How to Make Roasted Golden Beets?

Roasted beets have their sweetness. Gently wipe away the thin skins with a dry paper towel when the beets are cool enough to handle. This tasty but straightforward root vegetable recipe combines golden beets, fresh herbs, a bit of spice, and avocado oil. Roasted golden beets are a must-try this season if you like veggies.

Roasted Golden Beets (1)

Roasted golden beets with horseradish make an exquisite fall or winter side dish! With olive oil, salt, and pepper, roast the beets for an hour until they are soft throughout. Peel the skin gently, then serve with chopped walnuts and arugula microgreens over a creamy horseradish sauce. To make a full meal, combine the roasted beets with roasted chicken.

What Are Golden Beets?

Beets are the second most abundant source of sugar after cane sugar, making entire beets a natural source of sweetness and an effective energy booster. Beetroots come in various colors and sizes, including Red, White, Golden, and Yellow beets and Chioggia (striped) and Baby beets. Golden beets are slightly less sweet than red beets, but they also have a mellower, less earthy flavor. When served roasted or in salads, golden beets provide a vibrant, zesty yellow color.

Gold beets range from medium to large, with a rounded to round form and a somewhat flattened, uneven shape. The roots are attached to long, crisp, leafy green stems that are edible and have a flavor similar to spinach and swiss chard.

The skin of the root is semi-rough, with markings, russets, and scratches, and varies in color from bright orange to a mix of gold, brown, and pale yellow. The skin is also tight, with a thick layer of tiny hairs. The flesh beneath the skin is bright golden to gold in color, thick and watery, and has pale concentric rings. Gold beets are crisp while raw, but they become delicate and smooth, with a mild and sweet flavor when cooked.

How to Make Roasted Golden Beets?

Steps to Follow

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Leave skins on the beetroot, but trim the top and bottom root stem bulbs.
  • Chop beets into roughly similar sizes. I like sizes about ½” around. Make them as uniform as possible so the beets will cook evenly.
  • In a bowl, lightly coat the chopped beets with olive oil and season as desired. I use about 3 cups of chopped beets in the video recipe and season them simply with one teaspoon of garlic powder and one teaspoon of salt.
  • Spread the beets evenly on a lightly oiled baking pan and roast in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. Adjust the time accordingly depending on the size of the chopped beets. When the beets are about ⅔’s done, please give them a turn in the pan and return to the oven to finish.
  • A fork will pass easily into the beets when they are finished roasting.


  • Before roasting, make sure each piece is around the same size and evenly cook the beets.
  • To keep the beets from overheating or becoming soggy, arrange them in a single layer on the sheet pan. If you have too many, you may need to cook them in many batches.
  • Save the beet greens for juices, salads, or a healthy pesto if you buy beets with the greens on top.

How to Serve Roasted Beets?

Enjoy the sweet and earthy flavor of oven-roasted golden beets on a salad, in a grain salad, or simply with your favorite main course as is. The beauty of golden beets is that they may be prepared in various ways, and you may even double or quadruple the batch and eat it cold or reheated for the rest of the week.

Here are some serving suggestions:

  • Serve alongside this Chickpea Meatloaf or Lentil Shepherd’s Pie as a side dish.
  • To round out your holiday side dishes, try these Vegan Mashed Potatoes, Sautéed Green Beans,
  • Easy Vegan Stuffing and Sweet Potato Casserole.
  • Use them in this Beet Salad with Roasted Beets.
  • In a cold summer pasta salad, toss them in.
  • They’re great in any green salad.
  • For a nutritious snack, serve cold straight from the fridge.

What Is the Difference Between Eed and Golden Beets?

Even if they stain your fingers blood crimson, the deep red beet’s flavor is virtually associated with “earthy,” It lends some much-needed color to green salads and roasted root veggie dishes. On the other hand, golden beets are sweeter than red beets and combine well with sweet balsamic glazes.

