How Long to Cook Turkey Wings in the Air Fryer?

Air-fried turkey wings are usually a fantastic option for your dinner table because they are crispy and delicious! Turkey wings can be air-fried with just a few basic ingredients. Since turkey wings are bigger than chicken wings, they take a bit longer to cook—about 30 minutes—but the soft and delectable air-fried ones are well worth the wait. By substituting herbs, Italian seasoning, or just salt and pepper for the dry rub, you can experiment with different flavors for your wings. to know how long to cook turkey wings in the air fryer read further them.

Turkey Wings

Wings cooked in an air fryer are fantastic because they cook quickly, preserving the moistness and plumpness of the turkey. Additionally, you can serve dinner much faster! Your supper will be as lean as possible because you need a tiny oil spray. These mouthwateringly crispy turkey wings have a mild cajun seasoning coating that gives them a rich, slightly spiciness flavor. The peppery skin produces a taste and texture sure to please when combined with the almost boneless, soft flesh.

Turkey Wings Nutrition Facts

turkey wings nutrition facts

What are Turkey Wings?

While turkey wings are classified as white meat, unlike turkey legs, they taste richer and gamier than turkey breast. Without having to cook an entire bird or wait until Thanksgiving, turkey wings have the flavor of a complete roast turkey. In the supermarket, you can get entire turkey wings and ones that have been cut into wings and drumettes (the top part of the wing). Turkey wings also have a wing tip, often removed when trimming the wings before cooking.


Compared to chicken wings, turkey wings have a heartier texture and burst with a dark, deep, meaty taste. For a pleasing textural contrast, the skin crisps up well. Wings from a turkey are more tasty and juicy after being marinated.

How Long to Cook Turkey Wings in the Air Fryer?

These crispy turkey wings from an air fryer are juicy and ready in about 30 minutes. These wings have a delicious flavor and are simple to prepare any night of the week, thanks to the cajun spice!


  • 2 pounds of turkey wings
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil (or use spray)
  • Two tablespoons of baking powder
  • Two tablespoons of cajun seasoning


  1. Cut the turkey wings into sections, so the drummettes, wings, and tips are separated (our video shows how to cut the turkey wings).
  2. Coat the turkey wings in vegetable oil (we used avocado oil cooking spray).
  3. Combine the baking powder and Cajun seasoning blend in a sealable bag. Add the turkey wings to the bag and toss them with the seasoning blend. Let the wings sit for 2 to 6 hours in the seasoning mix if you have time. Extra time to absorb the seasoning will make them more flavorful and tender.
  4. Spray the bottom of the air fryer with non-stick cooking spray or place parchment paper in the basket.
  5. Add the turkey wings to the air fryer in a single layer (cook in batches if they don’t all fit).
  6. Set the air fryer to 320° and cook for 15 minutes. Open the air fryer, turn the wings over and cook for another 8 to 10 minutes.


  • If you have extra-large turkey wings that weigh more than 20 ounces for a whole wing, increase the cooking time by 2 to 4 minutes.
  • If you have an instant-read meat thermometer, the turkey wings should register 165°F. Use a trusty thermometer like this one from ThermoWorks,
  • To tell if the turkey wings are done without a meat thermometer, slice into the meat and ensure the juices are not pink.
  • Use a dual basket air fryer to make these in batches for maximum efficiency.

What to Serve with Turkey Wings?

These wings are incredibly adaptable. For a simple yet tasty dinner, serve them with skillet potatoes and greens. Additionally, they are a wonderful complement to a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal, especially if you’re looking for something different than roasting a whole turkey and enjoy the thought of not having to spend the entire day roasting in front of a hot oven!

You can Also Try them with:

  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Garlic roasted potatoes with rosemary
  • Skillet green beans and bacon
  • Home-made bread rolls.

How to Season Turkey Wings?

This air fryer turkey wings recipe calls for a little cajun seasoning, salt, and pepper. Simple and yet effective!
You can also make it with other flavor combinations such as:

  • Try a combination of rosemary, sage, and thyme for a more classic turkey flavor.
  • Garlic and paprika is another winning combination.
  • If you’re a fan of spice, try tweaking this recipe by adding a bit of cayenne pepper to taste with the cajun rub.

