meal kit delivery business that offers fresh, inexpensive, and simple-to-prepare meals. EveryPlate allows you to choose 3–5 meals each week from the company’s menu, including dishes that take 30–45 minutes to make. Each order includes a recipe card with step-by-step directions and all necessary materials. To know EveryPlate review, read further.

Although every place is great for busy people who want to enjoy the meals they prepare, you may find the menus overwhelming. There are no menus for special diets, but there are several meal options for two or four people. You can also choose the meal delivery day to ensure that the meals you order are a good fit for you. Each week’s box will include the ingredients you need to prepare the meal. The company also provides recipe cards for future reference.

What is EveryPlate?

Every Plate is a meal kit subscription service that gives you everything you need to make delicious, healthy dinners at home. It was acquired by HelloFresh in 2018 and is part of Green Chef, another renowned meal delivery business. Every place is less expensive than many other services, with meal kits starting at $4.99 per dish. Each week, you may also personalize your menu by selecting 17 different recipes, including vegetarian and family-friendly options.

Recipe cards and ingredients are included in each weekly box, making it simple to prepare home-cooked dinners in 30–45 minutes. You can even skip a week or make menu adjustments up to 5 days before each delivery, making it a practical alternative for individuals with a hectic schedule.


  • An affordable meal kit subscription service
  • Easy-to-follow recipes with six steps or less
  • Balanced and satisfying meals


  • Does not cater to specific dietary needs
  • The only option is to cook for two or four people
  • Repetitive ingredients

Nutrition Value of EveryPlate

Every Plate has a nutrition information label, a complete ingredient list, and a list of allergens for each meal. There are a few vegetarian alternatives, but it does not cater to specific dietary demands.
Calories per meal are on the upper side, with some servings exceeding 1,000 calories. The majority of EveryPlate’s meals are well-balanced in carbohydrates, protein, and fat. However, due to the high-fat cuts of animal protein used in many dishes, some are notably rich in saturated fat. Furthermore, many are rich in salt, with some having more than 1,600 mg per serving, which is close to the FDA’s daily limit of fewer than 2,300 mg.

How does EveryPlate Work?

When you sign up for EveryPlate, you can choose from four meal kits: classic meat, seafood, and vegetable options; “vegetable-forward” meals; family-friendly, kid-approved options; and no-fuss dinners available in 30 minutes or less. Then you choose your box size, whether you want meals to feed two or four people, and if you want three, four, or five meals every week. After that, you’ll be asked to pay for your box, and you’ll only be able to choose meals for your first and second boxes.

EveryPlate will choose five meal kits for your box based on your initial preferences, but you can change them at any time. For example, you can include both family-friendly and “vegetable-forward” dishes in your box if you want both. There are 16 meal kits to pick from each week, plus one “premium” meal kit with “quality proteins and ingredients” that costs $3.99 per serving. You can also choose between two different protein packs, one with six chicken breasts and the other with chicken breast strips and ground beef.

Some Additional Factors

Except for your first box, you can specify your delivery date five days in advance for subsequent shipments. Boxes arrive Tuesday–Saturday. This business does not have a health-related goal in mind, and it does not cater to specific diets, and keeping pricing affordable is a top concern. You will, however, come across vegetarian recipe choices on occasion. EveryPlate does not list any nutritionists or other healthcare professionals on staff, even though the dishes claim to be chef-developed.

We found the recipes to be similar in terms of content and ingredients used over the week we tried them. Potatoes and animal proteins, mainly chicken and beef, were the most commonly utilized ingredients, and carrots, broccoli, and green peas were among the less experimental veggies utilized. Except for the pantry and cooking necessities like salt, pepper, oil, flour, butter, and ketchup, which we needed to have on hand, almost all ingredients arrived pre-packaged in our box.

Which Diets is EveryPlate Suitable for?

every plate

EveryPlate currently solely caters to vegetarians or individuals with no specific dietary demands or preferences to keep expenses down. EveryPlate does not offer vegan, ketogenic, paleo, gluten-free, or low-carb diet alternatives, despite offering roughly five vegetarian meals every week.

Furthermore, while EveryPlate contains nutritional information, ingredients, and potential allergens, the service may not be suited for persons with severe food allergies or intolerances due to the danger of cross-contamination. Also, remember that EveryPlate primarily employs conventional ingredients, which may not be perfect for those who like to eat organic foods.

Who is EveryPlate Best for?

Every Plate is a good choice for individuals who want to cut down on meal prep time and eat more home-cooked meals. Every Plate is also helpful for folks new to cooking and who want step-by-step directions for producing a home-cooked dinner because ingredients and instructions are included with each kit.
Furthermore, EveryPlate is ideal for busy people who want to save time by delivering fresh ingredients directly to their house.

Finally, it may be particularly beneficial to individuals on a low budget, as it delivers meal kits at a fraction of the cost of many similar services.

If you have dietary limitations or severe food allergies, EveryPlate might not be the ideal option. It may also be unsuitable for those who like to eat organically or are looking for a meal service that caters to specific diet programs or health issues. Furthermore, because most meals take at least 30 minutes to make, folks with limited time may choose services that provide wholly cooked meals. You may not love the basic meals that EveryPlate serves if you prefer more complex cuisine or are a culinary master.

Alternatives of EveryPlate

Other premade meal and meal kit delivery services include:

  • Blue Apron: This company reportedly sources all its ingredients responsibly and uses recyclable packaging.
  • Martha and Marley Spoon: This meal kit service also provides 30-minute recipes that involve six steps to prepare.
  • Daily Harvest: This company offers healthy meal kits with recipes for smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and more.

Many other services provide premade meals with prices similar to those of EveryPlate.Meanwhile, a person can also use strategies that reduce the time and costs of cooking, such as:

  • Find a preferred source of quick, simple recipes online.
  • Sitting down once a week to make a meal plan and a single shopping list, then order groceries online for delivery.
  • Cooking large meals every so often and storing and reheating batches.

Potential Benefits and Risks of EveryPlate

A 2018 study found that home-cooked meals fulfil US dietary guidelines. The study also discovered that eating at home is often less expensive than eating out. Additionally, limited free time, dietary knowledge, and cooking abilities were significant deterrents to cooking. A meal kit delivery service, for example, could provide the required motivation for someone with a busy schedule to cook healthful meals rather than eating out.


EveryPlate provides easy-to-prepare meal kits that are fresh, tasty, and inexpensive. It may be an excellent alternative for individuals who want to eat more home-cooked meals while also brushing up on their cooking skills because the recipes are straightforward to prepare. The service isn’t for everyone, and it’s terrible if you’re on a strict diet or suffer from severe food allergies or intolerances. It also doesn’t put a premium on organic or sustainable ingredients.

While we prefer other meal delivery services, at $5.49 per serving, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a less expensive option to Green Chef or HelloFresh.Anyone thinking about signing up for a service should think about expert dietary advice, the services available in their price range, and other ways of cooking quickly and cheaply.