Despite their color differences, the nutritional content of the two beets is virtually the same, and they both provide lots of critical vitamins and minerals to your diet. Red beets have a more extraordinary beet flavor than white beets, but both beet cultivars have a distinct beet flavor. Although nutritionally equivalent, golden beets are slightly sweeter and milder than red ones.

How Healthy Are Golden Beets?

In addition to their excellent taste, golden beets have similar nutritional values to red beets. Both beets contain potassium, manganese, and fiber, and they are also high in magnesium and phosphorus. And just like red beets, they also have essential vitamins C and B6, and they are a good source of iron. The nutrition facts of gold beets may be surprising to you!

Golden Beets

Golden beet has a lot of health benefits:

  • While there are certain advantages, such as decreasing blood pressure and preventing dementia, some drawbacks are also.
  • Beets’ potential for athletic performance is the most widely discussed health benefit.
  • According to a 2012 study, consuming 200 grams of baked beets increased running performance, with the average running pace in the last mile increasing by 5%.
  • Another study from 2011 found that drinking 2 cups of beetroot juice improved cycling performance similarly.
  • The average 4-kilometer time trial improved by 2.8 percent, while the 16.1-kilometer time improved by 2.7 percent.
The golden beet has a similar nutritional profile to red beets. They’re both high in potassium, a blood pressure-lowering mineral, and have similar carbohydrate, fat, and protein amounts. However, there are notable distinctions beyond essential nutrition. Golden beets have a sweeter flavor than red beets and are less earthy for starters. Golden beets are an excellent alternative to red beets for individuals who don’t like the flavor of red beets.

Can You Eat Golden Beets Raw?

Golden beets are commonly shaved, shredded, julienned, or spiralized into salads, slaws, and soups and can be eaten raw. Pickled for long-term storage, pureed for sauces, or mixed into smoothies are all options. Gold beets can be boiled with lemon juice, roasted till caramelized, or sliced and baked into thin chips when used in prepared dishes. It’s vital to remember that the skin should be removed before eating and that once cooked, it’s easy to peel. In some recipes, gold beets can be substituted for red beets.

In addition to the roots, Gold beet leaves can be lightly sautéed, served as a side dish, piled under grilled meats, or mixed into a salad. Gold beets work nicely with goat, feta, and manchego cheeses, poultry, fish, and bacon, apples, fennel, herbs like dill, parsley, and mint, citrus, potatoes, shallots, vinegar, and walnuts, as well as citrus, potatoes, shallots, vinegar, and walnuts. With the leaves removed and stored in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer, the roots will last 2-3 weeks and up to one week with the tops still attached. Once taken from the roots and put in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, the green leaves will only survive 1-2 days.

Variation & Additions

  • Top them with your favorite candied pecans or walnuts to add crunch and texture.
  • For a robust citrus flavor that’s excellent for summer, toss with fresh orange juice.
  • Tossing in some crumbled tofu feta or tofu ricotta for a salty, sour taste.
  • Fresh herbs, such as chopped parsley, dill, basil, or fresh mint, should be piled on top.
  • Roasting the beets with a touch of cayenne pepper or sprinkling red chili flake on top will give them a fiery flavor.
  • Drizzle roasted golden beets with maple syrup or honey for a touch of sweetness.
  • Before roasting, toss with one teaspoon garlic powder or one tablespoon minced garlic, along with everything else.


Golden beets can be purchased fresh, green, or red, depending on the beets you are buying. Always remember to wash them thoroughly. You can even save the green tops for other cooking needs. You should leave the skin on the golden beets, as it contains essential nutrients. After cleaning, you should drizzle them with olive oil. You can also cook your beets in the oven.

Despite their color differences, the nutritional content of the two beets is virtually the same, and they both provide lots of critical vitamins and minerals to your diet. The only difference between red and golden beets is their color and taste. Red beets have a higher sugar content than golden beets, and they both require an extremely long time to prepare. Although you can change one for the other or combine the two, the cost is considered. Golden beets are tasty vegetables that can be roasted, grated in salads, combined in a smoothie, pickled, or juiced. They have a considerably milder flavor than typical red beets, and they lack the earthy flavor that some people dislike.