Your fried turkey wings can be warmed up in the air fryer. Ensure to heat the fryer to 380°F before cooking the turkey for 10 minutes per pound while rotating it every 5 to 6 minutes.

Can you Put Aluminum Foil in an Air Fryer?

Turkey Wings

yes.” It’s a scary concept if you can recall the last time (if ever!) you used aluminum foil in your microwave. However, an air fryer operates differently. When the cooking process starts, a fan moves hot air around to crisp and brown your food without using oil. You don’t need to be concerned about aluminum foil igniting because air fryers employ heated air rather than electromagnetic radiation.

The only thing you need to be concerned about when using aluminum foil in your air fryer is keeping it firmly in the basket.

To prevent foil from flying up to the fan directly behind the heating coil, ensure it is tightly fastened to the cooking vessel (ramekin, pan, or silicone mold). Now that could be problematic: foil on the coil.

When using aluminum foil in your air fryer, keep everything organized and mold it to the basket or item you’re frying. Close up any edges or loose ends. No flyways? No issue!

Aluminum Foil vs. Parchment Paper

To make cleanup simple, line your air fryer with foil or parchment paper. The better choice, though, is parchment paper.

Tomatoes and citrus fruits are two examples of acidic foods that shouldn’t be air-fried with foil. Insider claims that foods containing a lot of acids can react with foil and cause the aluminum to dissolve. Parchment paper is your best option when air-frying these meals because it is not a reactive substance, despite not being as simple to cut and mold as aluminum foil, and it isn’t as prone to stick to food as foil may.

Otherwise, using foil in the air fryer is a good choice. To produce a golden-brown crust on whatever you’re cooking, you can even get crafty and make little trays!

Where to Buy Turkey Wings?

Turkey wings are available year-round at butcher counters and many grocery stores. Ask for turkey wings at the meat counter; some shops sell turkey breasts all year round and may have wings hidden behind the counter. You can ask the butcher to split and trim the tips. Turkey wing serving sizes vary because they are sold by the pound.

Whole turkeys are available all year long in most stores, though the choices will be better in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most farmers’ markets allow customers to pre-order whole turkeys for the holidays in September and October.

Storage Tips

Uncooked turkey wings can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two days or frozen for up to six months. Turkey wings keep for four days in the refrigerator after being prepared.

Depending on the size of the box, place frozen turkey wings in the refrigerator a day or two before you intend to cook them. Before cooking, it’s preferable to give them a full defrost in the refrigerator.
Any leftover turkey wings should be refrigerated in an airtight container. After cooking, they can be stored for up to 4 days. The turkey wings keep longer if I freeze them in a freezer plastic bag. Before reheating the wings again, let them thaw for a few hours or overnight.

The turkey wing pieces can be heated by placing them in your air fryer oven basket and cooking for 5 minutes at 350F. Then turn up the heat to 400°F and cook for another five minutes to make the skin crispy.

You can reheat these turkey wings in the oven as well. Cover them in foil and set them on a wire rack-equipped baking sheet with a rim. For around 20 minutes, preheat the oven to 275°F.


Nothing rivals the soft, delicious dark flesh you receive from the wings and drumsticks when it comes to turkey. However, most of us undoubtedly picture sliced turkey breast from the deli when we consider eating turkey at any other time than during the holidays.

Because of these air fryer turkey wings, you may taste juicy, luscious dark meat all year long! This quick recipe can be made in about 30 minutes and consistently produces crispy outsides and tenderness. And it’s far simpler to make than oven-baked or deep-fried wings!
For weeknights when you’re busy, try this dish. It can be helpful if you don’t feel like cooking a full turkey but still want to partake in tradition during the holidays!

For poultry to be deemed safe, the FDA advises cooking it to 165 degrees F. I’ve found that cooking the wings for roughly 25 minutes, flipping them once at the 15-minute mark, is sufficient. I always advise using a meat thermometer because the cooking time will undoubtedly vary depending on the size of your wings.